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RGL Highlander S2 SF: Rewind vs Kids Next Door
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Monday, Mar 11th
9:30 PM EDT

The season 2 semifinal matches will start with a matchup between Rewind and Kids Next Door on koth_product_rc9, koth_lakeside_final, and koth_ashville_rc1.

These two teams have been rivals since the start of the season, fighting back and forth for the number one overall seed for the regular season. On Week 3, Kids Next Door took a convincing win against Rewind with a 3-0 / 3-1 scoreline on Ashville and Lakeside respectively. Kids Next Door has also shuffled their roster coming into this postseason with placing SpaceGhostsCoffee over Comanglia on sniper, oblivion on pyro, and zuchima back on heavy. This team has displayed no signs of stopping as b4nny and Nursey have shown to be a dominant force in highlander together, most recently winning decisively against the Empire in the quarterfinals. On the other hand, Rewind has exceeded a lot of expectations this season, coming in as a new team, and managing to secure the overall first seed in Invite. Although the team does not have some of the top-level faces that you see on Kids Next Door, they have shown to work well together and to be a force to be reckoned with on any map with their relentless aggression and DM.

Will Rewind be able to upset the runner ups and longtime returning Kids Next Door or will Kids Next Door send Rewind to the lower bracket finals? Find out with Alto and zagron with DolphiN on production on RGLgg.

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