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#11 How did Quad get his godly tracking skills? in TF2 General Discussion
yukarihe made bots bounce in tr_walkway and just tracked them while they were on the air with his pistol

theres a vid of him doing that at some lan but i dont have it

This one

posted 3 days ago
#35 Lowpander default loss ? in TF2 General Discussion

So this is why Hildreth wouldn't put himself on his own fantasy team...

posted 3 days ago
#54 EU Team Elo is back in Projects

My understanding is that ETF2L are doing their own version. Adding a div has meant it needs a load of changes and I don't have time to put them in place

posted 4 days ago
#550 Fantasy TF2: Let’s do this! in Projects
HildrethJudging by the scoring system roamers should be cheap AF. Also am way overpriced, not even I would select myself for that money.

People would rather buy you than kaidus. How does that feel?

The Puoskari hype train is in full effect, accounting for over 10% of all selections in the entire game so far, and with nearly double the selections of his nearest rival. That's a lot of expectation to deliver on

Thaigrr is also a hugely popular pick. Just imagine where his dad would rate

There is no faith in Thalash, none, nobody wants to pay that price when Puoskari is available. Nobody wants Kaidus either. Even the very reasonably priced Kaptain is way down the list. Is the demise of se7en really going to materialise to this extent? Or are their small number of backers going to be rewarded for their faith?

Top 5 popular selections:

Bottom 5:

posted 4 days ago
#541 Fantasy TF2: Let’s do this! in Projects
gemmhave you considered reducing the number of transfers available? it always feels each season that the best thing to do is to keen up and pick players from teams who have good match-ups soon, and particularly during playoffs drop players who are out

Rewarding people who try to play the game actively is by design

posted 5 days ago
#538 Fantasy TF2: Let’s do this! in Projects
BeaterCan confirm, was drunk as fuck

I tried to show Beater a spreadsheet with value calculations but he angrily smashed my computer then threw up in my shoe

posted 5 days ago
#533 Fantasy TF2: Let’s do this! in Projects

OK we're live with ETF2L Season 27: sign up here:

Get your skates on, the season starts in an hour

As always, Beater is a champ for setting this stuff up

posted 5 days ago
#101 Best med ever? in TF2 General Discussion
CrenicusGentlemanJonNo love for F2. Shocking
There's even nothing about him on other than his picture what makes him look the nicest person on world

It's sad, because I hard he was really good, but I wasn't following competitive on his prime time. Does someone have some information about him? I'd really like to hear.

There are still some vods. Look for some ancient Vanillatv casts of Epsilon, around ETF2L season 10 period. 5 time Medic of the season in ETF2L

Surely Byte has to be in the conversation given some of the names mentioned? I know it was a while ago

posted 5 days ago
#65 Manchester concert explosion in World Events
Not_MatlockThese people and the people committing terrorist attacks in the name of islamic jihad seem to have very different interpretations of what jihad is.

What interpretation is correct? Is it the one we want to believe? The one that we are told everyday is the correct one?
Or is it the one that seems to be acted upon with increasingly frequency and supported by 1/4 of the muslim population?

Not sure if you can listen to this outside the UK but this is an interesting interview with someone who spied from the heart of Al Qaeda from a position of religious and ideological authority (there seems to be a problem with the stream around 6 minutes but you can skip past it)

Essentially vaguely analogous historical circumstances are pushed way beyond any reasonable interpretation even specifically into direct contradiction of the Quran's most sacred commands. For this guy in particular his solid theological knowledge and willingness to actually check the interpretations given to him is actually what informed his decision to betray them, along with MI6 picking him up when he decided to leave.

My deepest sympathy to anyone affected in Manchester, some of my family missed the London bombings by minutes - it's genuinely terrifying waiting for news.

posted 5 days ago
#39 Best med ever? in TF2 General Discussion

No love for F2. Shocking

posted 6 days ago
#25 UK Voters: Register to vote you fucks in World Events
Geel9until you grow up and realize that they are absolutely not the same and you had an opportunity to influence it but you wasted it because you're an insufferable child

The parliamentary seat where I live hasn't changed hands since 1841

posted 1 week ago
#39 theresa may plans to make new regulated internet in World Events
WARHURYEAHBREAKING: Terrorists have realised their messages are being monitored so they have reverted back to sending letters.

Spy fact: the Post office has always been legally required to help intelligence services monitor mail. A standard field technique to determine if your mail is being monitored is to post a letter to yourself and someone else at the same address. If yours arrives later it has been intercepted.

posted 1 week ago
#116 Sigafoo and presents - Uncle Dane vs Stabby in TF2 General Discussion
LegendaryRQA Vod if anyone cares

A namecheck for use of on stream is customary

If you want to plan your team's tactics try It even supports 7v7

posted 1 week ago
#99 Sigafoo and presents - Uncle Dane vs Stabby in TF2 General Discussion
viperbut at the same time, tftv staff have hard pressed valve in the past to write articles or post announcements concerning events like dreamhacks, or esea invite grand finals, or stuff of the like, and we get little to no response

what hurts is they see this shitfest called 7v7 as more newsworthy

This is definitely not the case, people tend not to push it hard because it makes little to no difference. They don't produce more viewers or participants, and they don't convert casual players to competitive play in any significant numbers.

Valve are studiously unbiased, if you are holding any kind of event and you have the slightest credibility they will put your event on the blog. They have said on numerous occasions that they don't pick favourites.

posted 1 week ago
#532 Fantasy TF2: Let’s do this! in Projects
tsarAny chance for ESEA Fantasy?

Their cloudflare protection makes it a pain in the ass

posted 1 week ago
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