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cpTV NA Offseason Ultiduo Challenge!
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Saturday, Sep 5th
7:00 PM EDT

At the crossroads of a pandemic and a global offseason, we’re here to bring TF2 back into your life with the CappingTV Offseason Ultiduo Challenge, featuring both North American and Oceanic cups!

Casters: Connie Kins, Fleskore, tonyb, Sir Jayden, je'mond, and just jazz
Producers: mitch, louster200, and Shears

Announcement | smash.gg Page
Portland Burnsiders vs. Last Place - Round 1
how2fly vs. -rep - Round 1
4Loko vs. Big Tigers - Round 1
Milkies vs. Cole's Minisentries - Round 2
Kitty Kitty Gang Gang vs. Hatchet Heads - Round 2
Portland Burnsiders vs. Alan Gaming - Round 2
Sleep vs. Ham Sandvich - Round 3
Tokyo Smoke vs. Cole's Minisentries - Round 3
Alan Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses - Round 3
Evil Geniuses vs. Pancake Esports - Round 4
Pro Era vs. HLM - Round 4
sighguy / mae vs. b4nny / Daffodil - Semi Finals
Evil Geniuses vs. Cole's Minisentries - Semi Finals
Cole's Minisentries vs. Pro Era - Grand Finals
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Gg great tournament

Gg great tournament
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