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CheesyMacgyver joins Circa eSports
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October 7, 2016

Shortly after their new sponsorship, Circa eSports will welcome a new scout into the fold. After slemnish departed for EVL Gaming, the team was quick to respond by bringing in CheesyMacgyver to replace him. CheesyMacgyver had previously played with The Bugs, and will rejoin his brethren broKing and pelt, whom he played with during Season 20 and 21 as part of Meat Market.

broKing had this to say on the player change.

Cheesy has a lot of history with our team. I think this shuffle will actually make our team better. Slemnish is an incredible scout, but Cheesy and my team have a lot of synergy and similar mindset that already exists. Cheesy will bring a level of calling and combo management slemnish couldn't. This shuffle is an upgrade for both teams' rosters. Playoffs will be interesting. We are very excited for the future.

The updated Circa eSports roster is:

  • Scout: CheesyMacgyver
  • Scout: knuck
  • Roamer: marmaloo
  • Pocket: broKing
  • Demoman: pelt
  • Medic: skeez
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Go Cheesy!

Go Cheesy!
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Knuck + Cheesy = PogChamp

Knuck + Cheesy = PogChamp
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im PogChamping so hard for this team rn

im PogChamping so hard for this team rn
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