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#33 I had an encounter with a black man in Off Topic
sheepy_dogs_handnuzePutting New Tricks in an Old Dog's Hand: From Banned Shitposter to Bestselling Author

In stores 2069
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gl with the writing my man

Thanks nuze, I have always been terrible at every subject except for English and writing. While studying Literature I have also been writing short stories and have even been trying to write movie scripts (which is incredibly difficult).

For a while now i've been working on a story about a family in Holland in 1945. It's heavily based off the album "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" and is about a family trying to escape the nazis in Holland. I hope to publish it to everyone some day as I feel like it is going very well and as my grandfather was a teenager in Holland who had to hide from the nazis for his entire childhood I feel like I have a lot of good material and it is partially autobiographical of his life.

Damn I love neutral milk hotel too, good shit

posted 1 week ago
#49 2018 Chess World Championship in TF2 General Discussion

No classic matches occurred in the World Chess Championship once again haiz

posted 2 weeks ago
#32 2018 Chess World Championship in TF2 General Discussion
SpaceCadetK1Does anyone elsefeel like rapid and blitz shouldn't be part of the world chess championship? Like there are separate tournaments for those specific format why are they included in this one
I completely agree that rapid and blitz have no place in determining the Classical Chess Champion. However, I would get too caught up in the fact there are so many Draws. Lots of Draws have always been part of long 1v1 series in chess.
There is a growing movement among the GM's to make some serious changes in the chess world.

First is to revamp the format of the Chess Championship we currently see on display. There is a lot of steam behind returning to the 24 match format or the First to 6 Wins format. Both allowed players to truly take risks and play with creativity as the series progressed. It made chess beautiful and not such a "1 mistake and I could lose everything" scenario like we see right now. Both Magnus and Fabiano are loathe to play anything truly aggressive right now. Instead it is a waiting game for one of them to play an inaccuracy or potential blunder. There is little beauty in this chess at the moment but that could change as I hope.

I personally want the "First to 6" format to return. Get these guys playing 2 matches per day and let them go until we have a clear winner. That is exciting to imagine. Here is one of the best lists for past world championships, the players, the formats used and the records of win/losses and draws for each.

Second, the amount of GM's is at a totally insane level and whole they are all worthy of the title, the vast amount does decrease the meaning in as lot of peoples eyes. I hope they go forward with the "Super Grand Master" title or another such name. IMO, you must acknowledge the truly awesome players from the rest in the same way the "GrandMaster" title was meant in the beginning.

Very true, the previous World Chess Championship especially was kind of a snoozefest

posted 3 weeks ago
#29 2018 Chess World Championship in TF2 General Discussion

Does anyone elsefeel like rapid and blitz shouldn't be part of the world chess championship? Like there are separate tournaments for those specific format why are they included in this one

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 Ora Elektro starts Movember with some Scruff in News

Please have a roster move involving nuthouse this month

posted 1 month ago
#24 ESEA medals?????? in TF2 General Discussion

People will sandbag more ... to get medals? The only people who really do care about medals are pubbers and people new to the scene, medals won't change anything for the vast majority of people already playing

posted 1 month ago
#16 spooky website thread in Off Topic

Website of a religious cult before they committed mass suicide

posted 1 month ago
#2 longest and best matches to watch in TF2 General Discussion

Long. Not stalemate. Pick one

posted 1 month ago
#2 Would you like to see TF2 come to ESL Play? in TF2 General Discussion

we esport?

posted 1 month ago
#2 Se7en rubs shoulders with Domo as kaidus steps aside in News

title needs more puns

posted 1 month ago
#7 The Story Of Seagull in e-Sports

A bit dated but sheds some light on why the score esports' content is kinda shite, even now

posted 1 month ago
#61 2018 Faceit London Major Thread in CSGO General Discussion
-protonykmustardoverlord-protomagisk/device/dupreeh could easily be replaced with similar fraggers with little impact to core Astralis play.
this is one of the worst statements ive seen
how so?

Even if it's accepted that magisk, device and dupreeh arent some of the greatest individually at their roles, team chemistry is so fucking important of course it would have a huge difference to how astralis play. Astralis themselves changed only one player from kjarbye to magisk and their approach to the game shifted massively.

Even B4nny can't get past this fact, the froyo lineup with ash (post i55)and their i58 roster weren't as good as other iterations due to their weaker team chemistry.

Astralis doesn't dominate just due to their tactics, if so why has literally no other team been able to replicate it with individually better players

posted 2 months ago
#7021 stream highlights in Videos


posted 2 months ago
#8 AsiaFortress Cup 14 Announcement in TF2 General Discussion

Place your bets on who's gonna smurf in div 3 this time

posted 3 months ago
#9 Se7en documentary in TF2 General Discussion

Wait didn't tezc, a European team, go to gxl 2014?

posted 3 months ago
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