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ESEA S12 Finals: Classic Mixup vs Leviathan Gaming
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November 18, 2012

For any of us who have been vaguely around these past few seasons, the feelings at the end of today's games may be quite familiar or nostalgic. It's certainly not the first time we've seen an ESEA LAN wrap up with superteams Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming, and while some may be not be as enthusiastic to see this happen for the fourth LAN in a row, let us not forget that this will likely be the last LAN we'll ever see this lineup happen again. Five LANs ago, we saw CheckSix Gaming sweep through an undefeated season record with an all-too appealing trophy on top, and the chance to see it again may happen tomorrow.

The Chess Club has taken the fourth place spot early, starting with rough matches against Classic Mixup. Despite the odds they had some of the wildest plays that woke us out of our early morning slumber, to Tagg's huge medic picks and Stultus' 3k needles 10 minutes into the LAN. Spacewhales were able to knock down Leviathan but unable to pass Mix^ for the early championship seat, spending all of their energy in a fast-paced first half but unable to continue in the second half with Heavy-enigma stomping behind them in plain sight. Spacewhales met up with Leviathan again for the final lower rounds - though even with strong positioning and the most aggressive scout pair known to man, what can you do when b4nny passes 20,000 damage on viaduct?

Yes, this season will finish with another Mix^ vs Leviathan championship, butting heads and figuring out where to put their new potential trophy around their other trophies, but let's enjoy the moment as the last time we'll see competitive TF2 as it is now. With key players from each team stepping out after tomorrow, the face of Invite will be very different next season - and very exciting.

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Twitter prediction contest The TFTV Twitter contest will continue tomorrow with refined metal and a key raffle as prizes! When a tweet goes out asking for predictions, send yours in before the game starts with both the winning team's name and the final score. Will it be 5-3 Mixup? 5-1 Leviathan? First make sure to:

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