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Goblin Clan scurries back to their caves
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March 27, 2021

After the first week of ETF2L Season 38 elapsed, Goblin Clan has opted to drop out of the competition, citing tiredness and a feeling of stagnation over their progress. The clan of skittish green creatures was a continuation of previous Virtus.Bro teams, who previously had two showings in Premiership in Seasons 33 and 36.

Built on the core of the S36 team, Goblin Clan’s roster for this season was reinforced by a few talented acquisitions, and they looked like a well-rounded team. The road to get into the top level was somewhat strenuous for them, after a defeat at the hands of Ora Elektro in the Qualifiers left them in a must-win game against another clan : gamingclan.gg. However, the goblins rallied and dispatched their foes in two maps to gain access to the fabled realm of Premiership. Their Week 1 game pitted them against top5rocket, and while they put up a decent fight, they were never able to unsettle the French veterans and lost 2-5 and 0-3. Goblin Clan then opted to fold the following Monday.

We got in touch with dqz, who was able to explain the team's mindset in the last few weeks for us :

nothing dramatic really happened, there was just very little improvement over the last several weeks, playing scrims and reviewing demos felt like a slog

fixing problems required more time and effort than we were ready to commit, and the perspective of being top ~5 team at our best was not enough to keep us going

I think the final result would be about the same if we played only officials, but we decided that it's better to just fold

Lanzer also reached out to us, producing a necromantic message for the world to see :

even as coffin clan we won’t scrim Charlie from the grave

Goblin Clan is now Coffin Clan, their latest roster was :

  • Scout: mystt
  • Scout: Lanzer
  • Roamer: tobs
  • Pocket: silves
  • Demoman: AlienSmiley
  • Medic: dqz
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