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#26 i63 LAN Thanks/shout-outs thread in TF2 General Discussion

Shout-out to goon #2

posted 1 month ago
#17 england nations cup 2018 roster released in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 months ago
#5398 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Is there any way to center the closed caption text? I've been trying adding textAlignment in the caption bit of hudlayout.res but it doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks in advance

posted 3 months ago
#7 Copenhagen Pics in LAN Discussion

for anyone who doesnt follow me on tweeters, here's a video of my lan experience

a bit late but you know, I'm really lazy

posted 3 months ago
#3 stream request in Requests

pretty sure you put totallynotcupcake as the site name and it links to tv/cupcake instead of the other way around

posted 5 months ago
#1 stream request in Requests

Hi im cupcake, can I have my stream on the sidebar. I mostly do mixes, scrims, demoreviews.

Can i have it on the sidebar as cupcake or cuppers, god bless

posted 5 months ago
#456 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

wow, that was incredibly quick! Can't wait to try it tomorrow. Only thing I noticed by looking at it is how the little wooden planks that go up onto mid point are missing.

Thank you so much for putting this together so quickly!

posted 6 months ago
#450 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

looks pretty incredible so far! I feel like the b19 logroom is more fun to fight in because it's more open and the fact that there's fewer "chokes" makes it feel like an area you can actually take. For upper lobby exit, again I think the b19 fluidity is generally quite apreciated or even something of the likes of the b5 arch. We all think getting a version that feels fluid and is nice to play is a great starting point and from there on we can try and keep changes as minor as possible to fix issues that become apparent.

posted 6 months ago
#5181 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

I haven't been able to click the item drop notifications for a while, but enter used to work. Now that's stopped working so the only way to make them go away is pressing escape, which means it pops up after every death. How fix?

posted 6 months ago
#445 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

I've been thinking about messaging you regarding this for a while. We doublemix pretty much every night with mid-prem players and generally everyone I've talked to has always liked logjam, especially the earlier versions. Since the map has gone through so many changes and iterations and so many things have been tried, I've been meaning to ask you if you would be willing to stitch together a sort-of mashup version of some of the things that we're tried. I think generally we all agree that we liked the b19 layout the best but last and especially lobby are a lot better in rc2a but the catwalk in lobby from the most recent version owns.

We all think logjam is definitely one of the best maps out the ones that never earned a permanent place in the rotation and we all do appreciate the time and effort you've put into it. Knowing that you're still interested in the project we'd absolutely love to provide some feedback.

Also sort of related but not really, do you have any idea why the map just randomly crashes my game? Sometimes it's fine for hours minutes other times it happens pretty much instantly, but I only get this on logjam (any version).

ok i had some decal vpk that fucked it apparently?

posted 6 months ago
#6 Copenhagen Games Shoutouts in LAN Discussion


posted 6 months ago
#4 Povohat's mouse accel in TF2 General Discussion

I've been using it for about two years now, no idea how to fix your problems. As for finding your settings, it's all preference really. The only thing I can recommend is if you were a high sens player before using accel, set up your driver so the sensitivity cap is your old sens (easily done by changing post scale to something <0 and making sure "Scale sens cap with post scale is checked). This allows you to keep all your muscle memory which is pretty ownage. Second thing I can recommend is finding out how "fast" you move your mouse when you flick so you can make sure your sens hits the cap a bit before that. If you've figured those things out just keep them consistent and you can fuck around with the other settings until you have something that feels good. Play pubs with it for a day or two and you should get used to it fairly quickly. Kovaaks videos are pretty decent at guiding you through the setup anyway.

Does it help? Depends how you aim really. If all you do is flick (which in TF2 you can get away with more than in other games), using mouse accel is basically pointless. If you're struggling with tracking though, having properly set up mouse acceleration can help you improve a lot. The only thing that gets slightly negatively affected by using a low base sens is long smooth airstrafes but you can find settings that still work fairly well for doing those.

Overall I'd say the biggest drawback to using the mouse accel driver is that 98% of your friends will take the piss and call you edgy.

Only question I have is how do I get this to start minimised? It launches on startup as I'd like but I'd rather not have to minimize the GUI everytime I boot my PC.

-m as launch option on the gui

posted 6 months ago
#307 cp_granary_pro in Map Discussion

I appreciate the effort, but I still don't understand why we stopped playing rc4. :shrug:

posted 7 months ago
#18 TF2Pickup is coming back in Projects
  • There is no limit for adding to the classes anymore. This means that there can be 5 scouts. When there are enough players ready to start a pickup, the 4th longest joined players which are ready will be removed from the queue and play the pug.

Wasn't this generally disliked back when it was a feature on the old old TF2pickup? Personally I quite like the idea of only being allowed to add up on classes that benifit starting the pickup as soon as possible (i.e. only classes that arent full)

The point that I always quite liked about TF2pickup, and pretty much everyone who used to play on the old TF2pickup that I've talked to seemed to agree with me, wasn't that the games were incredibly high skill. Instead it was just a quick way of getting reasonably balanced games and a decent level. Having queues for classes encourages players to just add up on say scout and not actively contribute to starting the next pug.

I understand that at the end of the day it's mostly personal preference, I do however think that not having queues is more beneficial to what I believe most people appreciated about the old system.

posted about a year ago
#10 ESL staff on r/tf2 them having interest on tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

I would like a league that has s15 whitelist and good maps.

posted about a year ago
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