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#53 ETF2L bans wall bugs in TF2 General Discussion

alfie liking wallbugs????


posted 1 month ago
#70 Copenhagen Games 2018 TF2 - Highlander & 6v6 in LAN Discussion
Eemeswhich 6s teams/projects are attending?

The boys (-1) as it seems atm

posted 1 month ago
#26 Copenhagen Games 2018 TF2 - Highlander & 6v6 in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#55 Danish upcoming lan? in LAN Discussion
T0mBoy I cant wait for the next arms race cs major or the next 10v10 dota major.

There is a good reason why one game mode is fully supported competitively in games.

Boy i can't wait for the next TF2 Major

posted 1 month ago
#35 Danish upcoming lan? in LAN Discussion

I don't think it should be compared to DeutschLAN really. Correct me if I'm wrong, but DeutschLAN was always seen as a "casual" lan, people just enjoying all the stuff that came with it.

This seems to be the first try for a more "competitive" HL lan, how it will turn out is gonna depend on all the details to it, which we hopefully get soon.

posted 1 month ago
#50 ESEA Invite this season in TF2 General Discussion

So with that said I have an open offer to the community and invite division: I will fully reimburse the league fees of any bottom 5 invite team ($240 per team for a possible total of $1200) if they meet the following criteria by the end of the season (all or nothing):
  1. play all matches
  2. no forfeit losses
  3. no thrown matches
  4. no 5v6 matches
  5. proper aliases used in every match


What's the definition of #3 though?

posted 2 months ago
#134 OH SHIT in TF2 General Discussion

I think it's funny when reading that americans complain about a free league (UGC).
Shouldn't one have the FREEDOM to choose where you wanna play? :thinking:

Also don't understand people shitting on sigafoo for pointing something out that you wouldn't know if you aren't used to ESEA. I didn't really follow what he all wrote, but the first tweet and comment on reddit only states that there are costs due to needing premium, which you might not know as a newcomer to esea.

posted 3 months ago
#81 ChillyMGE: New MGE Map in TF2 General Discussion

My server is updated now and also running the 133 tickrate extension http://www.teamfortress.tv/45226/essentials-tf-labs-133-tickrate-training-servers

ip: dm.kuferl.tf:27030

edit: removed the afk plugin

posted 3 months ago
#18 Essentials.TF Labs: 133 Tickrate training servers in TF2 General Discussion

If people really want this and it works without any side-effects I don't mind adding this to my dm servers

posted 3 months ago
#80 ChillyMGE: New MGE Map in TF2 General Discussion

regarding my EU server for this, there's a weird problem witht he plugin not working properly, so still trying to fix that.

posted 3 months ago
#9 Star Wars 8 [spoilers] in Music, Movies, TV
Funs[*] I can't really think of many other major things for now, but I read a really interesting post on reddit. The guy made the point that technically it was almost 100% Fin and Rose's fault that nearly all of the resistance was wiped out. If the original plan of the small ships escaping to the planet had gone through, there would have been very little casualties from that point onwards. The entire reason the plan didn't work was because the fake codemaster dude told their plan to the first order. If Fin and Rose just didn't do anything then everyone would have been fine. It's kind of funny in a sad way actually.

I actually talked about this exactly with my friend i was watching the movie with. Funny that there's a reddit post about this. It's like hey we got this Commander (who's also famous if I'm not mistaken right now?), let's better not trust in her and do our own stuff.

posted 3 months ago
#4651 stream highlights in Videos


I hate gardening tools

posted 3 months ago
#4634 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 months ago
#4587 stream highlights in Videos

some clips from the 6s games with the boyyyys

I'm actually gettin bullied, feelsbadman


posted 3 months ago
#30 spotify year in review in Music, Movies, TV



posted 3 months ago
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