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#321 cp_granary_pro in Map Discussion

check newest version mate
burgers play that version but we're stuck 3 versions behind

posted 1 week ago
#43 Free Game Megathread in Other Games

Free for some reason or another

do i still have to pay to airstrafe

posted 1 week ago
#9 Games that are like comp tf2 in Other Games

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 any game recommends in Other Games

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 Mumble not letting me connect in Off Topic

you were connecting using the same name but different certificate

posted 2 weeks ago
#153 No Hats Mod in Customization
JulezHas anyone tried updating the no unusuals mod?

yes and it was proclaimed to be impossible because some effect are coded differently

posted 3 weeks ago
#78 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization

What hud is this?

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 why did most of tf2's secondary leagues die in TF2 General Discussion

decline in the number of players

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 crosshair alias script in Q/A Help

create file called default_crosshair.cfg
put cl_crosshair_file "" into it

alias default_crosshair "exec default_crosshair" in autoexec

and then put default_crosshair where you want a default crosshair

posted 3 weeks ago
#457 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
Gaming_OliverWell I have seen people use this and be able to toggle their viewmodels like they select they want to hide their revolver on the launcher and then when they are in game they are able to show and then not show their revolver

This puzzels me as when I try this i just get the viewmodels constantly off
Please Help Thanks

Oh also Sry if there is something I am cleary missing

alias slot1a "slot1; r_drawviewmodel 0"
alias slot2a "slot2; r_drawviewmodel 1"
alias slot3a "slot3; r_drawviewmodel 1"

bind 1 slot1a
bind 2 slot2a
bind 3 slot3a

bindtoggle r "r_drawviewmodel 0 1"

posted 4 weeks ago
#218 Improved default HUD in Customization
klassy Id like to see the old scoreboard be an option to use.

posted 1 month ago
#14 top 5 snipers in TF2 General Discussion

jukebox, flippy, sheep, tviq, stark
also pine but not 100% sure how he would compare

posted 1 month ago
#2 Did someone knows how to fix that in Q/A Help

r_decals 0
mp_decals 0

posted 1 month ago
#194 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
CollaideWell, I wouldn't agree with you. Default badlands is incredibly flawed in a multitude of ways. I personally don't care if the map changes slightly as long as it gets improved over its previous state. You comparing it to granary pro is quite silly really, as the changes there are way more drastic, without even looking at the most recent version where the control point is in yard. This all being said, I wish each individual change would be discussed on its own merits, and I believe it largely has.

i never said that badlands is not a flawed map I think it has many flaws but it's not in human power to change it without making basically a new map.
I'm not comparing it to granary, I suggested you do similar thing to the the creator of granary_pro and revert many changes to its previous state
and please read patch notes folks., the newest granary (granary_pro2) is a mix between the valve granary and rc4/rc8, where the developer takes things that worked well and improved the gameplay and reverted those which didn't affect it or made the gameplay worse

CollaideI made props in ceiling nonsolid and made it easier to push in and out of last by expanding the doorways. (Removed ONE sticky trap)

by rework of top lobby i meant opening up the 2 top passages to last, i didn't experience any change to the flow of the map and i think that change should be reverted, great job on cleaning the unnecessary clutter

CollaideOnly hiding spot I removed is the lamps, and removing them has gotten positive feedback both because checking every lamp for hiders is silly and it's annoying to get stuck on them (they prohibit movement).

the old hiding spots are hard to get to making them rewarding for those who can get into position quickly and punish those who just look at the floor instead of checking the common hiding spots
also doesn't take any more time to check the lamps in bottom left room (don't know the correct call out) since if you want to clear the room itself you have walk through there (or that's the fastest way i know)

Collaidere-added in b4, please read patch notes folks.

- Slightly raised some concrete in lobby.
- Re-added the 3 ledges around spire, but now they're all very visible.

nowhere it says specifically that the ledge on balcony has been reverted, I accept my mistake but the change isn't properly listed in the patch notes

CollaideThe goal I set was to be able to push last when you wipe a team on second, and to push out of last when you wipe a team on last. As far as I'm aware these new spawn times accomplished that. If you think they can be fine tuned a bit, that's fine,

in the past 2 seasons when the prolands were played i haven't experienced or observed any changes to the difficulty of pushing out of last but I don't have access to the data you have collected so I might be wrong

CollaideIbut why people don't actually give out the feedback but instead post angry comments when I talk about the map baffles me.

what parts of my comments makes you think i'm angry, i feel like you are trying to spark an argument between us because i disagree with you on your work, i've given you my honest opinion that your current version (even if some stuff was reverted) changes too much and that next step in development of this map should be reverting more things back. If you don't like my feedback or think it's worthless you can always choose not to take it mind when making next version.

posted 1 month ago
#192 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
CollaideAre you talking about ones that are already made, or the ones I'm considering?

i mean changes to the lobby, hiding spots, removing the ledge on balcony, rework of top lobby and the respawn times

CollaideI don't know if you realised, but in b4 I did revert some of the changes around spire that people didn't like. For some reason etf2l chose to keep playing b3 for the season.

don't get me wrong, i'm one of the last people who like the map and i'd like to see it played but changing everything that comes to mind won't make badlands popular again

posted 1 month ago
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