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curious girl

posted 1 month ago
#33 ETF2L replacing Sunshine with Cardinal (also money in TF2 General Discussion

The philosophy behind introducing new maps is good and I have no problems playing this map in the season (despite the fact I think it looks like a clustered back-cap central).

The problem is that the philosophy is stupid when the team is removing other new maps. Sunshine was for the most part quite well received, and is a common map I see people scrimming/pugging often. It's definitely faired far better than Reckoner in that regard anyhow. If you want long term variance in the map pool, then it would have been in your best interests to keep Sunshine in the pool and instead replace a different map.

Imo Prolands or Granary were ideal candidates to be substituted for Cardinal for this one season, considering that Collaide confirmed that there is no intention for Prolands to be developed further, and you're not going with the newer version of Granary for reasons unknown. Based on Stinson's reasoning, it simply doesn't make sense that you'd remove Sunshine over these two perfectly more valid options.

Alternatively you could just stop making these out of nowhere decisions without consulting your community as Eemes said, but that's probably a preach to the choir based on history.

posted 1 month ago
#11 what if the demoman got the gun boats? in The Dumpster

Go download the tf2 classic mod if you want to try it for yourself. Actually you can't, it's down right now. GUESS YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

posted 2 months ago
#37 ETF2L Mid Final: #BIGBOYSEASON vs Louis van Gaal's Army in Events

It's true. The evidence has been there forever but scientists continuously try to debunk it.

posted 2 months ago


Got a pic with a Getawhale cosplayer back at i58, forgotten until now (Pling)

posted 2 months ago
#51 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion

Scientists mak and doughy found a bug instantly, probably due to the Atomizer fix.

Scout can't do a double jump and switch weapons without finishing the animation first. Try it, it funny. Jump, swap weapons, then try to jump. It no work.

In the meantime, try not to swap weapons unless you've completed the double jump I guess. Sucks to be a Winger jump bind main right about now.

*edit: seems they fixed it already. nutters.

posted 2 months ago
#111 RGL.gg is coming to Europe with a $1,000 prizepool in TF2 General Discussion
HildrethHad a chuckle at this one, we're still at best a Semi-Professional scene with nothing to offer anyone looking to become a pro-gamer. I am sure a few thousand dollars from Sigafoo will change this(!).

I don't really mean it in that sense. I don't think the scene will grow much more at this stage regardless, but if you're gonna spend money to support comp TF2, why not the main format that's currently being played? At the very least you'll look great in the community, and it will give incentive for players to put on great matches that make vets want to keep playing. I'm more in favor of focusing on player retention rather than growth anyhow, but that's another topic.

posted 2 months ago
#100 RGL.gg is coming to Europe with a $1,000 prizepool in TF2 General Discussion
"I'm trying to do what the sixes community has never done. Try to evolve our comp tf2 format to try and find the best one, one that sees all class viability and fast pace/dynamic game play

This is the part that angers people, because 6s players are content that has already been accomplished, myself included. You are adamant that you should be leading a revolution to change and improve TF2 by disregarding core fundamentals that we as a community playtested long ago, and are still changing to this day.

But even that alone would have been fine. The problem is that you have forced your idea to the forefront by offering substantial prize pools. It's a complete show of ignorance and ill-respect to what the majority has worked on the last 10 years. 10 years man. If you really wanted to support TF2's comp scene, you would be putting money towards 6s itself, even if you don't agree with it. It has prize pools and consistent LAN tournaments which I found fucking exhilarating to watch on stage. Instead it seems like you deem all of that not good enough, and wish to see your own vision for the game flourish instead. I strongly believe your gamemode existing is in direct opposition to 6s.

In the end we can't tell you what to do with your money, but nobody wants to give you feedback on how to improve your idea because it's YOUR idea. None of us have an existential problem with 6s that is somehow being solved by your vision.

There is no evidence that your league isn't being abused for the money. I have seen nobody scrimming your format. Teams show up to play and that's it. People say it's a Froyo paycheck for a reason.

If you really believed in your idea, you should have kept it completely free. In fact you still could. Keep it free for a couple seasons with no prize pools. You'd get much less flak from the 6s community, real feedback as to whether people would take time out their evenings/comp schedule/whatever to play it, and whether it truly does have any merit.

I'd continue to play 6s for free as long as I still enjoy it, and I'd pay out my pocket to go play at LAN for potentially nothing, same way the Australians did. That love and care has been crafted through 10 years of hard work from insane members in this community. What you're trying to emulate is just not possible this late down the line. For those reasons, what you're doing seems both arrogant and self-serving.

posted 2 months ago
#6035 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

s29 medic

posted 3 months ago
#10 Why + and - frags ruin our community. in The Dumpster

please put in a feature to sort every post in a thread by upfrags, that way I can easily find my way down to depression

posted 3 months ago
#87 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

It's not gonna happen because the tftv shadow cabinet pulling the strings require us to play against it for false promises of attention, but class limit 0 is the only solution. That quote from Dave Riller is the complete antithesis of Valve's initial design approach for this game and the reason we all nerd the fuck out of it. Pyro should never in a million years be viable most of the time. Neither should Engie, Heavy, Spy (and arguably Sniper but some of you are nutty). The TF2 dev team are clueless and going along with their changes only sends the quality of the game on a downwards spiral imo.

Burn the pyro class ourselves. BURN IT.

posted 3 months ago
#27 Unpopluar video game opinions in Other Games

Matrix: Path of Neo was a baller of a video game.

posted 3 months ago
#3 Hackfortresstv in TF2 General Discussion

From what I understand, it seems like the TF2 players are legit, but each team has like 4 hackers who have to do challenges or something which will give the players in TF2 buffs or bonuses for completing the hacks?? I have no idea man, this is convoluted AF lol.

posted 4 months ago
#606 worst steam profile in Off Topic


posted 5 months ago
#248 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

TwiiKuu hits the nail on the head. The divide between players with vocal opinions and those who are making decisions for everyone seemingly without any viewable discussion is alarming. It's clear that there is a gap between those who believe that global whitelists will create a more positive relation between the community, new players and Valve, and those who feel they're making the game cluttered and less fun for already active participants, incentivizing them to move on.

As a result key members in the community who are involved in this decision making process are being painted negatively for their seemingly unopposed philosophy on the game, which everyone else hasn't really had a say in. I don't like hearing anyone saying b4nny or Slin are stupid for their views on the game, but it's inevitable when it looks like the vocal community is in disagreement with their decisions.
On a personal note, it's my opinion that the games white-list should be more geared towards already active participants and creating the most fun possible. This is what enriches the game. I see little purpose in allowing weapons which are clearly viewed negatively by the majority. It does nothing to entice new players to play, and it serves only to make old players not wish to play against cancerous conditions.
That's just my 2 cents. If we could actively see top players have this kind of discussion in an easily viewable thread, then create a majority decision based off that, then this dangerous divide would be no longer a problem.

posted 5 months ago
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