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#19 TF2 ProMod in TF2 General Discussion

Well I can understand Valve's thinking. Why balance the game for a VERY small subset of players when you've got tens of thousands playing a different game style whose requirements are so different from that small subsets?

Scout speed buff for example, really hurts 6s both because it changes the nature of scout ubers AND enables enemy medics to be more lackadaisical with their own positioning - and allows them to escape from enemy ubers more easily. But scout is miserable to play on many of the most popular pub maps. So you make it easier for medics to heal him and maybe it will be less miserable. The same goes for demo, the demo nerf neutered kritz here, and made scouts even stronger, but on pub maps it made *most* of the other classes more appealing, instead of seeing 3-4 demos on every team.

They didn't do these things because they hate us. Such a mod would also take the onus *off* of valve to try to have to balance everything with several different demographics in mind - they could just focus on making pubs as fun as possible - that's nothing for them to get upset about. I doubt they sit up at night mad at all the people playing mario kart mods lol.

posted 10 hours ago
#13 TF2 ProMod in TF2 General Discussion

I would honestly GREATLY prefer a version of TF2 that was isolated from Valve's changes if for nothing else than to prevent changes/patches from affecting specific seasons and ESEA servers in particular. But I also find most of the newest changes really upsetting and, frankly, an inferior way to play.

I don't know that anybody has *really* done a ton of investigation on the subject - in part because it's likely a quixotic task. But, it would be interesting for some of our tf2 programming nerds to *at least* look at. I for one would LOVE to teleport myself back to 2012 tf2.

If it were *purely* a server mod, I mean hell we can have balloon race, and grappling hooks, but not older versions of the game? That wouldn't affect new players joining because if they wanted to play in a pug or join a lobby there is nothing they have to do on their end. I have no idea if such a thing is possible however.

posted 12 hours ago
#9 Bringing back IM in TF2 General Discussion

Where do new people play these days? I noticed tf2center is kinda dead on the NA side.

posted 12 hours ago
#10 Lost voice, any recommendations? in Off Topic

Rest it, and avoid sugary drinks and foods (they stick to the tissues in your throat and increase inflammation). Steam or heat treatment - a hot bath for example - are good temporary fixes, but your throat will get gummed up with crud again eventually.

posted 21 hours ago
#13 good videos thread in Off Topic

posted 1 day ago
#31 Do you think current state of specialists is fine? in TF2 General Discussion

There's nothing to be gained by making the other classes more viable. Sure, you theoretically *could* figure up a way to make the other 5 classes strong enough to warrant them being run all the time, but the simple fact of the matter is that, that flies in the face of 7+ years of 6v6. At this stage, the game is what it is and radical changes would simply result in something qualitatively different from "6s."

Does Pyro need some kind of a rework for its current state? Yes. Although, in the realm of 6v6 I would say it is primarily a graphics related one (pyro flames make it damn hard to see anything in a way they never did before).

There have been many players who ran pyro in situations other than last defenses, Ma3la, Enigma, Huey, TMP, Satan, and many others. In fact, back in the day, it was fairly normal to bring a pyro to badlands mid (comes out of shithouse/clubhouse) at least once in a longer game.

Heavy also used to be brought out a LOT more than he is now. Hell, Oplaid go heavy was an invite team ;) Heavy used to come out all the time. Dheroes even wrote it into our DNA with "Dumbbrain Go Heavy!" any time we started to lose momentum. Check out an IM Vod from s13, to the open finals from s12 - you will see heavy on a non-last point *at least* once in a match if not for minutes at a time. People simply don't do it anymore because they're too skittish of the ire such a tactic brings, and because if they tried it in scrims they'd likely see the other team RQ. Enigma's heavy on Warmfront mid single-handedly ended that map's multiple season run in ESEA.

Sniper is already quite viable in a 6s setting so long as your sniper is actually good. That's the hard part. If you have a guy like Powah who can just shred people on command, then sniper can be brought out in just about any situation. The trouble is that most of the people who try to main sniper in 6s are bad at it and thus bias their cohorts against sniper altogether.

Spy suffers from a "situational" bias in 6s in that the only time anybody tries to play him is when it's patently obvious that the other team might be using a spy. So players acquire a wealth of experiences of spy plays not working out. Spy succeeds when it's *not* expected. Transition fights, and stop-start advantage pushes, i.e., when teams don't want to force uber due to having large advantage so they push slowly. It's doubly effective because in such situations players don't have time to look around, being focused on the opposition, nor are positions as established and stationary as they are during a last defense. The fact that spy is often a trade class, in that even if you do get a frag you'll die afterwords, is also not that punishing in such transitional situations, as teams often run suicide plays there anyways.

Engineer is a little different in that there are situations where he can be quite useful outside of last - again you *used* to see engineer brought out a lot more often, particularly when teams would push off of their own last, there was a *decent* chance that they would drag their gun out to 2nd in the event that the other team had uber advantage and was likely to push back into second. There is also the shutter door on Gullywash which Mackey used to use fairly regularly to conceal a sentry. Not to mention that using an engee *pushing* last is SUPER annoying and altogether viable.

posted 1 day ago
#5 Good Microphones/Headphone combos in Hardware

Honestly, I'd wait and see what comes up on Christmas sales. It's possible to find decent gaming headsets (which are normally a financial catastrophe for what you get with mic/audio quality vs. price) for 50-60$ during various sales. HyperX, Razer, Steelseries, etc headsets if you want closed headsets can wind up pretty cheap on Cyber Monday, I'm not sure what more specialized audio headsets end up going for, but I assume they too experience a price drop, so that would be something to think about unless you need a set *right now*.

posted 3 days ago
#16 going to have a fuck ton of free time soon in Off Topic

Although I'm sure it's tempting to just do fuck all here are my suggestions:

Work for pay ideally something weird. The mom and pop shop, antique or book store, something unusual, as they likely can't give you a ton of hours, but you may have skills they need (computer literacy) - and you won't really have another time in your life to do something simple like that that is enjoyable and get paid for it without any strings being attached to you.

Volunteer somewhere: Libraries, Museums, Animal Shelters, and clinics of various sorts, will always happily take volunteers, there are also lots of organizations that do volunteering in different scenarios that may be unique to your area - especially volunteers that are as computer literate as gamers tend to be. Volunteering well enough also often leads to a job should somebody else leave which can net you something *really* nice. Plus you'll meet tons of interesting people with interesting things to do.

Either or will do. Having money would be nice because it can do wonders for you lol, but volunteering and meeting cool people and doing neat stuff is good too, and it will look good on college applications, financial aid applications, or your resume in general.

Working out or learning an instrument or programming language, or reading classic books isn't bad either - the main thing is not to allow yourself to just do nothing (no matter how tempting), because once you enter that zone it starts to spread to everything you do and before you know it you've got 0 energy, your school work is garbage, and you get stuck in a rut.

posted 3 days ago
#25 biggest tip at your job in Off Topic

Never worked a job that was tipped, but my factory job that I worked all through college (and a year and a half after) - they gave us turkeys on Thanksgiving, hams on Christmas, and "incentive" bonuses at Christmas that usually came to ~1,000$ which was all fucking great. Every 4th of July we'd get some kind of item that was summer themed, like folding lawn chairs - this one *really* nice rocking outdoor chair that I still use constantly lol.

posted 4 days ago
#8 rollout demo? in TF2 General Discussion

Originally the badlands rollout was a lot like this - in that you wouldn't do the strafe into the hallway on the ground, but just blast yourself to the first upper doorway, and then again, through lobby (optional) and then, either drop to the ground from dropdown and then jump up from there, or do the strafe if you could. That's also a fine enough rollout if you wish to go choke if you skip the second sticky and save it to double sticky jump out of shutter to choke (a viable strat if the other team is really committed to going your shithouse all the time).

There are probably demos of SolidSnake doing the badlands rollout in a way similar to this from the earlier seasons of tf2.

The best policy though, is just to keep trying to do it the right (fastest) way, and if you screw it up, just have your team go shithouse/clubhouse and call it a day.

posted 6 days ago
#15 Would you rather in TF2 General Discussion

Me and ~24 people who play a promod of tf2 as it was in 2013.

posted 1 week ago
#6 144hz monitor in Hardware

In glorious 'murica we don't pay tax on purchases unless you live in the same state as the warehouse/dealer etc. So, you almost never see tax included on websites, and if you don't live in a state where the major online retailers have a presence you will never pay tax on online purchases to begin with.

posted 1 week ago
#13 rent a homies appreciation thread in Off Topic

That was the great season of the anti-quickfix mafia in IM, probably my favorite season of tf2.

I still remember watching the cast of the IM finals that season where I believe it was Seanbud queried as to why we didn't use it - and his co-caster said that we were weirdos who had blackballed the item and we were also accused of "being afraid of changing the meta" if only we had been listened to! lol.

When Killing announced it would be legal, John Milter was the first person I contacted with the idea of blackballing it and it grew from there to include every team in the division for the most part :D Although apparently nobody told Mangachu's team - they still didn't use it out of the interest of keeping TF2 good. It helped that most of us had been playing with or against each other (and rays pugs and norcal/Milk pugs!) for years. The crusade wouldn't have been possible without the Rent-a-Homies, Chill2good ratio, Dragonball Jav, Meat Market, -=eGO=-, HURRICANE, 6cuties, Playground Tactics, and Sal's Canal's support.

We nicknamed Servo the "chaos pocket" because he constantly showed up at times and places you never expected.

This is my best memory of s14 though lol

I also tried to find that cast and couldn't, but I did find one I did over the July 4th break of Sal's Canal vs. Rent-a-Homies ... Unfortunately our friend Sal does not appear :(

Collected s14 stories:

That was also the season where we had to cut Sinner (our pocket) because an old lady blew through a red light and ran over him with her car and broke his arm in two places, but that hero STILL showed up for scrims that night after getting out of the hospital and demanded to attempt to play because it was just his keyboard arm that he couldn't use. We ended up stealing Kermit (of HRG and Pandemic fame) from Mason's team - and he was easily one of the funniest people I've ever met.

We also had to cut our original roamer (SkaBOSS) because he went out to a club on a Friday night, and in a freak case of mistaken identity, was arrested on suspicion of being a cocaine dealer named Sanchez, and despite his protests to the contrary, and his identification stating he was another person, he was beaten by police and refused medical care while waiting in jail. The Air Force, for whom he worked, eventually intervened and got him out, and he ended up suing the bar owner and the police department, and bought his own bar with the settlement money. But he couldn't play due to his injuries (concussion and stitches in his head) and legal needs. So we got Frio, who had twice won IM only to be cut at the end of each season :D

That was also the season where my house flooded completely at the start of the off season and resulted in me not performing over well in my tryouts to try to get on Rick_ and Marmaduke's invite team (due to having to completely gut my house all day for weeks) - although they did take my ol' buddy Sezco, who conspired to get me on the team anyways. After a poor start, so the story goes, Marmaduke confided in Sezco that changes were going to have to be made if they didn't improve, so Sezco decided to start throwing to get me on the team, but instead, his plan back fired because he threw so hard that Marmaduke cut both their original medic AND Sezco! Sezco would go on to play with me for the remainder of the season lol.

Also this: and Chriz's frag show from that season:

I miss those days it was my favorite time in TF2 :(

posted 1 week ago
#4 Run The Jewels / Danny Brown EU Tour in Music, Movies, TV

RTJ are great - I envy you lol. They are one of the few that I've actually bought the albums of.

posted 1 week ago
#2 Weapon switch bug? in TF2 General Discussion

It's your Mwheel - sometimes they get loose on the inside, and even though the wheel on the outside isn't moving, the sensor on the inside is registering movement - you can fix it by cleaning up your mouse a bit or by gently pressing the contacts on the inside (around the actual wheel sensor) together with pliers to make it somewhat tighter, and thus less likely to move inadvertantly.

posted 1 week ago
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