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#3 TF2 Hours vanishing from profiles in TF2 General Discussion

mine just disappeared too wtf lol
in fact, all the stats of the games i've played since summer of 2017 have disappeared

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

always accessible & saved our asses as a sub. and from playing with her in prior seasons when she dedicated significant time to competitive tf2, her soldier dm is incredible even when she has high ping. i'm sure her demo play can be, if not is, just as good as her roamer.

good luck with the team search, and thanks again for subbing so often.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 LFT Medic Mid IM / Pocket Mid-High Open in Recruitment (looking for team)

great attitude, remains objective during tough situations & clearly has a lot of potential. i do believe that one more solid, rigorous regular season will step him up to a top level IM medic.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 the seventh man in TF2 General Discussion

i asked reddit something similar with regards to a perma-spy as a 7th class

"So you guys must know Extine he makes really cool new competitive modes because people need new competitive so I have an idea why not use 7 people on each team? So its like 6 but 1m ore so its kind of like 9v9 which is HL but 7v7 so 7lander??

ok so in 7 lander what u do is u have 6's like 6's class then u have perma spy and the perma spy uses BACKSTAB technique to stop push and to make push happen i think its GENUIS and makes spy a very good class

how do u all plead??

EDIT: Guys im refreshing this page alot becasue im afraid u all dont understand and i want to help u explain because im a competiteve teacher so let me teach u what i mean :-)

EDIT 2: wow I now know why my Teacher Gets so Frustrate siometime now that i can See how little u guys GET IT>>??? but Im gona be more patent like my teacher and Make sure u all know Why 7v7 with Spy Permamain will work.. And You will all make sure Steam knows it and it will be great !! I cant wait this is gonna be really exciting guys"

got a lot of great responses, especially from thesteam

posted 3 weeks ago
#166 AS MGE feedback in TF2 General Discussion
SubinkaHis ping isn’t the thing in question. The point is that the clip is an example of questionable play on his part.
Also, while looking at As MGE server stats I noticed that he has the highest point total of anyone on that server by ~11,000 points. The main part of this that looks sketchy to me is that the person in second place is yaima (who I’m pretty sure is the same person as blackymonster, who was hacking), despite having 3 less hours on the server than yaima, and spending a decent amount of time doing nothing in badlands middle because nobody wants to play against his crutch loadout. I also visited his gametracker page and I doubt that he got good at TF2 by frequenting Hightower and 2Fort.
Basically, the deeper I dig, the more suspicious he gets.

no, i think he got good by playing thousands of lobbies and frequenting 6's ever since ~2015 (
he doesn't seem suspicious to me at all. the clip you linked is certainly weird, but a lot of networking problems can explain it.
his scout stats, including the one & only team he played on back in S25, are overall low open level ( his soldier stats are solid because he has specialized heavily in direct hit and shotgun ever since he started playing.
i never once thought he cheated, and people are honestly way too petty and mean-spirited towards him simply because he uses arguably a cheesy, but clearly underestimated, weapon combination. people don't try new shit out on tf2 enough, and it's good that we have players try to push underutilized weapon combinations to their maximum level. i don't necessarily agree that using the direct hit is the best way to hone directs, but he doesn't talk shit & he genuinely enjoys it. it can be outplayed if you play optimally because there's a lot of inherent variance caused between the natural imprecision in human reaction and the precision required by direct hit.

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 Snakewater 2nd CP Zone Render Game Crash in Q/A Help

what are your launch options? i remember having this same exact issue when i used an old list of mastercoms' launch options, and getting rid of one of them fixed it.

posted 1 month ago
#25 rewind 2 shoutouts in TF2 General Discussion

i'm proud of my boys at kings crew; they had a fantastic showing. although i couldn't watch every game they played, i was consistently impressed by their stats; their teamwork was top notch and it's honestly something that i hope we aspire to have during the regular season. yimi and change played very well and i can't thank them enough for representing the team as neither paul nor i could make it.

documentary was somber, yet touching. the production team keeps wowing me every LAN, and rewind was no exception.

hope you guys all have a safe trip home.

posted 1 month ago
#370 ESEA Season 27 Intermediate Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#3 LFP Pocket IM in Recruitment (looking for players)

damn, sad to see you go man. good luck with life stuff.

posted 1 month ago
#4 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion

fucking sick!!!

posted 1 month ago
#10 CPU Servers in Projects

awesome stuff man. thanks for hosting this service.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Mirc twitch bot help in Off Topic

i replicated the script on my channel and it worked properly. could just be an I/O permission issue relating to your user account & writing to the appdata folder (presuming you're using windows since mIRC is windows-specific & presuming that you didn't point mIRC's scripts folder outside of its default location; didn't see if there were any drop-in cross-platform replacements for mIRC wrt its scripting language).

my hypothesis as to why !show works without the write operation fully succeeding (wrt the file system) is that it operates on a cache that copies the contents of the file if it exists. it doesn't reopen the file on every !show event as that would obviously be extremely costly in large chat rooms. the !request event saves its data in the local cache & makes an attempt to output to the file buffer (at which point the script doesn't care about the end result of the write operation). it's either that or both events just operate directly with an uncloseable file i/o buffer.

the simplest thing you could do is try to write to a folder you know you have complete permissions over: just replace requestsinfo.txt in both the !request and !show event listeners with a direct path (e.g. C:\requestsinfo.txt)

i added you to debug in detail.

edit: using a direct path worked for him.

posted 2 months ago
#80 GUIDE: Weapon-specific Custom Crosshairs in Customization

just a quick tip when it comes to VMT customization (e.g. swapping VTF's, experimenting with material proxies to create animated crosshairs &/or multi-frame VTF crosshairs): you don't need to restart the game to swap crosshairs. although modifications to the weapon script itself won't take effect until you restart, you can modify the VMT file as long as you're in a server with sv_cheats 1 enabled (ideally local) and then call mat_reloadallmaterials in console. alternately, you can use mat_showtextures, find the line relevant to your crosshair [hereby referred to as CROSSHAIR_PATH], and then type in mat_reloadmaterial CROSSHAIR_PATH

posted 2 months ago
#77 Would you be in favor of a map rotation revamp? in Map Discussion

i think all map should rotate around in circle when fite for more dinamicacity and hav people go left right all over place and circle point capture would rotate other direction from map so map has a lot of spins

posted 2 months ago
#12 Scout - OPEN/IM in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 2 months ago
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