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RGL Prolander S6 W3: Froyotech vs Cat Noises
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Tuesday, Apr 16th
9:00 PM EDT

Cat Noises is the reigning champions of Prolander and have looked very strong over the first two weeks, with convincing wins over Apolodosh and East Jabib.

Froyotech has played well, but not perfectly, with their new lineup for Prolander. They're still finding their groove. Froyotech was held to 10 minute times against East Jabib on Upward, though they were able to come away with a win and dropped one round to Prevail on coalplant.

Tuesday these teams will meet on Borneo to jostle for position for the first place spot. Winning tonight is critical to finish in the top spot, to keep home field advantage come playoffs.

Join us Tuesday at 9pm Eastern on RGLgg where your casters will be sigafoo and guest, with DolphiN on camera

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