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#33 Rewind II invites and closed qualifier announced in News

Are those seeds final? Seems a bit inappropriate to have SVIFT, Ascent and Velocity all on the same side of the bracket.

posted 1 hour ago
#15 Rewind II details revealed in News

C U @

posted 1 week ago
#13 ESEA Invite this season in TF2 General Discussion

I'd argue that there are enough good players out there that could make strong enough teams to the point where we could have an entire 9 team Invite division worth of playoff quality teams. What's missing to bring those players forward are motivation/incentives to reach the top and strong leaders. More opportunities, more payout, more prestige for being a top level player would hopefully encourage teams to struggle their way to the top (could be in the form of prizes, LANs, recognition, in-game skins etc). Leaders who refuse to let their team die at any cost and provide a constructive environment to their teammates would provide stability. However, I think there is a strong systemic component holding some of these teams back as well. Currently, it's discouraging to play Invite when only the top 4 teams in the division receive prizes. This pushes people to prefer to dominate a lower division rather than struggle in the higher division. In their minds it's better to coast to a small prize rather than than struggle for nothing at all. I think that being on an invite team should be a coveted/privileged spot, such that even if you are the winner of the division below its still not on par with being invite. There should be as much appeal as possible to playing invite and as little appeal possible to play in a division you are better than. An important step would be restructuring prizes such that winning a lower division paid out less than getting last place in the division above it. Perhaps harsher punishments to letting teams die, sandbag, throw, act unprofessionally may also help to revitalize the league. I believe that's where we should really be focusing because if the integrity of competition isn't being upheld then we're never going to get anywhere no matter what we do. Unfortunately we always reach a chicken and egg type problem where the support wont come unless we have the teams and the teams wont come unless we have the support. Something has to break the cycle, but the only way to solve the problem is to step up and take action. The last thing you should do is belittle teams for earning championships and surviving for 12 seasons straight. If that's not the goal of every single team then the competition loses all meaning.

So with that said I have an open offer to the community and invite division: I will fully reimburse the league fees of any bottom 5 invite team ($240 per team for a possible total of $1200) if they meet the following criteria by the end of the season (all or nothing):

  1. play all matches
  2. no forfeit losses
  3. no thrown matches
  4. no 5v6 matches
  5. proper aliases used in every match

Hopefully that will help remove some of the intimidation of playing invite this season while also serving as an experiment to see if restructuring of the division and encouraging positive conduct will have positive effects on the league.

posted 2 weeks ago
#57 FACEIT Hub Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

As alluded to above, more progress has been made on the TF2PL project. I've assembled a group of Head Admins consisting of myself, sandblast, Jarrett and Nursey and we have also narrowed down our candidates for Division Admins and are just waiting to receive more division invites from FACEIT before we appoint them.

For now, we have been working to finalize the TF2PL rules and would like to share them here and collect some initial feedback. Read the rules here: https://goo.gl/os2aRg. If there is anything you think should be adjusted, please let us know.

Beyond that, there are a couple remaining tests we need to run, but we are aiming to launch the TF2PL the first week of January 2018!

posted 2 weeks ago
#107 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

Theory crafting perfect usage is not really a fair way to judge items. When considering an item like the Flying Guillotine, for example, people keep instantly jumping to reference damage output for if you hit every single throw for maximum damage every time. If you could hit every single shot every time, sure it would be pretty damn dominant, but by that same logic everyone would be running The Direct Hit and fulltime Snipers too. We know that people don't do that because generally people favor consistent and reliable tools that don't require perfect execution to offer any sort of return. For this reason, the practical impacts should be the main consideration in these discussions. Even when something works in a certain situation, you also have to consider the majority of the times where it requires a sacrifice, hinders someone's play, or just straight up fails, but those are constantly ignored too. Again, you could grab a clip of someone going on a headshotting spree or a Direct Hit spree, yet we know in the bigger picture those kinds of things are the exception not the norm. What it seems to come down to is that people are more resistant to change and dying to something new even if something that has been around for years would have beat them too.

And that resistance to change is hurtful to TF2 as a competitive game. In most modern competitive games, the competitive and casual experience overlap perfectly, which creates a natural progression for new players that filters them into the competitive scene. We do not have that in TF2, and things like whitelists absolutely contribute to the fissure between competitive players and the rest of the playerbase and hurt the accessibility of it. If you are not convinced that TF2 is moving in a more competitive focused direction you're simply not paying attention. In the Jungle Inferno update, at least a dozen of the items that were considered problematic (banned) were changed to be much less problematic. This was based on direct feedback from the competitive scene. Now it's time to meet Valve halfway. Unban the items that were changed and are no longer gamebreaking, then hone in on the remaining banned items so that we can complete this process again during the next major update. Following this trajectory it may only take 1 or 2 more major balance updates before a whitelist is obsolete and every item can be allowed and a major barrier to entry of competitive TF2 will be eliminated. Keep in mind too that official competitive matchmaking will be essential to the growth of competitive TF2, and it will never have a whitelist, so we should be aiming to take steps to align with that system for the greater good.

If you're in competitive TF2 10 years later, you're probably going to stick around, but how is placating you going to help grow the game? The slight discomfort of adjusting to a more open whitelist are just the growing pains of competitive TF2.

posted 3 weeks ago
#24 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

At this point, only game breaking items should be banned, and the goal to should be to have as few items banned as possible. After their buffs, these items may simply be "overpowered" they have not proven to be game breaking and should not be banned:

  • Natascha
  • Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol
  • Cow Mangler 5000

While it's good that a few items are being unbanned after Jungle Inferno rebalances, there were several more than just 4 previously banned items nerfed in such a way that they should also be unbanned including:

  • Atomizer (must deploy bat in order to triple jump)
  • Crit a Cola (no longer speed boosts)
  • Flying Guillotine (no longer mini-crits at long range)
  • Fist of Steel (healing rates reduced)
  • Rescue Ranger (ranged repairs consume metal)
  • Reserve Shooter (no longer mini crits on airblast)

Then there are other lingering items on the current whitelist you proposed that have either similarly not been proven to be game breaking, have been nerfed at some point in the past and never re-evaluated or were unjustly banned previously including:

  • Soda Popper (nerfed so that hype meter only builds upon damage dealt, not proven to be game breaking)
  • Mantreads (buffed for airblast resist and air control, but not proven to be game breaking)
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich (always been banned but not proven to be game breaking)
  • Second Banana (new, not proven to be game breaking)
  • Solemn Vow (always been banned but not proven to be game breaking)
  • Vaccinator (unjustly banned before, not proven to be game breaking)
  • Jarate (unjustly banned before, not proven to be game breaking)
  • Dragon's Fury (new, not proven to be game breaking)
  • Quick Fix (nerfed to have slower build rate, not proven to be game breaking)

For things like Soda Popper, Quick Fix, Solemn Vow, and Dragon's Fury, ideally we could have some sort of testing tournaments that feature those items in order to properly evaluate them.

The only weapons that I'd say are still certainly game breaking and should remain on the ban list are:

  • Disciplinary Action (forces both teams to run it for speed to mid fights)
  • Sydney Sleeper (infinite range jarate on all bodyshots is too powerful)
  • Short Circuit (counters spam making sentries nearly unkillable)
  • Wrangler (tanks too much damage, requires too much investment to destroy sentries)
  • Mad Milk (the excessive healing comes too often especially when 4 scouts are running it)

And please don't even consider banning Pyro. Though a whitelist does it already to some extent, class banning is a much more effective method of further alienating casual players from competitive TF2.

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 ESEA S27 Registration in TF2 General Discussion

According to tri the team registration goals are 50/25/9 for O/IM/I for this to be considered successful by ESEA. Let's hit those numbers.

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 ESEA S27 Registration in TF2 General Discussion

I didn't get the ESEA PM, what are the division sign up figures we're aiming for?

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 What player would change tf2 the most if they quit in e-Sports

Your mindset about advancing competitive TF2 is a common but extremely flawed one. A thriving competitive scene should not be about bringing top competitors down but instead about creating an environment with encouragement and incentives for the rest of the competitors to rise up and rival them. Isn't the whole point of competition to find out who can be the best of the best?

posted 3 weeks ago
#55 FACEIT Hub Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

I have several updates for you all.

First, the TF2 Hub project is now going to operate under the banner of “TF2 Pro League” or “TF2PL” from here on out (keep in mind it is not an official FACEIT pro league… yet). Here’s a current look at how the divisions page is organized:


Current logos and banners are placeholders - I’d like to get original branding for this and will be reaching out to some designers soon. If you are interested and have graphic design experience and SFM experience please contact me.

Second, thanks to twiikuu we have a Discord bot in development that will handle automatic joining of voice channels. We will be doing some private testing soon so that it can be ready upon full launch.

Third, many have asked if this project will include other regions. To begin, it will be an NA focused platform, but if things go well expansion to EU is certain. Unfortunately beyond that I can make no promises.

Finally, I am working on fleshing out the rules but am ready to start recruiting admins for the hubs. I’d like to have about a dozen or so admins for each division. Admins will ideally be active players on the platform as well, but that is not entirely necessary. At the bare minimum all that would be asked of admins would be to be unbiased and objective in enforcement and upholding of the soon-to-be-established rules.

All interested admins please fill out the form below and submit it in the admin application channel in this discord server: https://discord.gg/nseXWaB

FACEIT profile:
Which division would you like to admin (Beginner/Amateur/Advanced)?
What would make you a valuable admin to TF2PL?

We’re getting close. Expect the platform to open in the next couple weeks. Thanks!

posted 3 weeks ago
#182 i52 Fragmovie in TF2 General Discussion

https://youtu.be/qx8Z0KTzT6A?t=10m Steeeeeeve nooooooo lmao

posted 1 month ago
#16 Grant Vincent = Donald Trump? in The Dumpster


posted 1 month ago
#12 If b4nny had a gamer girlfriend medic... in The Dumpster
DuMmTmwhy would you respond to a thread like this lmao

Better to provide the definitive answer than let a bunch of random people that know nothing about me speculate.

posted 1 month ago
#9 If b4nny had a gamer girlfriend medic... in The Dumpster

I would not play TF2 with someone I am romantically interested in. Those two worlds should not overlap. I made that mistake before and would never repeat it.

posted 1 month ago
#123 lol b4nny in TF2 General Discussion

I have "grounds" to express my opinion just the same as you do to express yours. Seems you have a fine time deciding whether you want to agree or not. Everyone else does the same. That said, I try to speak only things that I believe to be correct, and those things are informed by many years of experience and careful consideration so if someone does decide to trust what I say, they should be pretty alright. I will admit, however, there are a couple extremely rare instances where the line is blurred between what is correct and what is instead useful. But in general, I don't spread misinformation, so you can't blame me if someone misunderstands me and that is the cause of them being incorrect. At the very least I'd always encourage people to ask for clarification.

The main reason I see for these discussion not progressing is because everyone is having a conversation I have no interest in. I treat TF2 as a competitive environment, and in such an environment politeness isn't really a top concern. I don't have a horse in that race. Rather, I prioritize victory and truth. Undeniably this has proven to be a very effective method. Every time a topic sprouts up about something that has a right or wrong answer and people try to shift it into emotional outpourings I can no longer take it seriously. Either present a relevant argument or enjoy spinning in circles (though I know how much you guys like your circle jerks so this might be difficult). If you're not satisfied with that, I implore you to become the next great TF2 champion, but do so while being the nicest most polite person at all times. Once that happens I'll naturally fade into obscurity in your carebear fantasyland kingdom.

posted 1 month ago
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