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RGL No Restriction Sixes Semi-Finals: Froyotech vs Prevail
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Thursday, Apr 18th
9:00 PM EDT

This Wednesday we will see the second place team, Froyotech, take on the third place team, Prevail in a best of three map series in No Restriction Sixes. It'll start off on koth_viaduct, move to pl_borneo and finish on a 5cp map that is TBD.

Prevail has had ups and downs all season, though were able to land their 3rd place finish after a dominant display over PWR in week 5. Froyotech has looked strong all season, despite the loss to Cat Noises in Week 2 on Upward.

With all the different map types going to be on display in this semi-finals, which team can show they are the most versatile and adaptive. What strategies can we expect to see in each map? In each round?

Find out this Wednesday at 9pm Eastern on RGLgg where your casters will be sigafoo and guest, with DolphiN on camera.

Match Page | Froyotech | Cat Noises
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