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#10 Anyone want to make a scrim-only team? in TF2 General Discussion
viperif you're gonna make a team that's supposed to be "intermediate range", then why make it a scrim only team?

the point of playing intermediate is to challenge yourself and be more competitive then you would in open, i don't see how that can be achieved by just playing scrims as a sort-of "non league team" who's just there to scrim people when a team is in need of a scrim

because playing in an actual league takes a lot of time

posted 1 week ago
#462 The 120Hz Monitor Thread in Hardware

are 27 inch either 1080 or 1440 monitors worth it for fpses? my graphics card is a 1070.

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 who is the 2nd best tf2 player ever in TF2 General Discussion

platinum tho

posted 3 weeks ago
#35 Revive freakpugs pls in TF2 General Discussion

can we get a group for people who would be washed up if they were ever good like me

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 games with instagib in Other Games
sagequake live has loads of instagib servers

they're all euro :(

posted 4 weeks ago
#1 games with instagib in Other Games

hello, i have an itch to play some ig and ig on ql is dead. do any of the recent arena shooters to come out have a not dead ig scene?

posted 1 month ago
#23 10th class in The Dumpster

there's currently no midrange hitscan class in the game. now whether you think that should be changed is a different question

posted 1 month ago
#208 The Keyboard Thread (last updated Sep. 24, 2013) in Hardware

the backtick and pipe positions tho

posted 1 month ago
#9 who is the greatest e-athlete ever in e-Sports


posted 3 months ago
#89 Best med ever? in TF2 General Discussion

shoutout to casey tho

posted 3 months ago
#81 Best med ever? in TF2 General Discussion

adam "reptile" dopko was undefeated in his career as medic with a lan win

posted 3 months ago
#36 Several gaming organizations drop overwatch in e-Sports
WARHURYEAHThey fucked up SC2, it's no suprise that they fucked this up somehow.

I feel that if they just left the OWL out of this, introduced it later down the line, the game could develop a healthy esports scene naturally.

Because they've jumped the gun and been all like "THIS WILL GIVE YOUR BRAND SO MUCH EXPOSURE, INVEST!!!" It's created this scenario where nobody can risk such a large investment on one game alone.

They could just get a dota2 team that get into a major and make bank from that instead.

it's obvious that they're not courting esports orgs anymore. they're looking to market to traditional sports owners with big money who can definitely risk a lot of money to try and make a lot more money. and it looks like they've got a least two to bite, which means there are probably more coming.

posted 4 months ago
#13 Several gaming organizations drop overwatch in e-Sports

holy shit kraft and ross are betting big on something that would take a lot to return any real investment if the reports are true

posted 4 months ago
#431 Any sneakerheads here?? in Off Topic


posted 4 months ago
#10 Ban the crossbow in TF2 General Discussion

revert the demo nerf

posted 4 months ago
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