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#1314 It begins! in Off Topic

got bored, did some

Victorbumping since it's that time of the year again please and thank you

Blithecan someone give this turtle a nice santa hat pls and thank u


Santa hat needed on the horse


pls and ty

I couldn't decide what to do in it so this will do

posted 2 weeks ago
#30 ETF2L S28 UBR1: LEGO vs. Lowpander :-3 in Matches

See you next year

posted 1 month ago
#1 OZF 20 O GF: Starburst-6s vs Rise Reborn in TF2 General Discussion

The open grand finals are on! Rise Reborn and Starburst-6s have had a a close competition with only a 1 point difference coming into the grand finals. Will Rise Reborn rise to the occasion and take down Starburst 6s or will Starburst repeat week 3 and thrash Rise. Find out tonight at 9pm AEDT on CappingTV.

Casters will be Mikcow and Jäger with Rockeyroad analysing.

Starburst-6s | Match | Rise Reborn

If you want to watch the Premier GF and the Open GF at the same time, watch here

posted 1 month ago
#2 helpp in TF2 General Discussion

ctrl + shift + esc opens task manager. then kill hl2.exe

posted 1 month ago
#5 Engineer Update Trailer in TF2 General Discussion

they're probably transferring the videos from the valve channel

posted 1 month ago
#10 team fortress 2 to be released soon in Videos

great news guys, the last 10 years was just a beta, this is the full release.

posted 1 month ago
#6 Possible Asia LAN gathering. in TF2 General Discussion
HiipFireif this happens, ill try to cobble together some online casts

I'm interested as well

posted 1 month ago
#9 TF2: Jungle Inferno Remastered in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#2 cant see flame particles in Q/A Help

may be wrong but -dxlevel 95 or above has fixed a bit of problems for me

posted 1 month ago
#830 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

update has been released last minute
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
Fixed a client stutter related to the Friends panel in the main menu

posted 1 month ago
#818 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

- Fixed not being able to redeem War Paints
- Fixed War Paints not displaying properly in the backpack
- Fixed a bug where the first shot fired from pistols was off-center
- Fixed the ConTracker UI not working properly in DirectX 8
- Fixed being able to select a style for the ConTracker in the loadout screen
- Fixed not being able to use the Thermal Thruster after taunting with it

posted 1 month ago
#816 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

Valve we be dropping a small bug fix update soon.
We're working on a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. Apologies for the late-night update. We're fixing some bugs before the weekend.

It should be ready soon. Thanks.


posted 1 month ago
#812 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

servers are going down briefly for 5 minutes

posted 1 month ago
#798 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

I just got this

posted 1 month ago
#601 update is released in TF2 General Discussion
oblaerynnuberchainSpeaking of which does anybody have a typed out version plznthnx courtesy of

7 Pyras are too easrly able to take advantage ot tnrs weapons prrmary tealure vra arrnlast tr e nmperrarty‘
andemana launcnrng ortnerr target). and so tnerr damageamemrar can greatly exceed tnat oltne otner
classes that also use tnrs weapon Rather tnan take a nezvrennandea approacn to solve tnrs, we‘ve rnstead
decrded to remove arrnrast as a source tor mrnr7crr|S

Incredible, thanks

There's a reason why it's called "free"

posted 1 month ago
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