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#1224 ESEA Season 27 Open Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 7 hours ago
#445 ESEA Season 27 Intermediate Discussion in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 day ago
#11 How it FEELS to Play Scout in TF2 in Videos
Bucakeholy shit! i had actually never seen any of his stuff before, did not expect that kind of quality. actually a fuckin' blast that was

one of the great oldies of tf2's golden age of youtube tf2. glad to see him back :D

posted 1 day ago
#22 Map Callouts Origins. in TF2 General Discussion
frootthere used to be cheese in a mousehole in that room before

might be wrong but the ramp is like a wedge of cheese maybe?

posted 2 days ago
#6 Rewind II Photos and Video Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Didn't end up taking many pictures at the event but thought the final product of my mousepad signing was worth sharing:

Thanks to everyone who signed!

posted 4 days ago
#49 rewind 2 shoutouts in TF2 General Discussion

Shoutout to Mallory, Grumpy, and Jojo for letting me room with them and being some of the best and most caring company i could've ever had (they took me to cvs to get some stuff when i wasnt feeling well)
Shoutout to my team (Christie, Polar, Uber, Monkeyjedi, and Hedgehog Hero) for being one of the most impressive pug teams I have ever been a part of and everyone being a pleasure.
Shoutout to Kenneth for being such a stand up guy and doing a great job with the event + everyone else who was working the event in the background.
Shoutout to all the teams we played, regardless of how it went down.
Shoutout to BIG CAT, Tatutwah, Zheep, and Dippidy for being the greatest dragonwarriors
Shoutout to Jewlander for being an incredible friend a second year in a row.
Shoutout to Zoma the Demon King for the amazing time we spent at LAN and at disneyland.
Shoutout to uberchain, dashnerr, and everyone else who was a part of Ready Up TF2, it now toppled the i49 Fragumentary as my favorite tf2 documentary.
Shoutout to all the players i've known online and finally had a chance to meet.
Shoutout to all the Invite players who were overall some of the nicest people and the greatest players.
And finally shoutout to everyone at home who tuned in, donated, or otherwise shared the news on Rewind 2 and made the event as great as it was.

posted 5 days ago
#1025 ESEA Season 27 Open Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
VeccTony to be fair I was nice to you and your team..

my team makes me seem like part of a bunch of meanies but i love everyone including u vecc

posted 1 week ago
#1022 ESEA Season 27 Open Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

can we just try being nice to eachother for a season

posted 1 week ago
#3 bowlcut brothers ESEA in Off Topic

spaceghostcoffee is a must

posted 1 week ago
#5 tf2rjweekly lfp subs open in Recruitment (looking for players)

some of the best and friendliest gamers. i love this bunch

posted 1 week ago
#4 ESEA S27 W3: black swan vs. Hooligans For Hire in Matches

go ether and charis :D

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 LFP Rewind Demo in Recruitment (looking for players)

i love tatuwah dippidy and cats. they will nut

posted 2 weeks ago
#963 ESEA Season 27 Open Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

my team has played one but its gone now

posted 2 weeks ago
#24 Rewind Snapchats in LAN Discussion

new snapchat is cirgoh so add me

posted 2 weeks ago
#907 ESEA Season 27 Open Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Veccwarriordragon12VeccI made a logo for the open team i'm on

what do you guys think :)

i like it can u make a dragonwarrior12 esports one too?

you'd have to commission me

ill give u a hat

posted 2 weeks ago
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