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#28 Shiki LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Played with him back in IM and it was some of the most fun I've ever had. The guy's an absolute monster and a blast to play with

posted 1 week ago
#163 III in LAN Discussion

So it seems like an official LAN event isn't happening based on the most recent update :/

WillscarletSo here is the deal. Ultimate as a venue did not work out as their operating costs were extraordinarily high and would have left nothing for you all at the event itself. We are currently working on an online event and for stuff to do for those of you who already booked travel and are coming out to California. We are still confident that the event will be great and exciting. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us throughout this whole process.
posted 2 weeks ago
#44 Kings Crew LF scouts/pocket Invite/high IM in Recruitment (looking for players)

Stock is actually insane. His positioning isn't always the best but his dm is crazy good. Could easily see him being a top demo next season.

posted 2 weeks ago
#47 Thoughts on wallbugging? in TF2 General Discussion

Wall bugs are stupid when you are hiding on an invisible wall in the skybox with absolutely 0 indication that you should be able to hide there.

For example in our match, you can clearly see me check for stickies, i did a quick check in less than half a second before I had to look forward again to dodge spam and look to see if a soldier was bombing. There was 0 indication that you could or would be hiding above snakewater catwalk on an invisible wall in the skybox.

Are people just supposed to be staring at the sky where ever an angled wall can possibly be because there is potentially a soldier hiding there? It's impossible to know where a soldier can be wall bugging without memorizing every spot that was listed in hellbent's video and there are probably many more that haven't be found.

In the imgur album you linked most of those are fine because there is some visual indication of being near a wall or clipping onto an invisible ledge near a wall. However that is not the same as slowly sliding down an invisible wall that gives no indication of being able to stand there.

Just my two cents

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 Should wallbugging be allowed in ESEA? in TF2 General Discussion
Daggermedic backspawning to keep ubercharge should be legal

Pretty sure it was made legal not to long ago

posted 3 weeks ago
#3120 PC Build Thread in Hardware

New motherboard came in today and now it's working sort of. When i turn it on the motherboard and GPU light up. When I press the power button all of my case fans, CPU fan, GPU fan, and HDD's are all spinning and working. But I get no signal to my monitors and none of my USB ports work on either the front or the back of the case. I've checked to make sure everything is plugged in properly, tried to with 0, 1 and 2 sticks of RAM, plugged my monitor into both my GPU and my motherboard but still nothing. I've checked to make sure no standoff's or lose screws are causing it to short out. and I tried it with just the CPU, PSU and motherboard and the same thing happens.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I fixed it. Not entirely sure what was wrong with it but I basically rebuilt it from scratch twice testing components 1 by 1

posted 3 weeks ago
#3114 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yes, I looked at all the connections visually, removed them reconnected tried like that. Then took everything out and put it on a kitchen table and tried what you recommended.

posted 4 weeks ago
#3112 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I tested it again and the PSU was working properly, turns out I had it backwards.

I tested the motherboard + CPU, with both sticks of RAM, one stick of RAM and no RAM at all. There was nothing, no boot, no error codes, no lights and no sounds :/

It seems my motherboard is busted then. Any recommendations on motherboards? I've been looking around and it's really hard to find 7th gen chipset motherboards

posted 4 weeks ago
#3110 PC Build Thread in Hardware

So the other day when I got home from work I went to turn on my monitors and noticed my computer was off. I did all the basic trouble shooting, checking connections, making sure outlets work etc. Still broken so I tried changed the cmos battery, cleared the cmos, did the paperclip test and nothing. What I did next was remove the RAM and GPU to see if there was any sounds or codes from trying to boot without either of those and nothing once again. So I figured it was a PSU issue I got a different PSU and tried that changing all the cables to the CPU, GPU and motherboard but still nothing.

This leads me to believe that it is a motherboard issue since there are no error codes or sounds when all of my ram is removed as well as my GPU. Is there any other tests I could do to see if it is actually my mobo before I go buy a new one? If it is a motherboard issue, any recommendations on what to get, only thing it needs is the ability to overclock and fullsize atx.

PC Specs:
GPU: Zotac 1080ti
CPU: i7-7700k
Motherboard: Asrock z270m Pro4 Microatx
RAM: Ripjaws V DDR4 (2x8 GB)

Case: Corsair 450D ATX Mid Tower Case

posted 4 weeks ago
#7353 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#7 Nat type strict in Q/A Help

If anyone is at University and has this issue as well find out whag ports you need unblocked or forwarded and talk to your IT department. I had a similar issue with Rainbow 6 Siege and they forwarded rhe ports so i was able to play

posted 1 month ago
#32 Faint Gaming Dead? in TF2 General Discussion

I feel I can say this now but Yight and Phlps were begging me to play like 3 weeks ago so they could cut Sandblast since they didn't like playing with him. Bear was also getting frustrated with him as well.

Campy also asked if i wanted to play instead of Catface before even knowinf if i was going to Episode III or even scrimming with the team

posted 2 months ago
#25 Running direct hit shotty in mge? in The Dumpster

If you have to search your logs for pugs of you using the Direct Hit then you probably shouldn't be using the Direct Hit

posted 2 months ago
#2 esea premium in Off Topic


posted 2 months ago
#293 TF.TV WHIPS, what do you drive? in Off Topic

Who needs a car?

posted 2 months ago
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