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#525 recent/new release rap thread in Music, Movies, TV
dot_Ieerip e-dubbleSuch sad news. Dude was an online underground legend. RIP

What the fuck??? This guy was the first rap artist i actually followed. Dead at 34 what the fuck im so fucking sad fuck

posted 1 week ago
#1 OZF 18 W1: xenophobiaphobia vs. World's Blankiest Blank in Events

hippity hip hype rdy for my first cast of the year

posted 1 week ago
#8 Name Change in Off Topic

I've pm'd like 4 different people and none of them have changed my name, and people in requests aren't getting chAnged either.

posted 1 week ago
#24 loltyler1 playing tf2 in TF2 General Discussion
botmodewhy was this thread worthy

coz its a popular streamer playing a free 2 play game on his stream with several thousand viewers. ppl like free shit and i guarantee that some people downloaded the game because of it

posted 1 week ago
#14 Sniper rifles hidden stats? in TF2 General Discussion

Placebo definitely.

posted 1 week ago
#7 hl2 dm crosshair in tf2?? in Customization

Get the rayshud installer and you can use the Wings + Cross crosshairs.

posted 1 week ago
#5 can't play 4:3 stretched on new monitor in Q/A Help

is the display cable plugged into the gfx card?

posted 2 weeks ago
#30 CappingTV Ultiduo Summer Brawl in TF2 General Discussion

Alright, buckle up.

I started working with Mitch from around the inception of CappingTV for about 2 months, helping him find talent, and trying to prevent him from burning bridges with everyone within the AU community (completely in vain). I now work with TFLIVE, so I feel like I have a very unique perspective on Mitchcliff123 and this tournament.

On the first night, literally nothing happened. Nothing at all. The stream went live with quid and snazzy on the mic without anyone at CPTV knowing who was playing first, least of all the casters who weren’t involved in the organisational side. They just went for it. For about 15 minutes quid and snazzy were forced to flounder and waffle on stream because the only resource they were given by the CPTV staff was the Challonge bracket, which didn’t even publicly list the names of the players, before the stream cut back to music without a single game having been played. After another solid half an hour of music, the stream unmuted again only for snazzy, trying not to piss himself from laughter, telling the viewers that something has gone wrong and no matches will be played tonight. Guess what went wrong? The servers weren't working. Mitch managed to break them, just trying to sort them out to run ultiduo. Not that he told anyone besides staff, leaving the players and viewers left in the dark.

As this was happening, Mitch made a public post in the discord telling everyone to book ozfortress servers to play your games on despite being told in advance that he was not allowed to use ozfortress resources for a private tournament whatsoever and had to run this without any assistance from ozfortress. When reminded of this fact by ozfortress administrators, he replied in the public discord that he had never been informed of this (which is a lie) and that he can use ozfortress servers for anything he wants whenever he wants because they're public property or something to a very similar effect, I can’t remember his exact phrasing as he’s since deleted the post.

On the second night, well, only tournament players know because Mitch made the decision to only cast the finals, because to quote his words it’s boring to watch despite passive-aggressively flaunting their casting exclusivity on forum posts repeatedly. Seriously, all of this effort and he literally just gave up and decided to only cast the finals out of the 22 games that were being played. What a waste of time of the CPTV staff, viewers and tournament players. The only reason this really got attention was the fact that it was supposed to be streamed, as well as the promise of in-game medals. To quote them on their forum posts: It wouldn't be a CappingTV event without a stream, so we will be casting the event exclusively, yet despite this they chose to only cast the finals.

My inside source says that the second night was not any better for the players. Long server wait times plagued everyone as everyone wrestled to get their match in. One team even played half an hour earlier on an ozfortress server with the A-OK from CPTV staff. Again CPTV staff were told in no uncertain terms that they were not allowed to use for a private tournament, having been reminded of this the previous night. On top of that, the staff member didn’t even notify Mitch this was going on! On a night when you're supposed to have 20 ultiduo games going on almost simultaneously, the CPTV staff couldn’t even communicate properly about one.

As far as the promised medals know, I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the concept of valve time and how prickly an endeavour it can be to get items in game. Because of this, people who hand out medals (ToTH, ETF2L, ozf, UGC etc.) know to put the medals in the game well before they intend to hand them out. At this point, the competition is well and truly over and there's not so much as a 3D model, much less something actually in the game. All they have is a 2D concept sketch and a vague promise it'll be in the game within 3-5 weeks + valve time to obviously have the medals in the game at all. Then the small matter of distributing them obviously comes up. This smells an awful lot like an empty promise just based on those facts alone. I would love to be surprised and actually see medals appear in game but given everything else and the track record of Mitch and CPTV I have very strong doubts again. This was one of, if not the biggest drawcard to partake in this tournament, and due to a lack of organisational ability and timeliness it seems very unlikely that these medals will appear soon, assuming they appear at all.

Mitch and CPTV have been approached multiple times by so many different members of the community in an attempt to fix the difficulties the organisation has been having, but time again Mitch does not take in what is being said to him, and time again he makes what could very well be an awesome tournament/ organisation on paper into a serious kerfuffle for lack of a better word, and he cannot be allowed to keep on oblivious to his actions and his shortcomings. Because at the end of the day it always has come back to someone who isn’t Mitch to clean up these messes he and his organisation is creating, and he has to be held accountable at some point.

posted 3 weeks ago
#43 metal / hardcore / punk / heavy stuff thread in Music, Movies, TV

I'm not sure why, but I can enjoy every kind of music except these genres. It just doesn't sound good to me. Not bashing anyone, I just don't understand the appeal

posted 4 weeks ago
#57 Rewind meme thread in TF2 General Discussion

none of these copy paste work because of nazi automod

posted 1 month ago
#7 Seeking sponsor for ESEA Invite in TF2 General Discussion
rocketslay$85 per player = $510 per season for a team

holy shit is it actually $510 for a team? jesus

posted 1 month ago
#61 Street Hoops eSports picks up Muma to replace Duwatna * in News

so is OW competitive dead or what

posted 1 month ago
#26 CappingTV Ultiduo Summer Brawl in TF2 General Discussion

<3 Miss you dearly

posted 1 month ago
#2012 PC Build Thread in Hardware
saamMy mom wants a new computer because our old one is from like 2005. Budget is $550.

I didn't include a power supply because I was wondering if it's possible to reuse this from our old computer.

Everything is fine, except;

You dont need 4gb RAM
An SSD would make a massive difference

posted 1 month ago
#38 Good games to play whilst listening to music? in Off Topic

Bunny Hop League is crazy relaxing. Another game you could try is European Truck Simulator

posted 1 month ago
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