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GlobalClan.EU globalizes the clans
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July 20, 2021

GlobalClan.EU confirmed their status as a team to keep on your radar last season, when they reached 4th place. Season 38 saw them slightly alter their roster after a respectable 5th place finish during the previous season, and it looked to have paid off as they were able to trade maps with both top5rocket and FAINT during the regular season, before playoffs saw them exit at the hands of the same top5 after three very closely fought maps. They have now altered their roster once more, and with those strong reinforcements they look poised to improve their standing again. Week 1 saw them beaten by ★★★½ but still gathering two points after two very close games ending in Golden Caps.

Joining the globalists will be mystt and seeds on Pocket Scout and Medic respectively. seeds is fresh off his latest triumph with nerdRage, having pocketed the gold medals for both Season 38 and the latest Dreamhack Community Clash. A weathered player who so far never failed to reach playoffs in the top level, he’ll be a great asset to this ambitious team. mystt is less of a household name, but his performance during Season 36 with Virtus.Bro was enough for him to sub on nerdRage during the second Locked & Loaded tournament, where they made it all the way to the grand finals. A methodical player with great DM capacities, he’ll be eager to show what he can do.

Last season’s flank remains untouched, with Matthes and ixy reprising their roles of Roaming Soldier and Scout. The pair first met during Season 32 with Faint Gaming EU, achieving a 4th place finish with them during said season, as well as at Copenhagen Games 2019. They form one of the most relentless flanks around, with both of them constantly prodding the enemy team for opportunities to go behind or get their medic.

Leading from the front once again, Charlie has proven in the last two seasons to be on the same level as the best maincallers in Prem, and his ability to shoot other people out of the sky is also pretty handy to have. Named “Best debut of the season” after his piping-hot performance during Season 38, daga will be rounding up the roster. The talented Hungarian has been able to seamlessly slot in a Premiership team last season despite much experience, and he’s probably even better now.

We reached out to Charlie, who was able to answer ALL of our questions :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : You are the highest-placed team from last season that will be competing in Season 39. Does that raise your standards for what you would consider to be a "good season" ?

For this season we have a clear goal to reach finals and enjoy ourselves - anything less would be disappointing with the roster changes and lack of last season's competition.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Your team picked up mystt and seeds to replace flick and trum, respectively. What motivated this decision ? And how have the newcomers integrated in the team ?

As for flick, after a tough scrim loss vs bud with a 0-5 scoreline matt reviewed the STV and became concerned whilst on flick's POV that he might be cheating. When confronted about this, flick immediately left the mumble and has been off the grid ever since. We have heard rumours from several community members of giant pickle sightings in Portugal.

And we introduced seeds during the offseason since we had multiple arguements with our medic concerning the brand 'Global Clan' and his unfortunate belief in the Flat Earth. After this we decided it's in our best interests to look for a new medic and decided Seeds was good enough.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Can you enlighten us as to why your team page shows a jpeg of a big crocodile ?

The image is called 'flat croc' and we suspect it was subliminal messaging. The picture stuck cause everyone loves him.

Here to assert their dominance over player clan wars, GlobalClan.EU is now :

  • Combo Scout: mystt
  • Flank Scout: ixy
  • Roamer: Matthes
  • Pocket: Charlie
  • Demoman: daga
  • Medic: seeds
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All medic mains are flat earthers deep down

All medic mains are flat earthers deep down
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go mystt

go mystt
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pls give me offi demos from your games to review ty and godbless

pls give me offi demos from your games to review ty and godbless
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