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#1235 PugChamp in Projects
NurseyFYI, there always has been a 'no class switching' rule but every admin on the site (including me) have been extremely lenient on it. This was to the point where it was practically never enforced. The rule is being enforced much more heavily now due to some pugs lately being complete blow outs from people changing to their main classes. Please do not switch off the class you were picked on.

I 100% agree that there are certain cases in which this is totally unfair like if a high invite scout is added to an offclass they're not as good at and then swap in game with a solly main picked on scout for example, then the game is totally changed and it's unfair cause the other captain can't have the option to pick them either.

However, I think there are also lots of cases in which this is not a big deal at all. For example, if I and someone else are both added on pocket and roamer, and in the pug we decide to switch because one of us prefers pocketing on a certain map or is feeling like roaming, I see no problem in doing this. Given that it's a pug site and its primary focus is fun I think people should be able to swap if they want to but only in cases where it is super obviously an upgrade or makes things unfair that people should be punished. The problem with enforcing this is that it's all sort of subjective to say that x player is a certain level at one class vs another, and I very much do not believe it should be banned altogether. I could be fine with it I guess as long as like the cases of two soldiers swapping roles when they're both added to them, or a roamer/demo added person swapping with another roamer/demo added person cause it's perfectly fair within the picking.

posted 17 hours ago
laikWhy come back to this game? Why? Surely yomps must have noticed an overall improvement of his life after not playing. It must be a rude awakening when he realized that instead of playing TF2, he could have been lifting, reading, honing an applicable skill, etc. Time is too precious.

Sometimes you just need a break lol pretty sure he was playing like constantly going to every lan and shit for like 3 years, that shit gets to you eventually it's a lot of time commitment especially if you have to wake up early afterwards or your sleep schedule is suffering because of it.

posted 1 day ago

posted 2 days ago
#91 ban insom from pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion
meyypicked awful teams, first one wasn't entirely his fault but he def could have just picked better.
second time he first picked skeez when rocket was added so his entire team was imminent death

Skeez is simply the best player....

posted 2 days ago
#25 PSA top IM / invite players: Whitelist pugs in TF2 General Discussion
lucrativethe whole point of the map system isn't to give you a weeks practice on a map lol the point is that your team can now focus on certain maps you're actually good at while having the option to not focus practice on maps you are bad at (3 Bans basically allows you 1 or 2 or i guess even 3 perma banned maps if you like) no other competitive game in a league based system plays the way the old ESEA map rotation worked.

The system also makes way more sense in the greater scheme of things because it will simulate the maps you end up playing in playoffs way more, and i believe the playoff matches have improved over all the divisions for the most part because of it.

I really don't see how you could find the old map rotation system superior the current one. (Is this derailing?)

The problem is the fact that the bans are completely blind from the other team, which makes it so both teams can decide to ban cardinal and granary, for example, and end up wasting bans and then ending up being RNG'd onto some other map neither team really wanted to play, like metalworks. If they changed it to a system like in playoffs where you just alternate banning until a map is selected I could get behind that, or at least made it so both team can't accidentally ban the same map.

Also, as berg said the randomness is stupid and should be removed imo. I also agree that having to play process/snake/gully all season is super boring and bland. I definitely preferred the old system where you have a full week to map review and perfect your play on each map vs two different teams then know what to expect when playoffs comes around. I for one liked the idea of striving to get as good as possible at every map, but with this system you're better off calling it quits for maps you're not good at like badlands, rather than working through it and figuring it out as a team. As much as it sucks to get the bad luck of having to play your rival team (that you need to beat to make playoffs for example) on a map that you aren't good at, I think it's fair to reward teams that are more well rounded and can win on any map, versus teams that just deliberately autobans 3 maps they're bad at/dont want to bother getting good at. If your team puts in the time and practice to get good at a few select maps that people don't play much or aren't good at,4 it's really stupid to have your opponents simply able to say nope not going to bother and just ban them off the bat.

I think we should be encouraging rather than discouraging teams to excel and get really good at their specialty maps cause it adds variety/depth and makes the game interesting (e.g., vel on snakewater), but allowing people to just ban them even in the regular season is a giant fuck you to teams like this. As much as I hated playing cardinal and think it's a terrible map, I do think it's good to reward teams that take the time and practice and get good at the fringe maps like that. Granted, having to play the regular season again with cardinal as one of the 8 weeks would be awful and I think it should be removed from the pool 100% if the system does end up getting reverted, the only way to justify adding maps like that is if you can always ban them.

posted 4 days ago
#7734 stream highlights in Videos
shameless self post look at my epic airshot

posted 4 days ago
#14 Theory of Knowledge lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

Dear Jeremy, Your team is named Incorrectly.
As a Philosopher demo, you should know that the Theory of Knowledge is simply called Epistemology.

posted 1 week ago
#9 Space Bugs Cut Dflame and pick up STOPERR in TF2 General Discussion
god bless, i miss stoperr (i cri evertiem)

posted 1 week ago
#15 Alexandros LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

solid player didnt watch too much im this season but from what i saw he did well dunno about low invite necessarily but theres been plenty of im playoffs soldiers who went on to play low invite even tho they didnt win or whatever i dont rly see a problem if anything it says hes dedicated enough to actually want to go through the low invite grind rather than just playing im forever

posted 1 week ago
#10 NOW lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

Saam is unironically a really good caller and when he's practicing and trying he is a solid scout. Also everyone on this team is mad chill, I had a lot of fun playing for them in preseason and ringing throughout. I remember being pretty surprised by how good earthworker was doing, dude hit mad pipes and was a solid demo. Lolguy despite his meme name is actually really good at med and has tons of potential. Crazy surfs and arrows and shit, smart positioning for the most part, and dedicated to improve by watching demos and shit. Should be invite level in a few seasons for sure (watch out rocket u got some competition for up n coming med main xd)

I also wanna shout them out for sticking together, more teams need to do this and build synergy over the seasons (instead of trying to cut ur way to the top and then dying.....)

posted 1 week ago
#19 Team Name Vote for S30 in TF2 General Discussion

methinks tasheem is a noob......

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Team Name Vote for S30 in TF2 General Discussion

Washed Up Like The Shorelines TM is a much more fitting title methinks....

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 Team Name Vote for S30 in TF2 General Discussion

Please do not slander the name of THE MACHINE.

posted 2 weeks ago
#52 ban insom from pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlordI knew I would get a response like this, but it makes no sense. I offclass because it's fun for me, I enjoy playing pyro/sniper/spy, and I imagine others feel the same way. I also enjoy winning. Should I ask the other team to let me win so I can have as much fun as possible? Of course not, it's not their responsibility to make sure I have an enjoyable pug experience, that's on me. In the same vein, it's their responsibility to find a way to have fun in a pug regardless of what me or anyone else on my team is doing. If they can't, that's their problem.

The corollary to all this is what indecency said- if guys on your own team want the pug to end and get out of there and you're artificially delaying it by fucking around, there's not much you can really do about it without talking to an admin. That's why I have no problem enforcing rules, not just against offclassing, but against people fucking around in general, if enough people on their own team have a problem with it. I just don't get why fucking around on pyro is so much worse than fucking around on soldier. We both know, for instance, that I am doing a lot more to help my team on pyro than you are when you're trying to see if you can get reverse 6-dommed or break the deaths record or whatever. Why is it so much worse?

The point you're missing is that the community came to an agreement when they decided to make pug systems that if someone offclasses for a significant portion of a pug it's simply not fun for anyone other than the person doing it. Yeah you can be trying hard and doing well playing sniper the whole game but does anyone want to add to a pug environment where that shit is allowed? That's just not something people want to deal with. Maybe if there was money on the line or literally anything other than playing pugs strictly for the sake of enjoying yourself playing some tf2, then I can see allowing whatever alternative offclassing meta shit because you are trying your very hardest to win. But given that there's nothing like that I see no reason to forego the majority's enjoyment of playing video games for some dipshit to have a blast playing an offclass for the whole game lol.

I do agree with you on the point about having a strict number for how long is permissable or not being a bit silly, because if for example the game is a super big stalemate and you end up holding your own last a lot and go engineer, or you play sniper to break the stalemate, you can probably get over 7.5 mins (1/4 of the 30 min pug) offclassing even if it's completely fair play. Doing it to mid or pushing out from one last to another though is where I think it's reasonable to draw the line.

Also the deaths record thing was literally in a pugscrim 2 years ago, and im pretty sure ive only ever done that sorta reverse 6 dom shit in inhouse pugs around that long ago as well.

posted 2 weeks ago
#38 ban insom from pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlordI maintain that offclassing rules as currently constructed are dumb

why should I care if the way I or my teammate is playing is pissing off the other team? isn't that the point?

I think it should only be against the rules if your own team complains that you're throwing/extending the pug/fucking around

some people like to play tf2 for fun, unlike you

posted 2 weeks ago
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