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#13 mumble or discord in Off Topic

Mumble all the way

Discord and I don't get along for some reason. It *always* times out whenever it tries to update, and it seems to update pretty frequently, so every single time they roll out an update I have to go to their website and redownload the whole thing over again and reinstall.

posted 1 week ago
#261 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

I'm gonna avoid writing a full blown nerd essay here, but I have a few inklings of things I think need to be addressed.

1. This game has always been *ours* it is made up by a select group of people who enjoy the format. Trying to cater to imaginary people doesn't get us anywhere. If we were actively having conversations with large groups of non-6s playing people (such as a pub community or a lot of exclusively HL players were suddenly very interested), or Valve about what they'd like to see, with a clear path towards more support - it would be different, but none of that exists so trying to interject any of these things into a debate about what sort of whitelist we ought to have is a red herring.

Personally I'm in favor of a very strict whitelist simply to remove as many extraneous mechanics from the game as possible because I don't feel that they add anything particularly exciting. What does a soldier spamming a choke so as to be able to toot a horn that gives a temporary boost really add to the experience of playing competitive TF2 besides the momentary joy of doing something silly? But I realize most people don't see it that way.

2. Part of the reason off-classes have become so limited in their usage relative to say 5-6 years ago is actually less a function of how players think and more a function of our shrinking community. It used to be entirely possible to play nearly full-time pyro/heavy in lobbies and not be completely hated by the entire community, because there were so many lobbies going on, if people really had trouble dealing with it they could just move into another lobby, but the lobby with your offclassing fan would still fill. That doesn't happen anymore, we're in much tighter pug groups with a much more limited player set, so if you main heavy the whole game and upset too many people, they'll never play with you again, and then the person who gleefully plays the fat man never gets to play again and the player base has less and less experience in dealing with say, a heavy standing on spire.

It's also a function of the community's penchant for pre-arranging scrims. When you set up scrims in advance with the same small selection of teams over and over again there is a major incentive to not piss off that team such that they'll refuse to scrim you because you run x off-class more than they'd like; ultimately ending up as a team that can't find scrims. Since you're playing nice with your scrim partners, there is a clear incentive to not practice doing things like dragging a sentry out to second, so when it comes time for a match, having never practiced it, people don't do it. Particularly because again, that team they're playing may be a scrim partner on every other week of the season and you don't want to make them hate you. Whereas, in the past, one could find scrims very readily even if you had a reputation for, say, dragging your sentry from last all the way to gullywash mid, because ultimately if the other team refused to play from that point on, you could just go find another scrim in 5-10 minutes, and eventually that team would forget what you'd done to them because they would be playing bunches of other teams every day.

Obviously those 2 points don't necessarily apply to prem/invite teams of the past, but those players of that time, would've come up through that system and thus gained similar experience in playing and dealing with off classes too, and they still ran offclasses of different varieties far more often due to that experience they gained when they were still relatively green.

posted 1 week ago
#11 game keeps freezing in Q/A Help

There is a lot that could be going on besides the thermal paste.

You could have wonky fan set up (sometimes more air isn't better) look at a few guides on case air flow and see if you've got something similar, it could be that a pocket of hot air is forming over your CPU and then is getting sucked into the cooler, and not cooling as much as it should.

It could be that the case fans can't suck in enough air (if you have the PC inside of a cabinet or shoved into the corner or tons of crap piled all around it)

It could just be excessively dirty.

It could be that the fan is failing to spin enough or that the heatsink is still clogged with dirt.

The thermal paste could also be an issue (a little dab will do ya' a big gob will screw ya').

On the bright side, CPU coolers are cheap for the most part; and if you do reseat it you'll have a good opportunity to clean the whole thing, but it would still be a good idea to take a look at it while it runs or especially look into replacing it or oiling it if the fan is excessively noisy.

posted 1 week ago
#9 impulse buying in Off Topic

Alright story time.

So when I was 18, this was beyond the statute of limitations btw so I feel fully secure in telling this, I was in a school program pretty similar to Jeopardy! essentially trivia teams. So anyhow, these things would go on til' pretty late at night (prizes were scholarship money so you had a reason to want to win), and you would have to wait until your subject was called, so we started playing poker to pass the time . It lead to us playing poker for lunch money during school. Eventually I got pretty good at it. So, we go to one of these trivia meets, and I hear from a friend, who was particularly taken with the aforementioned game, that there was an illicit (gambling is mostly illegal in my state) poker game being played at this old chuck e. cheese type establishment (since torn down and gone), and wanted to know if I'd go with him.

So, I did. Stopped at the ATM, took out some of my land-fill money, and determined that I would play pretty aggressively as I was given to understand that most of the people there would also be young and likely not of the money having pursuasion. We played until 1:30 A.M. on a school night, and I walked out of there with 354 more dollars than I started with. So, what is a young fella' to do with a cool 350? Well, of course, you skip on down to wal-mart, buy an x-box (they had just come out around 2 years prior or so so it wasn't top price) and a few games, and then declare yourself too sick to go to school for a few days and invite your friends over to play hooky too.

It was a solid few days, but then I virtually never touched the thing again :( I still regretfully look at it from time to time when I clean, never had the heart to get rid of it.

posted 1 week ago
#6 Combo Mentality in TF2 General Discussion

Some teams benefit from absolute control, but it is true that others thrive on being more flexible (particularly for teams with solid players top to bottom). You find absolute control being the most effective at the lower skill levels where you may have some folks who don't really understand what's going on - of course it breaks down if the leader also has no idea what he/she is doing.

The other quote about flanks is almost universal among tank generals in WW2 - the idea was that you would strike first to gain initiative and dictate when and where battles would occur as opposed to being forced to defend again and again, because it was thought that a combination of factors made static defense (which had reigned supreme since ~ the 1850s) untenable. There were also plenty of military thinkers who sought to completely forgo defense entirely, for example the Red Army's field manual prior to WW2 had just over 200 pages on how to execute various types of attack, whereas defensive tactics were reduced to a single chapter, because it was thought any kind of defense was admitting impending strategic defeat .

It's true in TF2 in so far as if you constantly force fights you don't often have to worry about your flank because you'll likely overpower your opposition as long as you can manage to clear the choke and don't encounter a hard wall like an uber - mix^ in the s10-14 era was particularly good at this (that's not to say other teams haven't also been effective with it too - they're just the easiest example) mihaly's flow was built around the concept for the most part. Of course, the counter to such a tactic is strategic depth ;) essentially passive play such that the attack can't succeed in breaking you or turning your own flanks, and as such gets enveloped and destroyed. G.S. Isserson, basically the architect of the Soviet army in ww2 (though he was in prison for the duration of the war) used the word "depth" in virtually every sentence to describe how he envisioned strategic movement lol. In fact for funzies he wrote a book in 1933 called "Deep Operation" which is still classified to this day.

posted 1 week ago
#6 game keeps freezing in Q/A Help

Usage doesn't necessarily denote that heating isn't an issue. Essentially what happens is when your OS detects that you're trying to start a fire and will throttle down your CPU to keep it from bursting into flames. The main thing being that you *would* see high CPU usage after prolonged gaming session because your OS would slow down the works a bunch, but once you relieved the stress it would stop the throttling and usage % would fall, potentially substantially. It's always good to have a clean - I shoot for once a month.

Monitoring software is freely available and it's good to have a peek every once and a while just to make sure everything is in tip top shape - like OHM or CoreTemp or even ol' Speedfan.

There was a case on this forum AGES ago where Crespi was having some pretty intense performance issues and discovered that his manufacturer (MAC) had poured a 1/2 pound of thermal paste onto his CPU, causing massive overheating and shmoo to go all over his MOBO lol.

It could also be a background application doing something really stupid, or malware of some form or another sucking up CPU intermittently.

I couldn't really see that well in the video as your FPS was pretty highly variable and it did dip to ~80 that I could see a bit, but it's also possible that you're on some kind of shared internet connection and it's experiencing intense momentary lag (like when a video buffers), but I didn't notice your ping # jumping up a ton (which it could in such a case) - though if you're on wireless you could get similar hang if somebody nearby used a microwave or a cell phone.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 game keeps freezing in Q/A Help

It could also be a heating issue; if your processor or GPU is overheating it'll cause things to slow down. I mean it's stupid to say, but also if your computer hasn't been restarted in days/weeks that could contribute as well.

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 does anyone know what sixense is? in TF2 General Discussion

I think a lot of that was included by default sometimes as well (in that the game would check for a controller being used) I remember seeing it a lot in POV logs when I was asked to look at anti cheat stuff back in 2012/13 whenever it was I was a UGC admin.

posted 2 weeks ago
#66 best videogame soundtrack? in Other Games

Alright since they've not been mentioned:

8-bit: Batman from Sunsoft for the NES - I still hear these tracks sometimes in my head:

Classical (I guess people would call it epic now?): Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura:

The guy who made that OST is now a music professor at Berkley, so that goes pretty well on a resume I imagine.

Modern electronic music: Freespace 2:
(that track in particular sticks with me)

Rock: Guilty Gear, basically any Guilty Gear XX and beyond:

posted 2 weeks ago
#26 what key(s) do you use for movement? in TF2 General Discussion

I was an arrow key user for AGES and that's mainly because when I grew up WASD just wasn't a thing, so every shooter was played with "enter" as a use button, cntrl as manipulation and NUM0 as jump (though sometimes spacebar was still jump). Particularly for MECH-type games the arrow keys served the movement function with the NUM keys serving to manipulate your view or body orientation by default with the NUMenter serving as the catch-all for different firing buttons.

For TF2 however, I converted, mainly because doing the old GPIT RED spawn jump was pretty difficult with arrow keys due to the difficulty that strafing in the air while crouch jumping presented.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 In need of a new pc (part list) in Hardware

700$ will get you a solid machine. Hooli's site there is fairly spot on, and once you get a feel for what you want, just ask the PC builder thread in the hardware section and they'll usually spot anything strange or be able to suggest cheaper alternatives.

Just remember, like all things mechanical or electrical; it's just lego. Once you break it down into tiny lego bits it's not nearly as daunting. If you get really scared just watch a few youtube videos of a few different people installing the part.

Also don't throw your laptop away - you may be able to hawk some of the parts out of it or a knowledgeable enough person might be able to fix it or use the parts out of it, basically no reason to just bin it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 New Year's Eve Plans! in TF2 General Discussion

Wait to see the status of my bronchitis. If it's gone, I'm going to get thrashed, likely alone, but if still sick, then I'll pry just watch Mortal Kombat the movie and chill as is my tradition.

posted 2 weeks ago
#27 greatest tf2 fragmovie? in TF2 General Discussion

I can't really choose between:

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 name my team in Q/A Help

Indecency's Bawdy Boys.

posted 2 weeks ago
#166 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

not exactly how I would've tried to balance the crossbow....

posted 3 weeks ago
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