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#12 My sens just feels... off. in TF2 General Discussion

Plug your keyboard in through PS/2 not USB, if your keyboard has the option to change the refresh rate lower it from 1000hz and see if your sens goes back to "normal". Sometimes having two 1000hz devices plugged into USB can interfere with one another.

posted 8 hours ago
#71 Stalemates in TF2 General Discussion

I actually disagree with you on this nuze. It's all very well saying that teams should just improve whilst playing aggressively in an attempt to break se7en's playstyle but if teams have the objective of winning then it's far easier for them to play passively than play aggressively.

With the amount of incentive there is in TF2 and time that players are willing and able to put into the game of course they will attempt to take the path of least resistance to win. All teams that have contested (and even beaten) se7en have resorted to playing more slowly even if they don't do so vs other teams. Froyo and EVL games vs Se7en at rewind were significantly slower than games vs one another because both teams were taking fewer risks. This is pretty much the definition of a meta.

Even in much larger games, teams will play a style that has been demonstrated to be effective and although they might have differing styles, you won't see many teams playing in a way that goes entirely against conventional wisdom.

I think it's completely fine to alter the ruleset or gamemode to create a shift in meta. You see this done all the time in other games, large and small by developers. Valve only significantly updates the game once or twice a year but we do have the tools as a community to change things and then go back on them quickly if they prove to be catastrophic. The meta has shifted since 2014 to what we have currently exactly because of both valve and community based updates to our balance and gamemode.

5cp as a gamemode had an extremely good flow to it in the past and I think the entire current state of TF2 is a testament to what happens if you don't have frequent balance changes tailored towards creating a new way for people to play a format.


posted 2 days ago
#40 Stalemates in TF2 General Discussion

^That's probably the greatest thing you lose in this scenario (although attacking teams committing more could lead to more repushes). Honestly it might be worth what you gain from having shorter stalemates.

posted 3 days ago
#37 Stalemates in TF2 General Discussion

Imo the best way for 6v6 to play is to have fights that are concluded relatively quickly and are separated by stalemates that are a few mins long at most. The game right now obviously has stalemates that are far too long, but also fights in higher level games often take a lot longer to conclude and aren't decisive when they do happen which I think is an issue too. Very chaotic games can be more entertaining to watch than stalematey games but if fighting is constantly going on this ruins the flow of the game.

Shorter round timers force the attacking team to commit more to their pushes as the timer ticks down. A lot of people worry that this will lead to turtling teams doing nothing and playing for the round reset more. While this is true it means failed pushes where a repush isn't possible (most of the attacking team gets out) lead to a round reset rather than another stalemate.

I'd also like to point out that although it doesn't do a huge amount to alleviate the problem, ESEA's ruleset does mitigate it a bit. This is mainly because of the increased map length and having a half time that allows people a reset. You see teams come back from being behind a lot more because of this.

Ultimately though I don't think that giving teams incentives to push is enough when 6 of the classes in the game are much better at stopping pushes than they are at making them, and 2 of the ones that aren't are sniper and spy. I don't think the game's going to get much quicker without valve doing anything about this.

posted 3 days ago
#5376 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 2 weeks ago
#7 I want to highlight the issues TF2 IS facing in TF2 General Discussion
tiptoesthere are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to beginalbaI dissagree with everything in this post. Is this a troll?GoaskAlice just clicking down the mouse whilst holding w and accidentally getting kills i see a lot of invite players do this (corsa to name a few)


posted 2 weeks ago
#58 sickest airshot of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

Sorry but this thread is over because I've NEVER seen an airshot this good before or since


posted 2 weeks ago
#20 Deep Fried memes in Off Topic


posted 2 weeks ago
#3198 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 weeks ago
#3195 stream highlights in Videos

First time i've ever seen this happen in a match

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 ultiduo_radar in Map Discussion
bleghfarecif your map takes inspiration from hydro, it's time to dump your map

Hydro is one of the best looking maps in the game. Shame the gamemode blows.

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Dane's Proposed Engineer Changes in TF2 General Discussion

I've always said making the class less about sentries and more about team based support making the engineer into a more "offensive support" would be the right way to go. There's always going to be backlash to this though because classes like engi are highly specialized and changing them in ways to give them a different niche pretty much has to change the entire identity of the class which people are never going to like. However I don't think you're ever going to see classes like heavy or engi balanced properly for anything outside of defending if they have a powerful minigun or sentry gun.

posted 3 weeks ago
#20 demoman is being removed from the game in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 weeks ago
#24 mashups thread in Off Topic


posted 3 weeks ago
#26 Froyotech will not be going to i61 in TF2 General Discussion

This is a real shame for the scene, hope that the alle team can step it up to try and contest se7en in the coming months and that someone else from NA can get a fundraiser going otherwise this could be a pretty dull lan.

posted 3 weeks ago
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