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RGL EU Prolander S3 Grand Finals - SDCK! vs Faint Gaming
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Tuesday, Apr 23rd
3:30 PM EDT

The EU Prolander season has been leading up to this. SDCK (1) have looked incredibly strong all season long and only have dropped rounds to Faint Gaming, but have yet to lose a match. Faint Gaming (2) has had close games, but has only lost to SDCK. With a best of three map series being played in full, starting Upward, going to Product and Cascade for the decider. These teams will have plenty of chances to prove why they deserve that first place title and the majority share of the $1,000 prize pool.

Catch the action live tonight 9:30pm CEST / 3:30pm Eastern on RGLgg with casters sigafoo & CeeJaey and Wiethoofd on camera.

Match Page | Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! | Faint Gaming
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