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#17 highfive waves goodbye to Ascent, phlps joins in News
Nursey"hey guys give us $7k+ while we have no incentives to give, might still not be worth spectating, and on top of that the prizepot in no way makes up for any of that."

asking for that much under current circumstances is essentially asking you guys for a free vacation with nothing in return

understandable, but i still want to add
even if you can't really contest froyo yet, it's always fun to see na teams play eu teams, even if theyre not at the top. especially if the eu scene gets as rolled as everyone is expecting it to, it would have been nice to see how the rest of the scene stacks up. i mean, they claim it was the food poisoning, but you guys were beating 7 at rewind 2. that matchup would have been hype af. just gotta hope for rewind 3 i guess :(

posted 2 days ago
#9 Tftv ads in Site Discussion

jesus, if it's only happening to him on tftv, it's not malware. this has been a thing on tftv for literal years, just look up all the different ad related threads. I had the same shit happen, the instant i turned on adblock it stopped happening. presumably it's using your browsing history to decide what ads to show you, and something about what it decides is relevant to you makes it bring up the Bad Shit.

posted 2 days ago
#9 highfive waves goodbye to Ascent, phlps joins in News
GetawhaleWe've got top level NA players dying to go to LAN but we can't figure out a way to send them. Two years in a row. That sucks.

I'm not sure I disagree, but you also have to consider that this isn't, like, a failed fundraiser or anything. They decided they didn't want to ask for help. I'd like to know why exactly they were uncomfortable with that, but either way, at least we've got one cohesive NA team going this year.

posted 2 days ago
#17 OK Kids LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

looking again, add me for tryouts

posted 2 days ago
#63 CastingEssentials Spectator Plugin in Projects


posted 5 days ago
#10 EssentialsTF July NA Monthly Announcement in TF2 General Discussion

all i want for christmas is for this cup to happen

posted 6 days ago
#60 CastingEssentials Spectator Plugin in Projects
pazerAdded ce_cameratools_spec_index <team> <hud index> to spectate a player by their position on the hud.

Used this for ascent vs new god flow last night, and after a long pause the index system seemed to get stuck. So, for example, a scout with index 0 during the pause would switch to engi for a last fight, meaning that his index should change to 4. Instead it would stay at 0, and 4 would still be assigned to the demo.

This eventually fixed itself, presumably after however much time the pause had lasted passed, though I didn't actually time it. In the meantime, it was extremely confusing. Is there some way I can refresh the index system after pauses?

posted 1 week ago
#99 Favourite Vegetables? in Off Topic
EdgyEddyCarrots apparently helps eye sight

mostly a myth unless you've got some bad vitamin a deficiencies, unfortunately. fun fact, that idea supposedly got popular during ww2, as the british started spreading some weird stories around to cover up the existence of the newly invented radar, which had been allowing for massive british air superiority under cover of night.

posted 1 week ago
#6 ESEA S28 W8: Ascent vs. New God Flow in Matches

heres hoping new god flow can make a splash with this game

posted 1 week ago
#4 TF2 top steam game PogChamp in TF2 General Discussion

honestly pretty crazy that a f2p game is followed that closely by counterstrike, and not by another f2p.

posted 1 week ago
#122 cp_cardinal (5CP) in Map Discussion

Could use a bit of polish, but for the most part I think the map is pretty dang fun to play. My major gripe with it is the lobby area in front of last. It's like badlands lobby, but with even more ground to cover, making it extremely difficult to push out of last without a major advantage. Even full uber ads are too easy for the team holding 2nd to kite. Either you uber in, fail to catch anything significant, and then wind up fighting a 4v6 at best while your flank is struggling to clear all the ground in lobby, or you get backcapped. Or I guess you could just sit and hope your sniper or sac manages to grab like 3 kills. It doesn't help that the most reliable way for the defenders to push out and get close is through bats, which also like badlands, sets you up totally even with the point, making you an easy spam target.

I feel that lobby would hugely benefit from just being cut down, or maybe making some surfaces transparent. Whatever makes it faster to transition through lobby. It would also be good to give the defenders pushing out an advantage in the fight over 2nd. It's nice to be able to jump from point to bats, but raising bats up to be a stronger position over the point would be nice as well.

also forgot to mention how difficult it is to sac out of last. the demo can lock off every worthwhile entrance by just standing in upper lobby

posted 1 week ago
#56 EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement in TF2 General Discussion
MuukiFirst, it's been tradition especially in the higher divisions in Europe to not play friday/saturday. People generally actually have something else to do with their lives, and a lot of people are obligated to spend time with families or other hobbies during the weekend.

How did the Beater cup that get more than double the minimum that Essentials needs? Sure, people are still gonna be busy some weekends, but the way this has been going, it's more like there's a straight up boycott on Essentials. If you're a team that plays 5 days a week, cancelling a day or two of scrims around the cup shouldn't be a big deal. Most of the maps in the ETF2L rotation are in the Essentials pool as well.

MuukiSecond, playing 10+ hours of TF2 for money to buy one pizza is not worth it financially, so the money point is moot (just like any other point made about money in this game unless your name is b4nny). Not to mention ofc that only 24 people will reach this minimum amount of money a month, so what about the 100 others? Money is never a factor in this game. Not to mention that it takes like half a year for them to pay out most of the time.

I hear about money in TF2 constantly. In NA it's "oh, we only play ESEA because they're the only league that offers a prize pool." In EU it's "oh, EU players don't try hard because there hasn't been a prize pool for a few seasons." I don't know that those are your personal opinions, but they're definitely common, so I don't know how you can claim that TF2 is never about money. It's unfortunate that the payments are late, too, but they do come, and it should be exciting to see sponsor money from places like Twitch come into TF2.

MuukiThird, nobody is going to skip on practicing for ETF2L to play against a bunch of mix teams and low divs for hours on end. Winning/placing well in ETF2L is, and always will be more prestigious and important to Europeans than getting top4 in a monthly mix cup of mix teams and 7.

In any sport, in any e-sport, it's always more prestigious to win the season over a small tournament, but these cups are treated like absolute dirt. Issues like late payments and weird whitelists are not enough to spit on a group of people that are only trying to help TF2 sustain itself. As for practicing against mix teams, I assume that was the point of putting together an invite bracket this month, but no one cared.

MuukiFourth, the admins are poor at reacting to feedback in terms of rulesets: The monthlies actually allowed all sorts or broken shit like the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol for multiple monthlies, that just being one example. They also have an extremely small mappool and removed viaduct because having 1 point instead of 5 is apparently too confusing for new viewers, so you're not even getting practice on all the ETF2L maps you might have to play.

Fair. I haven't seen any space for players to offer feedback on the whitelists or rulesets, and I'm not sure why. I also don't think these are very big issues. I haven't seen any of the new unlocks used to any great extent in any of the cups I've played. Stuff like the pocket pistol is overpowered. But broken? It's no soda popper or crit a cola.

MuukiFifth, the biggest sports event that happens every 4 years is going on right now, not to mention that its the knockout stage so every football fan would rather watch that than play a dead kids game. Not to mention the game is losing players anyway because it's outdated and the current way of playing it is not fun for most of people.

Low turnout has been a pattern for months, though. I don't think any of the cups besides the ones in January have broken past 20.

posted 1 week ago
#47 EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement in TF2 General Discussion
Cyanici'll keep saying it - hosting these on a saturday doesn't work as well because historically a lot of teams just don't play weekends.

didn't beater's cup get 40 teams on a saturday

who is "we"

people who play tf2

posted 1 week ago
#45 EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement in TF2 General Discussion

how is letting yet another paid cup die NOT pathetic

no one can ever bitch about "ded game" ever again if we can't even keep basic shit like this alive

posted 1 week ago
#42 EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement in TF2 General Discussion

pretty pathetic, guys.

posted 1 week ago
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