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#8 Ascent announces pocket soldier change in News

May the best CEO win.

posted 1 day ago
#30 Essentials.TF March Monthlies in TF2 General Discussion

We've submitted to join, hope other invite teams will as well. Get this tournament full so that Twitch and Essentials have reason to continue supporting NA TF2 tournaments!

posted 1 week ago
#67 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion

Similar to the situation in my last post above, we are now taking actions to expand the population of the Amateur division. We are happy to invite any players with mid+ ESEA-O experience or low ESEA-IM experience. To get an invite link to the Amateur Division, please get in touch with Prograde on the TF2PL Discord (prograde#1861). Once you've used the invite link provided by Prograde and joined the Amateur Division, your account will be flagged to be leveled up to 6, which should take no more than 24 hours to complete, after which you will gain the ability to queue up.

posted 2 weeks ago
#66 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion

It has come to our attention that there are not enough players queueing into the Advanced Division. In order to accelerate the expansion of the Advanced Division, we are going to be extending invites beyond just ESEA-I players and the top 10 ESEA-IM teams, and are now looking to add all players from current mid+ ESEA-IM teams and any players that have previous mid+ ESEA-IM experience. To get an invite link to the Advanced Division, please get in touch with Phantom on the TF2PL Discord (Phantom#8853). Once you've used the invite link provided by Phantom and joined the Advanced Division, your level will be bumped up to 8+ within 24 hours and you will gain the ability to queue up.

posted 2 weeks ago
#43 TF2 Pro League announced in News

A tip for people seeking name changes:
FACEIT have just added the premium feature of FACEIT missions to TF2! By upgrading to a premium account, which costs ~$7 for a month, you can gain access to these monthly missions.


Win 10 games to get 1000 points, which is enough for a name change, or win 70 games and get 50k points!

posted 2 weeks ago
#63 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion
smzitime to make smurf accounts

You need a minimum of 200 hours to connect your FACEIT and TF2/steam accounts. If you are found using a smurf you will be banned.

posted 2 weeks ago
#61 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion

Launch is today! At 6pm EST I will be turning on the queues for all divisions. To make sure you're all setup to play, follow the simple user guide outlined at http://tf2pl.com

Seeing as this is an Elo based ranking system, if you have never played on FACEIT before you will be starting at the base rank of 3 and only have access to the Beginner division at first. Hopefully only a few games will be necessary for you to rank up quickly. To accelerate the proper distribution of levels, we have: moved all of the invite players we could up to the Invite division and given them level 10 so they will only be able to play in the Invite division or the Advanced division. We also have moved up as many of the players from the top 10 IM teams to the Advanced division as possible and they will be given 8+ levels so they can only play in the Advanced division as well. If you feel like you belong in either group but haven't yet joined the divisions, we may still be able to arrange it so please PM me from the TF2PL discord.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 TF2 Pro League announced in News
adyskyIs the party still limited to 2 players? Or is it a captain based draft now

The 6v6 matchmaking will be solo queue only so there is no guarantee you will be able to team with your friends. Your best bets will be to either be captain and pick them yourself or ask your captain nicely to pick them. We are considering future options that will be more suitable for partying up but for now it will be solo only.

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 ESEA S27 W4: froyotech vs. Velocity eSports in Matches

We are playing at 11:30est

posted 1 month ago
#1 TF2 Pro League in TF2 General Discussion


Today we are excited to announce that the Team Fortress 2 Pro League will be set to launch on March 1st for players in North America and April 1st for players in Europe.

TF2PL is the next evolution in the collaboration between FACEIT and the competitive TF2 community, seeking to provide the ultimate competitive TF2 platform for players of all skill levels.

Building upon FACEIT’s already existing TF2 solo queue 6v6 matchmaking platform, TF2PL will feature skill balanced divisions, captain drafting, prizes, and more.

Share the news!: https://twitter.com/TF2PL/status/959207288677388293

Highlights of TF2PL:

  • Monthly seasons. Set goals and track your progress month to month.
  • Accessible, inclusive skill divisions for players of all skill levels: Beginner, Amateur, Advanced, Invite. A clear progression system from beginner to pro level.
  • Elo based matchmaking in the Beginner division, captain drafting for Amateur/Advanced/Invite divisions. The best possible match balance every time.
  • Instantly available post-match statistics and STV demo downloads. The essential tools for reviewing your gameplay.
  • Required use of TF2PL discord voice server with automatic channel management with the TF2PL Discord Bot. Guaranteed communication and coordination.
  • Prizes! Over 300,000 FACEIT Points awarded to players in top leaderboard positions in the Advanced and Invite divisions. $280 in cash prizes to top medics across all divisions. Rare TF2 item (Unusual, Australium, etc) raffle entries earned for every 10 matches played per season.
  • Scheduled Prime Time queueing and 5 minute join timers. Reliable queue times and timely starting of matches means less time wasted waiting around to play competitive TF2.
  • Clear and evenly enforced rules with progressive bans for offenders. No favoritism and no trolls, just good competition. Read the ruleset here.
  • Use of TF2PL will be completely FREE, though premium benefits are on the way.

Participation in TF2PL is open for everyone who meets the following criteria:

TF2PL Community Platforms

Casting Call
Interested in helping TF2PL to better serve the competitive TF2 community? Apply in our Discord #casting-call channel. We are recruiting experienced and talented TF2PL volunteer crew members in the following areas:

  • User support (To moderate Discord and respond to user inquiries on Discord/Twitter)
  • Graphic designers (Asset creation for our website, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Video editors (To create short frag clips to be featured on Twitter/YouTube)
  • Social media content (Twitter text/video posts - memery encouraged)
  • Any other expertise you think would be valuable to TF2PL!

We are always seeking sponsorships for prizes (cash, gear, etc.) to our top players after each month-long season. To discuss sponsoring TF2PL, please reach us at tf2plofficial@gmail.com, in our Discord or on Twitter.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback on TF2PL here or in our Discord. We will be doing our best to address all concerns and improve TF2PL as much as possible. I hope you will join us on March 1st for the launch of TF2PL!


The TF2 Pro League Team

posted 1 month ago
#5045 stream highlights in Videos

I hardly reacted and that was a tournament grand final with a cash prize and I wasn't streaming it. Perhaps the thread where literally every post is a moment without context isn't the place to make such leaps.

posted 1 month ago
#34 Let's unify the ruleset in TF2 General Discussion

I think people are overlooking the fact that having a new midfight is often much riskier than pushing with a clear advantage.

When the round timer is close to expiring, you are more likely to see offensive teams going all in. The lower the total round timer, the more often this will happen. If the offense's desperation push fails and they lose a large number of their players, the defense can either choose to push on the advantage that has presented itself or throw away the advantage they have to hold and reset the round, forcing a new midfight which is inherently harder to control than whats already before them. Sure you could win the mid and get control that way but you never really know, maybe you reset the round and you lose the mid and you're right back where you started, or even worse you lose the round in a roll. The reason parking the bus works right now is because the round timer is so far away from expiring that they never have to face the consequences of resetting the round and risking losing a new mid fight, they only have to run down the match timer.

Obviously constant desperation pushes could negatively disrupt the flow of 6v6, so something like a 1 minute round timer might be too low. But in general the shift to micro time pressure like KOTH as opposed to macro time pressure like match timers creates a much more fast paced, exciting and enjoyable game that could potentially even have more strategic depth than what we have right now.

Here's an analogy to consider: say you're rolling two dice every minute and every time you roll doubles you score a point. Probability-wise this should take about 30 minutes before you get to 5 points. Now say you're rolling two dice every 12 seconds instead, and you still score a point for every double. After 30 minutes, sure you've gotten way more non-double results, but you've easily gotten 5 points by then. More rounds starting also means more rounds being played to completion.

Besides, I've heard many people profess their love for midfights, as they are extremely action packed and climactic afterall. At the expense of less long stalemates is more midfights really a bad thing? Let's try it and find out.

posted 1 month ago
#25 Let's unify the ruleset in TF2 General Discussion
Tino_Wait, do you actually want to remove via? @_@

Also fuck no time limit, 3 hour long coalplant matches proved that shit is fucking garbage.

I acknowledge the possibility of long matches, but have also proposed a way to encourage them to resolve in a more timely manner through short round timers. The only way to determine what will happen in practice is to actually test it.

To your first question, yes, I do think we should remove viaduct, and here's why:
1. It is the sole koth map in the map pool. I think it would be more valuable to clearly define competitive TF2 by our best gametype, 5CP. It is strange to have only 1 koth map, just as it was awkward to have only 1 A/D map in gravelpit. People don't pug it, people rarely scrim it. Either all koth or no koth would be best for resolving this, but as it stands now it seems more plausible to remove koth than to expand it. Though I'd love to see koth only tournaments, those should be separate from the main league.

2. It is a custom pro version of the map. I think its valuable to have only official or *soon to be* official versions of maps in our map pool. Pro versions of maps will never be endorsed by Valve and will never appear in matchmaking, hurting the accessibility of our leagues to players who are only familiar with the stock versions or are hindered by downloading custom versions. Currently the only 2 maps we have in ESEA that are pro versions are granary and viaduct, so they are not really necessary to keep around for the integrity of our map list. A quick look at the most recent abominable version of pro granary should be a cautionary tale enough about the dangers of pro versions of maps.

3. It has inherent imbalances in its symmetry. Giving one team the advantage over another simply based on side choice is something I think we can all agree is not fair, especially if we are arguing to eliminate halftime color switches.

posted 1 month ago
#18 so about that quickloadout change bind... in TF2 General Discussion

Because class and loadout switching are just a natural part of the game that you can even perform without binds, banning them is too problematic. The only real solution is the map adjustments you mentioned where the resupply zone inside the spawn door does not overlap with any region where the doors may remain open. However, I don't think it's worth corrupting our map pool with even more pro versions in order to achieve this. It's a topic to bring up with Valve.

posted 1 month ago
#23 Let's unify the ruleset in TF2 General Discussion

Winlimit should absolutely be used. Winlimit creates more uniform results, ends rolls in a reasonable fashion, and creates a strong incentive to close out matches rather than dragging games out. While many people are clinging to the idea of windifference and its comeback potential as its only redeeming factor, this has simply been proven in practice to not be the case. If comeback potential was being stifled by winlimit 5, you would be seeing matches where both teams score 5 or more. However, a quick glance at the last 3 years of ETFL2 premier results reveals that not a single match has done that. What seems to happen every single time is that any team that passes 5 rounds ends up winning anyways, often by large margins still. So instead of enabling a comeback, what the windifference does in these situations is create unnecessary garbage time where the team that has a big lead just keeps building upon their lead and ends up winning regardless. Even the most legendary comeback of TCM vs iM which ended 6-4 didn’t do that, where a 5-4 comeback actually would have been more exciting than the 6-4 game that ended in an anticlimactic garbage time. Windifference 5 never creates the same level of pressure and excitement of a close game where one team is on game point, or of a 4-4 game where the next round decides it unless of course they go to golden cap, which already happens in ETF2L and we can probably all agree adds a unique and special layer to the game. It’s also important to imagine under a windifference 5 system an invite playoff spot coming down to a rounds-won tiebreaker so a playoff bubble team lets bad teams win a few rounds so they can milk them for more than 5 rounds.

The real component stifling comebacks is not the winlimit, but instead the timelimit. More often, comebacks are cut short because of a lack of time. Some comebacks are simply not possible given the timeleft in a match. The less time left in a match, the more the team with the lead is incentivized to slow the game down dramatically as well, making any further rounds also unlikely. While it is still possible for timelimits to hurt comebacks in the ESEA ruleset with the 1 hour match length, the longer the match, the less you hinder comebacks. With no timelimit, all comebacks would be possible. Without a timelimit parking the bus also becomes far less beneficial. I think this is what we should be moving towards. Obviously, this could potentially create immensely long games, but we’ve already seen with the windifference situation that the potential outcomes of a ruleset don’t necessarily create the norm. Many games don’t have timelimits these days, so I can’t agree that tournaments would be impossible to run with longer or no timelimits. What you find with games with no timelimit like DOTA2 or LoL is that the games naturally resolve themselves after a certain period of time. This too is something we should be moving towards in addition to removing the timelimit. If we can adjust the ruleset so that it has no timelimit but has a strong natural tendency to end at around 30-45 minutes, we’ve created the perfect ruleset. Obviously there is a missing component to help move matches along quickly and eliminate stalemate time, and I am inclined to think that the simplest solution would be shorter round timers. We absolutely need to get testing on shorter round timers. I’d like to see how the game plays out at extremely short round timers, as low as 2 minutes, but most likely something like 3 or 4 minutes would end up feeling the most natural. Though it would take a plugin or custom versions of current maps to implement currently, if proven to be useful through extensive testing and results, I am confident we could get Valve to implement something that replicates it easily through a config.

On to halftime, it’s a luxury not a necessity, except on non symmetrical maps (another strong case for removing viaduct!). For a similar strategic reset effect I think we could extend humiliation time at the end of each round by 10 seconds or so, allowing teams to have more time to reflect on rounds and prepare for the next one (some servers already do this and it’s quite nice).

For futureproofing, it’s also important to consider the matchmaking ruleset. Though potentially liable to change, at the highest levels matchmaking currently plays winlimit 3, no timelimit. To me, winlimit 3 feels fairly short, but this could be offset by playing matches bo3 or something.

Proposed ruleset: winlimit 5, no match timelimit, short round timer.

posted 1 month ago
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