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#88 xxxtentacion shot (dead?) in Off Topic

Please stop relativising his crimes. Dude was a relentless asshole and his death does not undo the pain he has caused people.

I don't wish him or anyone dead but people defending him as a person makes me sick.

posted 3 days ago
#114 cp_cardinal (5CP) in Map Discussion

I don't understand why rocket jumping is so restricted on this map. There are extremely few places where it is actually possible to pull off good wallshot jumps compared to other maps. The map is geometrically cluttered which impedes mobility a lot. The art pass that this map has gone through has resulted in a very good looking map whose detailing negatively impacts gameplay.


These displacement walls negatively impacts rocket jumping. You need to be very close to a wall to pull off a good rocket jump (preferably 0 hammer units), but this is just not possible with displacement walls.


It is unnecessarily hard to pull off a good rocket jump from this position because of the fact that there is no wall to wallshot on. Also bad displacement walls again.


This wall is an example of a wall that you can use to get a good wallshot jump. I feel like it's way too low though, which makes it impossible to pull off a high rocket jump. Something to note though is that rocket jumps on angled walls are slightly worse so that's a downside too. The rock underneath it has awful geometry and it terribly unsmooth.


There are a few areas you can easily get stuck on the ceilings when trying to rocket jump through. This one is the worst offender, as getting trough the hole requires precision and just jumping towards the ceiling might get you stuck on the bolt underneath the ceiling.

There is a ridiculous overuse of displacements when ramps and flat brushes would have been sufficient. Displacements affect rocket jumps negatively if they are poorly used compared to ramps and flat brushes, as it is harder to rampslide on displacements but it is also harder to pull off a speedshot on displacements. They should be used conservatively. Even the roofs on mid are displacement for no good reason at all.

TL;DR: Rocket jumping is awful on this map.

EDIT: Additionally, this is a map where you need good rocket jumps to play efficiently because of the long distances you have to cover. "Harder" is also not the right description when describing speedshots/rampslides on displacements. It is harder, but only because it is pretty random whether you get it or not.

posted 1 week ago
#35 Settle this debate! in Off Topic
KiNGtreetoonWell, they serve banana curry pizza in Sweden; I would find that to be even more controversial.proof pls


delicious btw

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 ETF2L DIV 2 TEAMS, GIMME YOUR ROSTERS in TF2 General Discussion


Ryder is usually demo
Fragm3nted is medic
I'm pocket most of the time
Nation plays whatever class he feels like tbh
Mont and Ortin scouts

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 crosshair alias script in Q/A Help
RobbeeHmm yeah, i might do that instead. But do youuotation marks know why it doesn't work in the script i made?

You can't have nested quotation marks in a command.

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Thaigrr temporarily banned from ETF2L in News

Smh getting banned in the season that actually has a prize pool

posted 1 month ago
#32 top 5 snipers in TF2 General Discussion

Sadly nobody remembers Dennia outperforming sheep at i52.


posted 1 month ago
#36 Ban b4nny 2: Revised and Revisited in The Dumpster

I was in talks with some big companies to sponsor a $1000000 TF2 major but then they opened b4nny's stream on twitch and pulled out...

posted 2 months ago
#13 ETF2L Admin Inconsistency: Episode Two in TF2 General Discussion

Anyone remember AUTOBOTS getting expelled from the league for insulting the infamous ETF2L admin Buffalo Bill?

posted 2 months ago
#78 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

Admirable. Crack clan was never the same after he left.

posted 2 months ago
#6 Lol saints comeback brewing??? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
#94 Please Ban The Crossbow in TF2 General Discussion

2012 tf2 > 2018 tf2

Ban the crossbow. Reverse the demo nerf. Get rid of medics running in scout speeds. Perfection.

posted 2 months ago
#9 ETF2L Bans Pyro in TF2 General Discussion

An actual good decision by ETF2L? April Fools!

posted 2 months ago
#4 TF2/SFM Blog: "Vote for the Saxxy Awards!" in TF2 General Discussion


clearly best overall winner tbh

posted 3 months ago
#17 Fall damage random variance. in TF2 General Discussion
gemmside note, is it vertical velocity or just speed in general? i've suspicions it's speed since ive taken high fall damage from low heights due to horizontal knockback in the past but im not sure

vertical velocity

posted 3 months ago
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