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#21 serious question in TF2 General Discussion
DoctorMiggySetsulHe never learned how to roll out.
I think he gets vertigo if he moves to fast, don't bully him.

I can confirm that is a real issue
I had to lower my mouse sense since i would get dizzy if my flicks were too fast

Just close your eyes before you jump?

posted 11 months ago
#7 serious question in TF2 General Discussion

Isnt it a big fuck you to the rest of his team? don't they care?

posted 11 months ago
#1 serious question in TF2 General Discussion

is muma trolling or is this really how he rolls

posted 11 months ago
#47 Shittiest named item that you own in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#96 Biannual iseries idea feat. NA in TF2 General Discussion
-prototheres gotta be some rich nigga in this community that just lurks around tftv while stroking his pet tigers, now is the time to reveal yourself and postpone this games death another few months...


posted about a year ago
#20 Laptop for studies and future work in Off Topic

Hey man, I just bought a new Asus laptop and I think it could be exactly what you need.
It's super thin, light weight, ideal for school work, excellent battery life and overall it looks very clean:

256gb ssd
i7-6 gen
Nvidia 950m
8 gb ram
15.6 inch

At first I aimed to buy a 14 inch laptop, mainly for study / business purposes but also with good performance for occasional gaming.
I found good options and also considered 2 in 1's. But most of them are rather expensive compared to 15-inch laptops in terms of specifications.
Shifted my focus to 15 inch laptops with ssd and i7, and found this one. I got it for €999.

It doesn't feel big at all and is actually perfect.
When I am reading pdf's, going through powerpoints or working in excell, the 15inch really makes me feel more comfortable than a smaller 14 inch. Things are easier to see and it's more relaxing for my eyes. Working in MS Office is also better when I have the numpad on my keyboard. 14 Inch doesn't have this. Could be useful in your field of study as well if you work a lot with numbers, but can be personal preference.
Also, if I do have some time to game a 15inch is doable for me to play TF2 and other games.
It runs GTA 5 smoothly and also Battlefield 4 runs perfect.
Since I bought this laptop I've been using it to study a lot, and when I come home from work my dad already claimed it to play gta 5... It doesnt overheat and performance is really good.

Definitely something you could consider.. Good luck

posted about a year ago
#4595 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted about a year ago
#3 GoldenEye: Source 5.0 in Other Games

But can we snipe people with Oddjobs hat??

posted about a year ago
#15 DeutschLAN 2016: Announcement! in LAN Discussion

Some random videos by snoozer last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35yakfYEjpg&index=1&list=PLau_ELeEOa0OSn6EElwseShvJfO7xslGo&ab_channel=MightyMe

posted about a year ago
#8 Scout Movement : Standing Still in TF2 General Discussion
georgebaiiMe being a keen player of DM servers in a desperate attempt to boost my skill level I notice on a regular basis that a majority of the really good scouts have periods when instead of strafing at close-mid range to avoid hitscan they will instead stand completely still at either ground level or on a platform located higher above ground level and end up killing you with ease. Is this actually something that can be considered useful in an actual match or is it just something that they do to laugh at your face with at how shit your aim really is and boost their ego in the process. If it is useful then how do players actually incorporate this in match situations?

People make strafes or movements to dodge the other persons bullets or projectiles, inbetween shots of the other person it can be useful sometimes not to move to throw the other person of guard or make him confused by your moment.
I use it a lot vs other demoman by standing still in between their shots. Right when they are about to shoot I move, and they either miss me because they predicted wrongly, or they hit me if they knew where I was going.

posted about a year ago
#1 Amsterdam Arena & ESL Partnership in LAN Discussion

Yesterday an article was published which said that ESL and Amsterdam Arena have established a partnership for 3-5 years.

Article is in Dutch so here is English translation:

Amsterdam Arena and e-sports organization ESL establish partnership

Wednesday 10 februari 2016 - 10:48
Amsterdam Arena and ESL, the largest e-sports organization in the world, are collaborating. Both parties want widely put e-sports on the map in the Netherlands.

The Benelux-branch (Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg) of ESL is devoting itself in the following years to put e-sports on the radar of the large public. For this a partnership with the Amsterdam Arena has been made.

Henk van Raan, chief innovation officer Amsterdam ArenA: "We are looking forward to collaborate with ESL Benelux, to turn Amsterdam Arena into the epicentrum of e-sports in Netherlands - and who knows possibly Europe. It also fits perfectly within our strategy to link the new technological advances which the ArenA is making with new event concepts. A structural collaboration with ESL Benelux is for us a logical step to become the trendsetter on the field of e-sports."

Jaap Visser, business development manager: "We came up with a 3-5 year plan around e-sports. This year the first activation will take place. It could be a finale, but then in one of the smaller rooms. The ultimate aim is to host the worldwide ESL One event, by which we get all large players to Amsterdam."


posted about a year ago
#59 Gamers Assembly LAN confirmed, signups open in News

Dutchies are interested to come :)

posted about 2 years ago
#11 DeutschLAN 2015 sponsored by TF2Pickup.net: Day 1 in Events


Good times

posted about 2 years ago
#7 ooooooooOOOOOOOOOH in Videos

3 pipes 1 hit

posted about 2 years ago
#53 Language Learning Thread in Off Topic
Cabbage_MightyMeCabbage_I learned French, English and German in highschool (and latin lolol)
Then went to Japan for a year so learned some of that stuff.
Now studying Russian, English and Dutch in uni.

My native language is Dutch. Also this list is way longer than it should be

Seeing as Dutch is also your native language, was wondering a few things.
How did you experience learning & talking Japaneze in Japan? What sort of reactions did you get from the natives; were they supportive or rather arrogant?

And what is it like to study Russian grammar?
Is it much more complex than learning French / German?

I'm currently in NZ at the moment but will be in Turkey for halve a year in September.
Going to take Turkish language courses there but also have the opportunity to take Japaneze classes.
I'm not really affiliated with Japan atm as I don't watch the anime stuff, but do have some (business) connections there so might be good for future travels; although I wonder if it will be worth it to have a medium/poor level of Japaneze as the stereo type is that the native Japaneze people are quite resistant when it comes to foreigners trying to speak in their language and when they do not possess it. What's your opinion on that?

People in Japan are generally supportive of you trying to learn japanese, although they will almost always address foreigners in english even if i speak japanese to them first. An example was in a theme park of universal studios where I asked an employee something in japanese and they just replied in english. People think it's an admirable effort if you try to speak japanese though.

Russian grammar is extremely difficult, as anything you can imagine in grammar that might be difficult is in there. On the contrary, japanese grammar is exceptionally easy (no plurals, genders, conjugation of verbs and so on) and the pronunciation is very easy and consistent. The biggest issue is writing and vocabulary (because nothing is similar to other languages except the infamous japanengrish)

There are both xenophobic and open-minded japanese, you just need to get a bit lucky with who you talk to I guess.

tl;dr: Japanese is pretty easy, Russian is not.

Cheers, thanks

posted about 2 years ago
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