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pootis.org goes online
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January 26, 2021

Now that they are through with what we will generously call an...offseason rollercoaster, pootis.org is finally ready to launch for this season of RGL Invite. The lead developers of this website are yosh and virgil, both of whom were part of Witness Gaming last season when they made Invite playoffs. Now under a new team name and roster, they will seek a follow-up postseason appearance.

Joining this duo is a collection of projectile players, old and new. From the veteran side, Demoman dingo and roamer Kryptonite will bring their wealth of experience to the team, as they combine for a whopping 15+ seasons of Invite history. From the opposite end is pocket coo coo cachoo, who is one of the next up. He's had a rapid ascension through the RGL ranks, winning Season 2 Main and getting 2nd in Season 3 Div-1 with Destructive Criticism. After a break, he's ready to make his Invite debut.

Originally, alfa was the final component of their project but when he abruptly left them them for a rival team, pootis.org were able to complete their roster with the addition of Shamoo. He has been an Invite mainstay since ESEA Season 23, playing on various teams such as Velocity Esports, and The Microwave. He and yosh were teammates for a bit during ESEA Season 30 on Ford Gaming, and reunite to share Scout duties once again.

Medic virgil shared her thoughts about the coming season:

It's been really tiring getting six, yosh has done a great job keeping things together and I think we're finally ready to get into the season and play!

You can now check out pootis.org, which will feature the following:

  • Scout: yosh
  • Scout: Shamoo
  • Roamer: Kryptonite
  • Pocket: coo coo cachoo
  • Demoman: dingo
  • Medic: virgil
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at what cost

at what cost
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Don't Go to http://pootis.org/, Worst Mistake of My Life

Don't Go to http://pootis.org/, Worst Mistake of My Life
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