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#1 supraball pugs in Other Games

Store Page (its f2p)
Cool gameplay showcase
Some friends and I found this game and we have been having a ton of fun with it. We have been playing some pugs in it (3v3 & 5v5 gamemodes) and and would like to extend the invitation to join for any other interested tf2 players (everyone is new and we all suck). Just add me and ill invite you to them when they happen.

posted 3 days ago
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#5 Running direct hit shotty in mge? in The Dumpster

bad thread

posted 2 weeks ago
#149 ESEA Season 29 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

how does froyo black die before 5 weeaboos + paddie

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#10 Pour one out for your old homies in TF2 General Discussion

shoutouts to coughy, gardener, kody, kyle, couch, and joe
still my favorite gamers of all time

posted 4 weeks ago
#95 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion
visageboth of these points are wrong, yes if you're in a 6v1 nobody is going to be saved by an arrow assuming your team isn't brain dead but post team fights the amount of times a player escapes through a choke whilst being focused by the remaining 3-4 players is very high, it can transform a player caught in mid on 20hp with no options to one with 150 and 4 rockets to jump out. This doesn't even count things like heavy on last where a buff + an arrow after he's being focused can give him a health pool of 600 and that's only after getting hit by a single arrow.

This isn't up for debate. If teams focus fire and hit their shots arrows will not save players. Arrows can only heal at max 93 HP/Sec with 150 HP arrows being hit constantly which is incredibly unrealistic. 2 players can easily output more damage than 46-93 hp/sec. My experience in IM was constantly using arrows because players didn't kill fast enough. After having played Invite the difference was apparent- players actually secure frags in a timely fashion and this 'problem' almost completely goes away.

visageThe idea that any 1v1 when the medic has line of sight is actually a 1v2 is precisely the issue. If any player regardless of class is completely disconnected from his team with half health on mid you should be able to confidently punish him without minimal worry, saying that you're not being punished is incorrect, it is EXACTLY what is happening. TF2 is all about using all the different advantages to win over your opponents. If you think that medic line of sight should be a mechanic to worry about in fights that's fine, but it shouldn't undo basically any other advantage you have over another player.

The potential for a medic to arrow somebody DOESN'T undo every other advantage you have over somebody else. That is such a daft and hyperbolic argument. If a med hit an important arrow he did his job, nothing more and nothing less. You aren't going to be able to convince me (and a lot of other people I imagine) that medics should revert back to medigun-only considering that it only further exacerbates the problem of them have to rely completely on their team in order to do literally anything.

I am gonna be real fucking honest right now. All the theorycrafters and people complaining about arrows live in a fantasy world because there are a single digit number of medics per continent that even have good enough crossbow aim to make these hypothetical issues a reality- and all of them play in the top divisions where people complain the least. The only thing I have ever been able to help but feel reading anti-crossbow arguments have been that people who main combat classes get mad when medics do shit, and older medics wish the game was the way they remember it through nostalgia glasses.

posted 4 weeks ago
#92 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion
AubriacThis is just how I experienced it and think about it and I'm not questioning your statement. The things you named just don't seem that important to me, but I'm curious why you think they are ^^

I didn't make it sound like you get punished for using arrows, comanglia asked why the crossbow heals more at close range than the medigun does and I wrote some reasons why. People often forget that its not like medics sit around spamming arrows all day. In open/IM I know I got to get away with doing that, but ever since I have started playing invite I get punished if I do that.

Just for your individual points-
Your heal output does matter???????? I don't even know how to react to this because it's just wrong

If you are beaming somebody you do not need to look at them, you can look at whatever you want to. If you are arrowing somebody you have to look at them to line up the arrow. This is not debatable.

I never claimed anything about hypothetical situations where you lose scout speed, it was just an observation. If you are arrowing somebody you do not have scout speed during that time, this is relevant to decision making as scout speed is a very overpowered tool for medics.

My whole point was that when you have uber you can't just use your crossbow without care. That was the point. It isn't some all powerful gun that you should always use like people imply when theorycrafting about healing/second or whatever.

posted 4 weeks ago
#90 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion
reecewhat are u supposed to do to prevent a medic from hitting a parity arrow on the guy ur team is focusing

If a team is focusing a player and hitting their shots then arrows wont save them. If a single player is fighting somebody and an arrow changes how the fight plays out then that player shouldn't be mad because they took what was in essence a 2v1. People also tend to think about medics hitting cross map arrows as them getting punished rather than a medic (and his teammate by proxy) being rewarded for hitting a good shot which is just really backwards and dumb.

ComangliaWhy should the crossbow by itself have a higher heal rate at close range than the medigun in combat conditions?

Because the medigun auto aims and the crossbow doesn't. Also you sacrifice heals/minute if you miss, situational awareness while arrowing people, scout speed if you had a beam on a scout, and potentially your uber (or uber targets) if you switch away from your medigun.

I actually just don't get this idea that people have that its not ok for the crossbow to burst heal. Medic without the capacity to burst heal would be much weaker, and I would prefer if it was balanced so that you just didn't get uber from crossbow healing, because that would add more interesting trade offs to using it.

The arguments about the crossbow slowing down the game are just plain wrong- for every push that can't happen off of damage there is a push that happens because a team was able to be healed up fast enough to go push. Arrows actually give med a limited amount of agency in the game and help to make them relevant in more situations. Playing medic as a 24 hp/second uber bot is a snoozefest. I see people asking "would medics actually quit playing medic if they didnt have a crossbow" and the answer for me at least is yes. I am already not a fan of playing medic in general because it shafts your ability to have influence on the game when playing against better teams; I only really got into it because I liked playing ultiduo and hitting arrows/surfs.

posted 4 weeks ago
#15 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion

Let me rephrase it then, the crossbow is balanced

posted 1 month ago
#13 Crossbow is still dumb in TF2 General Discussion

The crossbow is not broken

posted 1 month ago
#6 yerb & umbra lfp lft rgb in Recruitment (looking for players)

HATE yerb
umbra BIG frag

posted 1 month ago
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#116 its back in TF2 General Discussion

This is my opinion about updating the whitelist. I want the whitelist to be as opened up as possible for a couple reasons.

Firstly, anything that rewards game knowledge and good usage of alternative strategies is something that I see as desirable. If a player is able to use unique strategies with a balanced unlock then that is something that shouldn't be stopped just because we can't update a whitelist for over a year. Imagine the timeline where we banned the conch or whatever. I am sure there are some people out there thinking "I wish" but I think that would be quite the loss.

Secondly, I don't think playing with all unlocks will "give us a major" but I DO think that keeping a well maintained whitelist gives the team at valve good data to look at when doing balance passes. This game isn't gonna blow up and become a esport even if valve endorses it, but it can always be improved and everybody here seems to just have the most pessimistic and shitty views despite that.

posted 1 month ago
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