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#58 Florida High School Shooting in World Events
Starkiewhy do these threads get made

to inform people
just because you're tired of it doesn't mean other people aren't interested in a discussion

posted 9 months ago
#243 what makes u instantly hate a player in TF2 General Discussion


posted 10 months ago
#51 These People Need to be Stopped. in TF2 General Discussion

3 people

posted 11 months ago
#186 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
MR_SLIN1. Anecdotal evidence of comp players going to Valve HQ and them telling us they want to help grow the comp scene.

sounds like a good way to shut a community up without having to do anything

2. They created matchmaking, which is still a work in progress. It's definitely bad in its current state, but they did make improvements to it since launch and are still showing it way more support than they show other game modes they've created.

"work in progress"
"did make improvements since launch"
"showing it way more support than they show other game modes they've created"

if i ctrl+f 'competitive' here
one result on October 20, 2017: Moved the Casual and Competitive badge panels to the main menu
June 3, 2017: Fixed UI not displaying the "Searching..." panel when queued for competitive matchmaking
June 2, 2017: Fixed Competitive match history sometimes appearing as empty when connection to matchmaking servers is lost
Feb 14, 2017: Added new survey questions to the end-of-match survey for Casual and Competitive modes and fixed a bug where multiple surveys could be displayed at the same time
Dec 21, 2016: Players can now set their maximum acceptable ping by clicking the new gear icon in the top right of the Casual and Competitive matchmaking lobby screens and choosing "Ping Settings"
The Competitive maps list has been updated

Added cp_granary and cp_badlands ------------------------ on a sidenote, afaik they were gonna update the
Disabled cp_snakewater and cp_foundry ------------------------ maps list every week
Oct 25, 2016: Removed ctf_turbine from the Competitive maps list
and other map updates and some elo updates (which to be honest, no one cares about, because barely anyone plays matchmaking for elo to be effective and it's full of cheaters). so i don't know why you'd say any of the three things you said

3. They put streams up on the main page of the game, which everyone knows are mostly comp-centered.

that was the very first thing they did after hundreds of people emailed them to finally do it. is this called "support"?

4. They pushed casuals into a more competitive pub game mode, which includes publicly-shown ranks and hidden MMR. These games are typically more competitive than your typical community server, which is a plus for the comp scene.

i don't know where you read that there's hidden MMR in casual matchmaking. publicly-shown "ranks" are actually levels that always go up. even if it was a plus ufor the competitive scene, it's a side effect of wanting to get rid of vip servers, all-skin-enabled servers and servers where people slowhack their users

5. They've made a ton of balance changes that favor the comp scene over the casual scene.

are you talking about the razorback/ambassador changes that favour highlander more than 6v6? should we list all the changes in the past two years and see which scene gets favoured more often? it's undeniable that valve is more on the economy focused side because they know tf2 is long past the way of becoming a big esport, but they are still making a shit ton of money off of casuals, so all they do is -just enough- to keep the competitive scene silent so they don't get spammed with emails.

like we get it you want to be optimistic about it but jesus.. it's not gonna happen. can we just do our own thing and not give a shit about valve?

posted 11 months ago
#180 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
T0mSo how many season has it been now since this idea of unbanning everything will encourage people to play comp tf2?
Numbers for leagues are still declining and fucking no one plays the actual matchmaking game mode. This whole if we unban the engie/pyro/heavy/spy will make the people who main those want to play 6s is just ridiculous. The game mode itself makes these classes pointless. Engie will get run over by everything, spy is easily counterable if u actually pay attention to the game, pyro will get run over by coordinated scouts. The argument for heavy might be there as there has been some success with muuki running it to mids but even then you can deal with it with some simple coordination.

People just dont wanna play competitive. How is this so hard to realise. Please just fucking give up with this bullshit as the numbers arent going to rise to where it actually means something. We are always going to be a small community. Tf2 is never ever ever going to be like dota/cs/lol/ow.

Can we just enjoy what we have and have a non aids whitelist?

escape plan

class limits:

i know this has been said over and over again but i sincerely believe most people never wanted any of the other unlocks if it wasn't for a single ex tf2 dev saying "i find 6v6 boring", which resulted in people going ahead and unbanning as much crap as possible in hopes of
1. getting more support from valve - which never happened, unless you consider a half-assed gamemode that calls itself "Matchmaking" which no one ever plays and is full of cheaters actual support
2. getting more pubbers to play competitive - has likely not happened much compared to tons of entertaining streamers and tons of resources built up and maintained by very few people (ToTH, huds.tf, whitelist.tf, comp.tf, serveme.tf, fps configs, logs.tf/sizzlingstats.com, tragicservers, tf2lobby.com/tf2center.com/tf2pickup.net/pugchamp.gg/, fragmovies/fragshows)

posted 11 months ago
#12 Input lag on mouse and keyboard. TF2 only in Q/A Help

most recent windows 10 update caused a bunch of people to get input lag, try playing in fullscreen

posted 11 months ago
#111 4 word story in Off Topic

after his parents quickly

posted 11 months ago
#7 Other games worth getting into in Off Topic

so when someone asks you what games you play you're going to give them games you don't actually play?

posted about a year ago
#8 How to TF2 episode 2 in TF2 General Discussion

get ipz please

posted about a year ago
#11 Headphone suggestions in Hardware

if you don't know how something sounds then maybe you should go to the hifi store closest to you and try some headphones before buying a pair :)

imo open/closed being better/worse for gaming is marketing bullshit

posted about a year ago
#31 So I went sleep walking Saturday night... in Off Topic


posted about a year ago
#2 phone mobile data not working in Hardware

call your provider and tell them your card is broken, they'll give you a new one

posted about a year ago
#20 private music trackers in Music, Movies, TV
I don't know what you mean by quality control considering trackers don't control the quality of torrents uploaded, but your point on metadata is dumb because almost all music files shared on the internet are properly tagged and if they aren't you can do it yourself.

maybe the trackers don't control the quality of torrents but the users certainly do, bad transcodes usually get deleted within a couple hours depending on the popularity of the torrent, people are always looking to get perfect uploads with artwork, metadata, album reviews, artists descriptions and the audio formats the tracker has to offer

i'll list a couple things that i like about private trackers (in no particular order) and while they're not exclusive to just private trackers, you can find everything you like inside that without having to use different services

enforced tags and formatting rules
collages are a great thing to discover other types of music
people purchase expensive gear to capture their LPs
vanity house, where artists share their own music, how they produced it, etc
casual games/competitions on the site/the forums/IRC
a nice forum ranging from general chat, books, movies, shows to audio equipment, music production, creativity and technology
well-seeded torrents
heavily unpopular music gets uploaded in great quality that you can sometimes barely even find on youtube/soundcloud
requests, if there's something you want, someone else is likely to have it

Ratio is the one of the primary reasons private trackers exist, to get people to seed. And if you download tons of music without worrying about ratio you're basically fucked as it's nearly impossible to get your ratio to 0.0 or higher again fast enough not to get your account deleted.

i don't know of any popular music tracker that will delete your account if you're on ratio watch, you just can't download things anymore and have to stick to freeleech/filling requests/uploading your own rips which really isn't a hard thing to do

What.CD was the only private tracker that had music you couldn't find elsewhere but I'm sure you know what happened to that.

what makes you think the trackers that rised from What's ashes won't surpass the amount of music it had to offer? for three months, the only way you could get into RED was if you provided proof of being a What refugee (or you got invited). the interviews are the exact same as they were on What and most of the interviewers are still the same old people.

posted about a year ago
#2 private music trackers in Music, Movies, TV

screencap up/downstream and maybe I can give you one

posted about a year ago
#3 Which singer do Italian gamers love to listen to? in Off Topic

wrong x2


posted about a year ago
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