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#3 good morning europeans in Off Topic

nice dog! :D

posted 20 hours ago
#24 Fortnite now mobile in Off Topic

friendly reminder the razer phone has a 120hz screen
mobile fortnite esports teams when

posted 22 hours ago
#11 Saila lft s28 in Recruitment (looking for team)

op is a really good scout, and shes fun to hang out with. definitely worth any im team's time to check out

posted 1 day ago
#18 Ascent announces pocket soldier change in News

Ma3laa actually fucks at pocket looking forward to seeing what he can do with marm
go ascent! :D

posted 1 day ago
#7 Plz Team Name in TF2 General Discussion

is it really that hard to come up with a team name? like there are at least 3 threads like this every season

posted 4 days ago
#102 metal / hardcore / punk / heavy stuff thread in Music, Movies, TV

Anyone get a chance to listen to the new Judas Priest Album?

posted 6 days ago
#1 LFP S28 Open in Recruitment (looking for players)

The return of JDuff...

Scout 1: You?
Scout 2: You?
Soldier 1: JDuff
Soldier 2: Console
Demoman: You?
Medic: Gourune

Looking for players to improve and do well, and have a good time. Also could use a few subs. Scrims 3-4 times a week, probably monday-thursday.

Gourune is down to either scout or medic, though he is a med main. The goal is to grind out a bubble playoff spot, ideally matching my and JDuffs performance on Clowns9.

Please have at least 1 season of ESEA experience. Feel free to add me, or throw me a DM on discord if interested.

Discord: Console-#8731

posted 1 week ago
#43 Faint Gaming leaves TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
KredibleWe're back


posted 1 week ago
#3 ESEA S27 W7: SVIFT NA vs. Running with Scizors in Matches!/AL78EP5Eviu0toGvkJwc
unofficial official TFTV starwars crawl

posted 1 week ago
#151 RGB LAN - March 2018 in LAN Discussion

If anyone wants a breakdown of stats from the event they can be found here

posted 1 week ago
#31 boxcar lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

really good scout and dedicated to boot, she's also fun to chill with
deserves a solid mid-high team

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punched me in the face then abandoned casting at lan to babysit OMEGALUL
posted 1 week ago
#25 RGB appreciation thread in TF2 General Discussion

Bumping with the pics i got at lan, finally got a new phone charger <-Album link for people who have embeds disabled

posted 1 week ago
#148 RGB LAN - March 2018 in LAN Discussion

For anyone who did not get a chance to watch the stream, the VOD can be found here
Edit: All casted matches are now labeled and timestamped, just click on the matchup you want to see below :D

Upper Bracket Round 1 - Snakewater - Salty Seamen vs. BLANC eSports

Upper Bracket Round 2 - Metalworks - BLANC eSports vs. Sparkle Gang

Upper Bracket Final - Snakewater - Hooligans 4 Hire vs. Sparkle Gang

Lower Bracket Round 3 - Gullywash - BLANC eSports vs. mr_popo_lan

Lower Bracket Final - Process - mr_popo_lan vs. Sparkle Gang

Grand Finals Map 1 - Gullywash - Hooligans 4 Hire vs. Sparkle Gang

Grand Finals Map 2 - Process - Hooligans 4 Hire vs. Sparkle Gang

posted 1 week ago
#16 RGB appreciation thread in TF2 General Discussion

Kind of went overboard with mine but felt it was necessary. This might've been my first BYOC LAN, but it sure as hell won't be the last! Hoping to catch i63, RGB 3, and UberJam before the year closes out. Also appologies for the formatting for bold/italicization/strikeouts, originally intended to post the text directly to tftv but it's about double the max character length.

posted 1 week ago
#4 lfp mid open scout in Recruitment (looking for players)

team full of talented gamers with tons of potential, don't sleep on them. Incredibly unfortunate that ryan can no longer play, as he was a monster scout who put up great numbers and played with barely any heals. They made playing medic incredibly fun, and made me sad when I had to step down. Azion is a really competent demo with his head on a well oiled swivel and very good DM. Lial is one of my favorite roamers to play with, and has handled playing pocket really well knowing how hard it can be to switch to a more protective soldier mentality after playing roamer for so many seasons. Chase is a good pocket scout and kept me alive in some really dumb situations I probably shouldn't have lived through, and though I only played with lorgon when she was subbing soldier/scout, I can for sure say she is a solid gamer who will do well. All of these players are a blast to play with, and with the right pickup could be on track to be a force to be reckoned with and contend for a playoff ticket. I feel a bit bad for leaving to focus on production and mental health but they're better off with a more consistently available medic.

TL:DR - This team is incredibly dedicated and have solid skill, and not only do they treat each other like family, but some of them are literally blood relatives. Assuming they find a replacement for ryan quickly they should be able to comfortably land a playoff spot, please give them a chance.

posted 1 week ago
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