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#21 Lawbreakers in Other Games

I'd agree the game modes are far and away the weakest part of the game. Blitz ball is sort of a mess imo, with a clean flag pull it's pretty much impossible to not score in pubs. Maybe more coordinated players would be able to defend but as it stands it is terrible in pubs. Overcharge is dumb because you can hold the ball for 90 percent of the game but if they hold it for the right ten percent they win. Zone control or whatever it's called is pretty good though, the different terrains of each capture point promote a varied team comp.

Long story short I've had a blast in both betas and am excited for the full release.

posted 2 days ago
#12 Lawbreakers in Other Games

Closed beta 2 just happened over the weekend so I figured it was a good time to bump this thread. Did anyone else play? What are your thoughts on the changes they made? I think the assassin nerfs were good, she stills feels viable but isn't an instagib with her blades anymore. I do feel like as players get better she will get worse though. Gunslinger nerfs were too harsh imo and and still feels extremely awkward to play but that's part of the learning curve I suppose.

Wraith is a fucking blast, extremely mobile with decent weapon. Good utility with the explosive blade and the shoot>slide>stab>kick combo is extremely satisfying. That said part of why he is so fun might be that he is on the op side. Titan and juggernaut seem to feel the same close range brawler role but titan pretty much does it better as far as I can tell with better across the map mobility and not needing to be point blank while also having the best ult in the game.

Performance is much better for me than the last beta but some people are having the opposite experience

posted 2 days ago
#43 ESEA-IM S25 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Making a team with this roster

posted 3 days ago
#4 A bug and an exploit in TF2 General Discussion

A friend told me about the showpanel specgui command and I tested it out. It doesn't seem to be a server specific exploit more so that it just works in mp_tournament 1. Given that information it should probably be fixed assuming it isn't intentional and until it's fixed recognized as an exploit by esea with a rule made about it.

All that said, it's possible that it isn't a glitch and valve intends for it to be this way. Can't you see your teammates health in matchmaking?

posted 3 days ago
#104 ESEA-O S25 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Would it be possible to have tri just move all the teams into central?

posted 3 days ago
#7 Dual monitor issue in Off Topic

My primary monitor is over clocked, removing the overclock and setting it to 120/144 didn't help. Turning it down to 60 hz did fix the issue but that obviously isn't viable. Also to clarify if it isn't clear in the video but when the stream is on the second monitor it also causes the audio to stutter.

Is it possible that switching away from hdmi would help? The video card doesn't output vga and the monitor only accepts vga or hdmi but I can probably get some sort of dvi/vga adapter. I might also be able to borrow a displayport/dvi capable monitor to test.

Thanks for the input so far now at the very least I have a lead.

edit-I found this thread and while I wouldn't exactly say it was the most trustworthy thing ever it is the only place I could find someone describing the problems I was having(everyone else was having issues with the high hz monitor not the other way around) Long story short none of the fixes in this thread have helped and the only way the guy on tomshardware found to fix it was to get another high hz monitor which makes for a sad jojo.

posted 1 week ago
#4 Dual monitor issue in Off Topic
toads_tfi'm not well-versed in this kind of stuff but are you sure it's not a problem with your graphics card not being able to handle it? what card is it? have you updated your drivers(lol)?

i imagine it's something to do with your graphics card since you mention that multiple monitors were problematic

It's a 1070 so I expect it to be able to handle a stream and chrome at the same time. I will try rolling the drivers back later because they are currently up to date.

viperidk if this would help, but in your graphics driver settings, make sure your gpu is set to multi-display performance mode, or whatever it's similarly named as

It was already set for multiple displays, changing it to compatibility or single display didn't help.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Dual monitor issue in Off Topic

I've been having issues with my dual monitor set up. It's happened with at least 2 different secondary monitors so I don't think they are the issue. Running the primary monitor at 180 hz on display port and the second on 60/75 hz(issue happens at both) on hdmi. The second monitor has a really bad stuttering/frame slowing down/skipping issue when watching twitch.

Anyone have any clue what the issue might be? Any help is appreciated.

posted 1 week ago
#14 Trombone player anyone? in Off Topic
KevinIsPwnRoLtrumpet players for life

French horn/Mellophone player myself but learned a tiny bit of trombone and played trumpet for the jazz band.


posted 1 week ago
#8 Redshirt LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)
JojoI can't believe I haven't posted her before. But red is one of my oldest friends in the tf2 community and is one of the friendliest people I have ever met irl or online. Now that her lerp is playable her dm is respectable for mid open. I don't think she's ever tilted and is very willing to admit her own mistakes.

You simply won't find a more pleasant person to play tf2 with. Switching to pocket was the best decision she has made for her tf2 career in a long tme. Her dm is getting crazy for mid open. She even occasionally beats me in mge with shotgun. She rolls me in gunboats mge lol.

Now for the brutally honest cons-She needs to learn to position better to actually utilize her dm. She also needs to learn to make decisions faster, she very often comes up with the right answer for a situation but usually does it slower than other pockets around her level.

If she can get over the hiccups in her game she'll go from mid open to top open very quickly. Also if she/you want I'll mentor the team that picks her up.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

Appreciate these changes

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 LFT open medic in Recruitment (looking for team)

I spent a good deal of time around grumpy this last season either through ringing or mentoring and tldr it was a good experience. One of the nicer people I've met in a very long time.

ruined my 5k to defend last

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 daf lft in Recruitment (looking for team)
Daffodil-I have never been edgy in my life.

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Whitelists survey results in TF2 General Discussion
TwiggyshorasThe fact that 40% want to go back to 2010 surprises me.It's because the bulk of 2017 tf2 players weren't around in 2010.

Any idea when we'll get the results of the very big survey with questions on each unlock?

I wasn't around in 2010 but I was around in 2014 and I'd describe that as "a shorter whitelist". I'd say shoras is being a bit exaggerated when he says players want to go back to 2010.

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 FakePlasticTea LTF in Recruitment (looking for team)

Easily high open

posted 3 weeks ago
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