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#8 xanax gets mad in The Dumpster

Deliberately annoy someone and then act surprised when they get annoyed

classic lol!

posted 1 week ago
#2 SMH THESE OPEN PLAYERS [PSA] in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#112 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

More like sergeant_downs

posted 1 week ago
#94 Unpopluar video game opinions in Other Games

honestly turn based combat is not great but is lightyears ahead of all the garbage 'hack n slash' or 'beat em up' games, which are in my opinion monotonous, brainless and uninteresting

indie games are hugely overrated, most of them are absolute shite and the 'gems' are wholly average
in that vein, pixel art on its own doesn't constitute an art style - soulless pixel art is the hallmark of an awful game and I'm fed up of people excusing games that look like absolute shit because they're pixel based, uncanny valley is probably the most recent offender I can think of

in relation to uncanny valley, every game that tries to do a 'choose your own story' is misleading as shit and substitutes it to 'choose what you want to say and nothing different happens'

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 koth_almih in Map Discussion

This weeks version

been a little busy so haven't done much

forgot to raise fence (sry collaide)
raised skybox (np alfie)
replaced the dome hut with a pillar (experimental)
opened up choke under balcony, basically removed those pillars that were just clutter and got in the way

remade the underground area to be overground and far more spacious. Hope to see a bit more traffic through there now, and the cliff side route has been changed in accordance with these changes.

I put a few holes in the roof of the point, because people have been complaining a lot about not being able to leverage the high ground. The glass on the lower area should provide some cover so you'll need to be spamming 2 soldiers in order to kill one person. I think that might be enough risk to justify launching 2 soldiers from the side?
I don't really like the capping low ground being shootable from up top and think this isn't going to work, but this is my last ditch attempt at keeping the point below. If this doesn't work I'm going to cave in and put the point on the high ground I think.

That's about it.

If you're a part of beaters test group, 3 main feedback points:
Should I put the point on high ground?
How is the new cave thing?
Pillar or dome? Or something else entirely? Ideas are great

I really need to get started on detail and optimisation so I need to get these things solid now-ish, only 4 weeks till the end, has to be at least a bit polished by then according to the guidelines.

Thank you all.

posted 4 weeks ago
#14 i63 Confirmed in TF2 General Discussion
Nah, it's just cuz he's easy to make fun of lol

stfu retard

posted 4 weeks ago
#16 koth_almih in Map Discussion

Hi again collaide thank u for looking again!

Collaide- Way too much ammo on the roof. The danger of having too much ammo is it makes engineer a lot more viable, which I personally think shouldn't be a goal of any map.

The fence outside spawn is really low, make it obvious you can't walk outside the map.

I don't know how relevant engineer is going to be on koth regardless. imo there isn't enough ammo on via so I wanted to avoid that but I guess I can remove the large ammo whenever if it becomes a problem?

I will raise the fence, np

Collaide- Still many crammed doorways

- There are 5 exits from lobby to the main area. This will make it fairly easy to get flanked, but I don't know if it matters as much as it's koth map and the flanks on either side of the point (I will call them Cliffside and Pitside for simplicity.

- Any reason in particular you have a tiny balcony and straight ramp between lobby and second? I think it would work better by just having a sideways ramp or a straight ramp (and then flipping the orange dev wall inside small healthkit room.)

So I think all of these are sort of similar design areas. I think the crammed areas are mostly in the central route, and the reason for that is because that's the flank. The concept is that the 2 side places are both viable combo areas and so it's a necessity for the central part to be kind of hard to run, if that top area didn't have hard chokes then teams will only ever want to go there, which would mean it's just a map with 2 flanks and the point would be really centralised for attacking aswell. IMO that would break my concept and if it turned out this wouldn't work well in practice I would make an entirely new map with a standardised layout.

Reason for 5 exits is that you need 2 exits per 'side' to break forwards efficiently. Imo you should consider the exits by side, as both exits can be covered by players per side, in terms of defending, but it just makes it more interactive than just you know here's ur exit go jump out of this and we'll follow you.
I'm planning on revamping that shitty underground tunnel, so that each side will end up having a 2 decent exits and access to the flank if they choose to, I hope it will then be really clear what I'm trying to achieve. (right now imo the cliff side feels like a flank thanks to the 'secondary exit' being god awful, tight, uninteresting crap)

The use of a balcony+planks, this tries to help achieve the separation of the areas. You don't come out of the doors, then rotate into the centre point going up the ramp, that would ruin the point. The idea is that when you've chosen to go through that point it's a risk to rotate through to the other side, instead of being able to walk wherever. That's the upshot, if the attackers have multiple good options for attacking, the defenders need to be able to see the lines and react to them. So therefore the attackers either spend time to do a slower rotate through lobby, which is gonna be possible once I've sorted it out more, or they must take that risk of going through that choke. That kind of thing simply isn't gonna be possible if I make it easy to rotate into the middle.

The way I see it, it's like this, imagine if on process you don't have uber on 2nd defending against ppl with 100% on mid. You tend to put ur spam classes more forward to spam out uber if they wanna come choke. If you spot heals going pc you gonna bring ur soldiers and demo back so they're not caught when they uber out lower pc or whatever. Now imagine instead of pc it's just a 1way door you can't see through. Now they can uber out on u without u seeing where they're coming and that's gonna be gay as fuck because you'll always have to hold back thanks to that threat.
That's what this map is gonna be, if you allow the attacking guys to rotate in and out of sides without any real time spent or risk, ur meds always gonna be caught out. I think it's really important not to give the attacking team room to put the uber anywhere, but allow them to send unhealed players everywhere, is the bottom line.

I hope my huge explanation makes some sense to you and I'm not looking to shut down your feedback, I am listening, this is just my perspective on how I see it playing out, it remains to be seen if it's gonna work

Also I am gonna remove that dome house on the cliff side and replace it with like some kind of solid pillar or obelisk. Nobody really likes it so rest assured it's gonna get changed

posted 1 month ago
#12 koth_almih in Map Discussion

2nd playtest has gone, here is this weeks version
As long as the map keeps getting played I will be trying to release a version each week.

This version tries to clean up some of the common complaints.

People didn't like the palm trees because they block vision and it's weird seeing people sat in them, so I've gone and removed the ones in the playable area. They'll be back in the outside once I get that started. I've also moved the spawns and turned them so they're more normal, and fixed some of the clipping problems requested.

I've increased the amount of vision severely. The lower parts are mostly seethrough, made of wire and wood, so you can see to the other side (don't worry it is blockbulleted to perfection.) If you're new to the map you should find it much easier to orient yourself too. The center nipple has also been shortened and is made of glass now too, so you can see players on the other side and a little bit down if you want to. I hope this makes it a bit easier to keep track of players and it should incentivise players to go on the high ground more, flanking on low ground will probably get you seen.

I've opened up the entrance up top, as requested by a fair few people, I've started with about 50%. The side point entrances have got the same treatment. Additionally the roof on the sides of the mid have changed, which should enable players to spam people holding there, as it was discovered it's actually very hard to kill people there. It also just makes it feel roomier which is nice.

I started to decorate the map, but this needs to be out today in case it's tested tomorrow, so I didn't get that far, hopefully it gives an idea of the way I'm hoping to take the map.

posted 1 month ago
#51 massive drop in concurrent players in TF2 General Discussion
HasssassinY'all are trippin
Show Content
lets just say a storm is brewing

NAH man that is exactly what people said when MM was on its way and now look

I will Not be fooled on this occasion

posted 1 month ago
#5 hair color/products in Off Topic

Idk a lot about semi perm hair, but if you're bleaching your hair regularly you ought to buy yourself some coconut oil to moisturise ur hair real good first. You ought to buy your own bleach powder and developer as well, it's not difficult to mix urself, so in the long run it costs less plus the premixed stuff tends to be high% which is more damaging to ur hair ! (Very bad)

Better for ur hair to do low %, reapply coconut oil and then do the low% again. The more you shield ur hair from the damage the better the colour is gonna be.

I've been bleaching my hair for about 7 years straight and I've kept it fairly nice using those. As for products there is plenty of good ones, I've been using kerastase shampoo/conditioner and an osmo colour mask. You do get what you pay for though. Look in your local salon and see if you can get some advice from them, since everyone's hair is different, some sell their product so if you pretend you want to buy something they'll talk to u, then get it for half the price online. They also usually have colour booklets so you can see some samples of that and it may help you decide on a colour brand too? Idk shit about any colours except white

posted 1 month ago
#9 choking in Q/A Help

I have a terrible problem with choking and also with panicking, I can't help much, but what I can tell you is that lowering your sensitivity does not help you stop panic flicking

I lowered my sensitivity neurotically for the first 3 years I was playing thanks to this problem and I got down to almost a meter for a 360 and my experience was that I would still do those panic flicks. I actually had a much better time once I started to up my sensitivity because it made me stop throwing the mouse around and learn more controlled movements. I also helped to curb the problem by playing hours of other games. TF2 is a very flick heavy game, playing LG on qlive or playing dirty bomb or something else more track heavy also helps you secure yourself in controlled movement.

posted 1 month ago
#10 koth_almih in Map Discussion

Just had my first playtest, here is a new version

reduced the area on cliffside by about 30% and simplified it a lot. Less room to run away from people, easier to get back onto high ground so you're not just dead if you touch the floor
changed up health packs, should be easier to break forward holds, should be more rollouts available, should have more healthy medics
I also removed some general clutter and really easy flank route, fixed the reflections so that you can tell where glass is.

I haven't shipped any textures because I haven't finished the custom stuff yet. Is it better to leave it all in dev or texture some of it?

posted 1 month ago
#29 Battalion 1944 in Other Games

signed up for beta but did not get chosen :-(

posted 2 months ago
#29 The nicest player? in TF2 General Discussion


was nice to me even when I was costing him prem, great guy

posted 2 months ago
#9 koth_almih in Map Discussion

Hi, I dug up this up from the depths of my dropbox, having completely forgotten I made it after that post 4 months ago, this is probably going to be my entry for beaters map set thing

new version had a redesign around the train tracks side, I was never happy with that side (neither was twiggy) but it seems a lot better now, the space is much better used. I fixed some of the stuck spots and clipping out the map p sure

to answer some posts-
yeah, it is in dev textures, sucks but idk what theme to go with atm so there we go, I could use wooden textures or whatever but it would still look bad
the domes are just displacements, rockets behave normally
the map is pretty wide/big because it just has to be that way if I want to bisect the map, otherwise it feels way too cramped on the sides

posted 2 months ago
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