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RGL 7v7 Prolander QF: Prevail vs Apolodosh
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Saturday, May 11th
9:30 PM EDT

Why would you go out Saturday night when you can stay in for some hot, hot best of three Prolander action. The playoffs is kicking off with the 3rd place seed, Prevail, taking on the 4th place seed, Apolodosh.

Apolodosh has not had a great season, despite their teams previous success inside of Highlander. They were barely able to push their way into the playoffs after a tense victory in week 5 over East Jabib. Now they come up against Prevail who has beaten all the teams below it, but hasn't be able to pierce the armor of Froyotech or Cat Noises.

Will Prevail be able to push aside Apolodosh to have another swing at Froyotech in the semi-finals? Or will Apolodosh cause the upset in this post season match?

Find out this Saturday at 9:30pm Eastern on twitch.tv/RGLgg.

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go arzt

go arzt
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AD civil war!

AD civil war!
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