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#25 bring back pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion

NA pugchamp is broken, people can't log in.

posted 3 hours ago
#8 Shade = Shark in The Dumpster

banny= gorilla

posted 20 hours ago
#32 Would buffing bhops benefit TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

alright lads heres the new gamemode gunboats soldier only, bhops enabled, grappling hooks on. Lets make it happen boys.

posted 1 day ago
#5866 stream highlights in Videos


posted 1 day ago
#31 The most iconic plays in TF2 in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 days ago
#105 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

I think ryb was more recognized back in the days of caveman tf2, but was probably less well known compared to demos like kaidus and numlocked by the time of i46. He's the player that literally invented rolling out.

posted 2 days ago
#22 what if the demoman got the gun boats? in The Dumpster

If you really think about it the gunboats are made of metal. This would protect your feet from explosions but heres the weird part! Metal is heavy so the gunboats should make you heavier and rocket jump less far and also take more fall damage. Otherwise its just unrealistic.

Another thing is that the soldier can swim in water with them on when he should just drown. THis doesnt make any sense.

posted 2 days ago
#58 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

People dont talk about kensi enough. That guy would regularly only play viaduct week for some Russian team and drop 50 frags on sniper then disappear for another few seasons.

Also shoutout to all the players that weren't the big carries on their teams that everybody talked about but who were still putting in work, like GeaR on Epsilon or Snowblind on iM.

posted 3 days ago
#51 Hard and soft in TF2 General Discussion

If ur a softaimer why do u even play this game? Like whats the point...

posted 5 days ago
#17 Balancing a 100% accurate pistol in TF2 General Discussion

give scout a tactical nuke u win the game when u use it.

posted 1 week ago
#20 Whitelist talk in TF2 General Discussion

Give Me Mantreads or Give Me Death

posted 1 week ago
#9 PSA: Steam privacy changes in Off Topic

imo it should be more comprehensive than this

SidularI feel like they could just introduce an option to hide what you're currently playing, rather than to hide every single game you own, along with the playtime in them. Like, I kind of get what they're going for here, but this is taking it to an extreme that nobody asked for.

imo it should be a little more comprehensive.
The 'in game' display to show what you're playing should be public by default, but the "join game" button should be friends only by default.

This mitigates ddosing as you pretty much need everyone in the server to have "join game" set to private to prevent this. At the same time it would allow sites like steam spy to see how many users have the game launched.

Games and hours should also be public by default but you definitely should be able to make them private.

posted 1 week ago
#2 PSA: Steam privacy changes in Off Topic

This means you can have a public profile and people can't see the server you're in which helps hugely with the issue of people ddosing. It's a good change from that perspective imo.

posted 1 week ago
#7 SVIFT EU back again in TF2 General Discussion

papi, sil, smirre and krafty on this roster? Insane. Shame about condawg

posted 1 week ago
#72 Please Ban The Crossbow in TF2 General Discussion

I dont mind the xbow so much, even when it ruins focus calls but honestly fuck the moving at scout speed thing. If it needs to be in the game at all it should only apply during ubers.

posted 1 week ago
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