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#125 What players do you miss? in TF2 General Discussion

impossible to list everyone so i won't even try, but i had to agree with kig and farns. those dudes were a blast at the one GXL, 2015 or whatever it was. fuckin hilarious. memphisvon too, hope he's well. and lansky.

posted 11 hours ago
#73 $100,000,000 for fortnite esports in e-Sports
gemmwhen you get a bunch of twitch streamers in an invitational tourney that happens, yeah. you're right the game has a fuck ton of people watching just for the gameplay but that doesn't mean that the same people would watch an esports broadcast. just like pubg casting and observing is gonna be a pain in the but hol, and that means watching is gonna be a bad experience too

im expecting it to behave kinda like pubg, people get bored of the gameplay after a bit or it saturates the people that are gonna play it and the game stagnates and starts declining. could be wrong but i doubt the top level esports meta won't stagnate and become campy and slow or just repetitive. a big part of that depends on how epic treat balancing the pro scene, my hopes aren't very high for that but again i could be wrong

games come and go, sure

hard to deny, though, that whether it's good to watch or not, this has set a crazy precedent, and it very much affects the entire esports world in various ways. everybody is talking about this. for folks like me who aren't too interested in playing fortnite, that's all fine, but i think most of us have been kind of expecting them to take their shot. and we'll all be interested to see what the outcome is, and how/to what degree it influences or shapes the industry going forward

esports and "the mainstream" are getting more and more connected with each passing day, you know?

posted 12 hours ago
#51 sigafoo was right in TF2 General Discussion

is anyone else secretly speculating that sigafoo brigaded reports to bring the guide down

posted 1 day ago
#41 $100,000,000 for fortnite esports in e-Sports

i am guessing that they will try their best to make it watchable, try their best to make it fun and engaging to watch. i'm sure their production team are passionate about what they do, etc

but whether it's good to watch or bad to watch, i don't think it'll matter. audiences should be huge. this is a money machine.

i'm interested to see what they come up with, and whether the quality of the production matters or not with such a colossally popular franchise

posted 3 days ago
#11 Adesh "Yuice" Thanawala Officially Claims Weebdom in Off Topic

as a former journalist this is terrible

posted 5 days ago
#25 future goes to valve in TF2 General Discussion

to address the question of "is he serious", well he friend requested me on steam earlier tonight, presumably because i posted in this thread. i'm guessing he wanted to ask about shit, but

i declined, which i feel was the right thing. i don't think i want to endorse any valve visit by him, if somehow the planets briefly align and that happens. maybe there's a real person in there somewhere, but it's hard to look at people who are perma-banned from TFTV as anything but total idiots imo

posted 1 week ago
#4 future goes to valve in TF2 General Discussion

Also the production/behind the scenes people of TFTV attempted, over several several months, to compile a new list for community weapon recipients a couple years ago and it went absolutely nowhere

posted 1 week ago
#3 pay up for esea idiots in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
#7 Scottish Resistance bug in TF2 General Discussion
emoIncluding the trap under gully 2nd that kills people trying to go upper.

Hasn't this been done on that grate various times through the years, and been allowed? It's been a while so I don't recall the ruling, but I thought it has been allowed. Though it may have been allowed in other leagues that were not ESEA.

posted 1 week ago
#53 Most overrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

how are there so many people that think the exact opposite of what's true

AntimoonIf you think that players like oPlaiD or Relic would be able to hang in invite nowadays, you're either delusional or intentionally lying to yourself

yeah some of the old invite players from like Season 7 etc will straight up admit that they ARE shit, and WERE shit at the time. i remember cbear being one who mentioned it on stream

posted 2 weeks ago
#28 Most overrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

sorry goldfish you're a chill dude but man those ubers

posted 2 weeks ago
#25 Ascent Season 28 Roster Confirmed in TF2 General Discussion

Cyrus #1

posted 2 weeks ago
#48 best b4nny quotes in TF2 General Discussion

thought i liked you Bilbert

posted 2 weeks ago
#29 in Off Topic

posted 2 weeks ago
#15 Sideshow making it big in Off Topic
SentinelIf periodically dropping your iq to single digits was a super power, you'd be an avenger

why did you even make this thread. you found out that xQc moved in with Sideshow and Bren so you made a thread about it?

posted 2 weeks ago
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