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DreamHack Community Clash 2021 EU Invite Group preview
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June 12, 2021

The first week-end of the DreamHack Community Clash 2021 for Europe is about to kick off ! Haven't managed to follow the qualifiers for the invite group but still want to be in the loop ? Looking for a favorite team to spam for in Twitch chat ? Or perhaps just mystified by the presence of unknown players like "kpopbob" ? All answers to these questions, below. It's below. Scroll down.


  • Combo Scout: moralexei
  • Flank Scout: Gazy
  • Roamer: nubbi
  • Pocket: Josh
  • Demoman: nas boii
  • Medic: seeds
  • Backup : dmoule

ETF2L Season 38 winners nerdRage are back for more anger-fueled videogaming. The champions will present the exact same roster that won them gold in S38, and will be looking to prove that their 3rd place finish in the NA variant of this cup was merely caused by factors like ping and time zones. Since their latest incursion in Dreamhack cups, nerdRage has finished up the playoffs of the latest ETF2L season, dispatching Global Clan EU and FAINT to gain access to the Grand Final, and without losing a single map to boot. The Grand Final was admittedly a more tense affair against a FAINT side that came out in full force, but nerdRage focused up and won the match 4 maps to 1.

Even with the level of competition being really high in the invite group for this cup, nerdRage will be looking to win it, banking to triumph over teams that they already managed to beat during the regular season with their superior teamplay, and to win against over teams they have not faced yet thanks to the superior coordination they acquired from their time spent together.

Denying Euros Prize Money

  • Combo Scout: b4nny
  • Flank Scout: slemnish
  • Roamer: kpopbob
  • Pocket: mirrorman
  • Demoman: habib
  • Medic: zilly
  • Backup : botmode

RGL’s reigning champions are also joining the fray, although with an adjusted roster that prompted them to pick a different team name. Don’t get fooled by the audacious alias however, this team is mainly froyotech with a couple of adjustments. After their downfall in the Grand Final of last month’s cup at the hands of asdf, froyotech underwent a roster shuffle, with arekk stepping down and mirrorman joining as b4nny moved back from Pocket Soldier to Pocket Scout. So far, the changes seem to have worked, with Froyotech sitting undefeated in RGL Invite about halfway through the regular season. zilly and kpopbob (also known as jayhyunpae) have been brought in for the cup to replace skeez and blaze respectively.

Froyotech is a name synonymous with international dominance, and this covert version of them will be no exception as they surely hope to get away with as much cash as they can get. This tournament will also be a good way to test if the latest shuffle is working well, or if cup triumph will evade b4nny’s b4ndits again. It will also interesting to see kpopbob and slemnish return to Europe, after their stint with SVIFT during ETF2L Season 36, and to see them try to improve on their second place finish they got back then.


  • Combo Scout: voxtec
  • Flank Scout: YeeHaw
  • Roamer: Opti
  • Pocket: Hugo
  • Demoman: mak
  • Medic: mulaa
  • Backup : trum

FAINT have become a household name in Europe in the last-half year or so, with the latest expansion of the Faint franchise always reaching playoffs in every season they have played so far. Improvement was noticeable during Season 38 as well, with FAINT finishing in the second place of the regular season, and had a successful playoff run to boot. While they lost round 1 and the Upper Bracket Final of the playoffs to nerdRage, they were unfazed and defeated 3rd place top5rocket twice to advance to the Grand Final, where a very strong and cohesive performance helped them take a map off nerdRage in a game that was one of the closest finals in recent history.

FAINT will be looking to prove that their impressive end-of-season form was not a fluke, and you can expect them to have one of the deepest runs of the tournament if they managed to stay sharp. They have looked strong in the qualifiers, being the first team to make it out of them after their wins against Gremlins and Ora Elektro. Their main medic vani being replaced by mulaa and trum might cost them however, although it is too early to call for sure.


  • Combo Scout: Néo
  • Flank Scout: credu
  • Roamer: toemas
  • Pocket: papi
  • Demoman: LUKASTANK
  • Medic: Domo
  • Backup : Elacour

The papi- toemas connection is back, hoping to win yet another cup. The pair has won both the first Dreamhack Community Clash and the Locked & Loaded #2, proving that while they might not play in the top division anymore, they still got what it takes. Now under the 4TOAST banner, they have assembled a number of double-cooked bread enthusiasts to help them win them their third cup in a row. Domo and LUKASTANK will be making their return from the Community Clash winning squad, albeit on different classes. Mice fanatic and professional Heavy credu is also joining the fray, as well as Néo, probably as insurance as you seemingly need very specific amounts of frenchies to win cups.

4TOAST convincingly defeated both their opponents during the qualifiers, getting rid of Garda Panteri and NOOBPANZER BLACK with the same 4-1 scoreline in both games. This isn’t 4TOAST first rodeo, and you’d expect them to do well with the quality they have, but the Invite group is even more stacked than usual, so can they replicate the great runs of the past ? Historical trends points towards yes, but with every team looking hungrier than ever and nerdRage out for revenge, things could prove quite complicated.

Ora Elektro

  • Combo Scout: Scruff
  • Flank Scout: Nevo
  • Roamer: chris
  • Pocket: ronz
  • Demoman: Eemes
  • Medic: Demos
  • Backup : leth

The electricians are back once more, and this time with a decidedly less French roster. Last season saw Ora Elektro return to Premiership with a roster that was made up of 5 French players and also Eemes. Featuring some rookies to the top level as well as class switches, they achieved an honorable 5th place and looked poised to improve. For this cup however, Ora Elektro went for more of a throwback roster, with players like Scruff and Demos making their grand return under hempus’ dad banner.

Ora Elektro emerged in second place of their qualifier group, losing 3-2 to FAINT but winning 4-3 against Gremlins. They are a very experienced roster, and will be gladly using the group stage to shake off the rust some of them might have accumulated. Expect them to prove to be tricky opponents for everyone else in Invite.


  • Combo Scout: ggggggg
  • Flank Scout: karl
  • Roamer: amp-t
  • Pocket: smile
  • Demoman: Dr.Phil
  • Medic: bluee
  • Backup : Connor

What would a weekend cup be without a few high level mixes, where people you don’t see together often, some playing outside their usual mains, join forces for a couple of days. NOOBPANZER BLACK is a prime example of this kind of team, but they do possess both highly knowledgeable players and ambitious up-and-comers and as such could cause a few upsets. karl, amp-t and smile have spent the last season playing together on nunya, where they reached the Grand Final of Division 1. Dr.Phil, bluee and ggggggg (pronounced “Joe”) round up the roster, with Dr.Phil being able to put his vast experience from leading LEGO to good use, and bluee and ggggggg keen to prove that they have the skill to play at a Prem level.

NOOBPANZER BLACK faced a tall task as their first match pitted them against 4TOAST, but they rallied from the 4-1 defeat and turned the tide against an altered Garda Panteri roster, ensuring qualification with a 4-1 victory of their own. They will be looking to cause as much trouble as they can do, and will be eager to pounce on teams that don’t take them seriously enough.

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ampt is so gooddd

ampt is so gooddd
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Congratulations to Denying Euros Prize Money for winning DreamHack Community Clash 2021 EU

Congratulations to Denying Euros Prize Money for winning DreamHack Community Clash 2021 EU
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5 insane rosters and one underdog team... should be a crazy cup! =o

5 insane rosters and one underdog team... should be a crazy cup! =o
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