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Icebreaker announces their offseason newbie events
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January 4, 2021

Every season, the ozfortress scene still sees more new players and teams signing up to learn more about 6s. To help them transition from casual games to playing competitively, Icebreaker is a community put in place to help new players find their feet. Between the ozfortress seasons, Icebreaker holds events to give newer players mentoring from more experienced players. It's an opportunity for them to get playtime with others of a similar level and improve with help from mentors. In these events will get some time with their mentors to run through maps and the basics of 6s, and have some level competition.

Icebreaker was originally created and organised by Bunneez, who has since passed over ownership to a group of admins. Since then, it has grown to over 800 players, with over 200 newer players. In the last year, many events have been organised and teams have been formed from the "Fresh Meat" players who have met and played together.

To start the year off, Icebreaker is holding 6s events for low level players in Oceania on the 10th and 25th of January, on servers provided by Qixalite. The ozfortress season will be starting a week later on the 31st. The event is open to new, Open or low Main division players, who can either sign up as a team or as individuals to be put in a team by the event organisers.

Information and signups are in the Icebreaker Discord

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pplz join mydiscord if ur new in australia i am very friendly i will look after u

pplz join mydiscord if ur new in australia i am very friendly i will look after u
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