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New fans emerge within Anuj Fan Club
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March 22, 2021

Having previously played in AsiaFortress Cup 13 around three years ago, Anuj Fan Club returns for AsiaFortress Cup 17 with an entirely new roster from different regions of Asia, compared to its past iteration which consisted of mostly Southeast Asian players.

The core of the team is based around Crooked, who initially formed the team with the intention to compete at a high level alongside unproven players who have the potential and motivation to improve.

The Scout pair are both Indian, with Crooked reprising his role as combo Scout while TonyTheTiger will be making his Division 1 debut on flank Scout. Crooked boasts several seasons of high level experience, thus he is more than capable of pulling his weight to hopefully secure a podium placement with him at the helm of the team. TonyTheTiger is currently one of the fastest rising players in the scene. Although he lacks the competitive experience of the rest of the team, he has a strong will to improve together with a lot of potential that may see him jump to greater heights.

On the other hand, the Soldier pair are both Vietnamese, with DeDstar and Syncy on the Roamer and Pocket role, respectively. The pair has plenty of history together, stretching all the way back to their debut competitive season during AsiaFortress Cup 10 Division 3 with The Mighty Gibuses. DeDstar will be on Roamer this time around, instead of his usual Scout role on his previous teams. He is currently at the peak of his performance, making him one of the star players on the team that are worth keeping an eye out for. Syncy last played Pocket in AsiaFortress Cup 14 Division 2 with champions Bokorimon and he displayed stellar performances throughout the season. Back in the Pocket, he is more than ready for his debut in Division 1.

Another resident from India comes in the form of Demoman Smukesh, who comes fresh off of a second place finish in PURE League Season 3 Premier with Rhodes Island as Pocket. He is the only player in the team that has consecutively achieved podium finishes in Division 1/Premier in the past few seasons, making him the most experienced player on the team and a very proficient player overall.

Rounding off the team on Medic is mellow, who is also making her debut in Division 1. She was formerly known as a Demoman main, before making the switch to Medic and achieving third and first place finishes in AFC 15 and AFC 16, respectively. She has already established herself as a very capable player, despite having only played a total of three seasons in her career.

Team leader Crooked shared his insights on the team:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: What's the story behind this new roster compared to the one in AFC 13?

Crooked: We originally planned to revive the old roster with me, cezyse, sun, and altaria way back in October, but the roster didn’t really work out because we all adopted different playstyles over the years. I’m always looking out for potential Division 1 players so I had a few players in mind when rebuilding the roster.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: What’s the current roster like and why specifically did you choose to recruit these players?

Crooked: Tony is a very vocal player and he's always eager to prove himself, which I really appreciate. DeDstar is someone who I've always thought to be capable of playing in Division 1, so there wasn't really much thought there. Syncy was a last minute replacement for our previous pocket Andre who had to leave due to personal reasons, but he's shown a lot of potential and I can see him rising to the top if he grinds with us. Smukesh was the one who kind of pulled us all together as the roster was rather unstable at the beginning. And mellow on Medic took a lot of work and demo reviews but I think she’s improved a lot since we first began playing.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How do you see the season going for the team?

Crooked: I’d say it’s going to be rough in the first few weeks of the season, but hopefully it’s going to rapidly change as we progress further. Our scrims have been pretty close games against some of the other teams for the past two weeks or so, but there’s always room for improvement.

Bringing the new fans to the stage, Anuj Fan Club is:

  • Scout: TonyTheTiger
  • Scout: Crooked
  • Roamer: DeDstar
  • Pocket: Syncy
  • Demoman: Smukesh
  • Medic: mellow
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holy fuck smukesh top 1 asian demoman

holy fuck smukesh top 1 asian demoman
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Dynamic27 is dead! Long live TonyTheTiger!

Dynamic27 is dead! Long live TonyTheTiger!
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rare flags gang

rare flags gang
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Rahmat is mad he didn't get put in as team dad

Rahmat is mad he didn't get put in as team dad
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hail anuj

hail anuj
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Crooked Legacy 2

Crooked Legacy 2
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