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#11 Medic Questions :) in TF2 General Discussion

Good tips!

SentinelAnother few tips off the top of my head

Don't look away when you're being chased/bombed. Look at the player shooting at you so you know when and where to move, hit surfs etc

This is true, but remember that you run slower if you're only holding S. Alternate spamming a and d with a null movement script alongside holding s to keep your speed, or hold either a or d alongside s and walk diagonally.

Also Scattergun does 104 max.

Also it's a good idea to not go near walls in general when a Soldier is shooting you.

posted 4 hours ago
#7 Medic Questions :) in TF2 General Discussion
I also have some troubletiming when I pop my ubers so my question is
When should I pop uber? Should I use it in a even uber 6v6 if my core classes are about to die ?
FinniganSince you're new and your mechanics/timing/priorities aren't really there yet I would generally recommend popping uber sooner rather than later. Better to use a bit early than drop someone/yourself and get flamed.

@ Finnegan This mentality can be helpful, but it can also be dangerous. Dropping an Uber and popping uselessly are essentially the same thing. You'll be flamed much harder for dropping, but you need to try and use your Ubers well.

This is why, when pushing, you almost always want your heal target to tell you to pop. Since they can see everything, and you can't, they're a much better judge of if it's a good time to use Uber. If your players don't remember to do this, remind them. You can use Uber if you see something that your heal target doesn't see, but otherwise, trust your teammates. If you drop there, it's totally not your fault, it's your pocket's fault. If you pop through every scary-looking choke you'll waste a ton of Ubers.

When you're defending and people are trying to force you, try not to pop against a single suiciding player if you have your combo (Soldier, Scout, +1) around you, unless you know 100% that you will die to the next shot. Your team should be able to kill the guy before you die, and if they can't, it's their fault. If they sac multiple people, it's fine to use Uber since you can get two kills off of that Uber, which is great.

What you're trying to do with an Uber depends on the situation. Generally, you want to Uber people so they don't take huge amounts of damage, because you generally want them to be good health in the post-fight.

If you have even Ubers and are exchanging with your pocket, it's okay to hold for a bit since you're tanking him for the entire Uber, so there's enough time for him to get fully-healed again. Your teammates shouldn't derp in and risk taking a bunch of damage and need flashes to not die, but if they do, you should still flash them, even though it'll make your Uber last shorter.

If you have advantage, then you don't need to worry about milking, since you don't have to worry about your Uber ending before theirs. Flash liberally to get people through the choke, catch out kills, and have good position and health for the post-Uber fight. Think about whether or not you can win the push without using Uber at all - if you can comfortably win a fight without popping, try and save it. If not, don't dilly-dally until their Medic manages to build his own Uber up.

If you're down a bunch of people then you either want to leave without popping and get a force off with your team, or trade Ubers and run away without anyone dying. If you're looking to trade, again, your pocket is largely in charge of deciding when to pop. Since you're numbers down, it's highly likely you're pushing into multiple people who can quickly do 200 damage to your Soldier, so be wary.

If I have kritz 100%, when would I use it ? Whats the ideal situation for me using it?

Kritz is good because it charges faster than Uber, but the actual charge is much worse than Uber. You want to use Kritz so you can Kritz on them before they get Uber, so the best time is when you'll be even Ubers with regular Medigun and have a small ad if you have Kritz. You need to be using pretty much as soon as you get it so you can take the fight before they get Uber.

It's also weak against Sentries and Pyros, which negate it, and Snipers, who just snipe you. It's also important that you don't telegraph by showing them your Medigun / heal beam, or have your Demo suspiciously peek chokes around the time you should have Kritz. If they know you're on Kritz, they can neuter it just by playing extremely aggressively while their Medic plays very safe. Since it's reliant on surprise, it's countered by a Spy disguise-checking your medigun, which makes it less likely to be surprising when pushing last, or if they have someone respawning who can quickly check that. You also don't want to do it too much or they'll suspect you're doing it.

posted 8 hours ago
#83 RGB LAN - March 2018 in LAN Discussion

lf carpool around illinois/indiana!

posted 1 day ago
#16 bleh/tony_bologna lft IM s27 in Recruitment (looking for team)

i had no idea who this guy was and picked him randomly and he actually obliterated on scout and sniper

do not sleep on this fucker

posted 5 days ago
#274 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
sagefraglandsthat's how the game works in competitive yes, it is not intentional but simply a result of the fact valve has balanced TF2 around pubs for so long. Now they are shifting slowly to balancing around competitive.the possible difference in balacing the game for 6v6 and 12v12 is negligible.

I don't think this is true. Long ranged splash from things like Soldier, Demo, and Jarate are much stronger with higher player count. Larger player count lends itself to larger maps, which affect balance (Sniper becomes stronger, for instance, Teleporters are stronger while slow classes are relatively more disadvantaged compared to standard classes, Wrangled Sentries become weaker since they can be spammed from multiple angles). And player count influences spawn times, which greatly affects how conservative a team has to be when considering if they should push or not.

Multiple classes also are a huge issue. Stacking sticky traps makes walking through chokes a nightmare and Medics being able to overheal each other makes creating advantages extremely difficult. Being able to temporarily switch to like 3 Engineers to build a [Wrangled] level 3 super fast is also a factor exclusive to 12v12.

posted 1 week ago
#242 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
syph4812622syphDepending on the unlock it might make the game just a little bit shittier.
For example the phlogistinator is underpowered but if you happen to get kills with its crits, it's going to be complete bs to die to.

Would you feel better if you were killed by the far superior stock Flamethrower?

If a team is so much better than you that they can kill you with joke weapons and not be punished, then they could kill you just as hard running stuff that is unbannable, like permaHeavy/Sniper/Pyro, or Shotgun-only Soldier, or Crossbow-only Medic, or Pistol-only Scout, or anything. What's ultimately annoying is that you're losing and being disrespected, but banning underpowered weapons won't change the fact that there are teams out there who are better than you and want to BM. You'll still be just as upset.
If a pyro who has been building phlog charge for free with scortch shot or detonator hides behind a corner and kills a few people with 0 skill required that is pretty shitty and should never happen. Even if overall the phlogistinator is an underpowered weapon it can be very strong if you get lucky. That doesn't make the players who died bad, it makes the weapon shitty for competitive.

If you walk around a corner into a phlog Pyro after he spent ten years farming 221 damage with Detonator, that's not the Pyro getting lucky, that's you making a huge mistake despite very ample warning. There was no luck involved. You just fucked up.

Building Phlog with Detonator is not free, it takes a very long time and you're stuck on a shitty loadout on a shitty class until you get Phlog. There's no way for you to contest Soldiers or Demos who can juggle you into infinity, and there's no way to kill anything that has a working S key. In addition it gets hard countered by Heavy, especially Natascha, as well as Engineer and even Manmelter Pyro.

There is a large opportunity cost to playing Pyro instead of Scout or Soldier. There is a large opportunity cost to playing Phlog Pyro to crack a stalemate instead of Battalion's Backup Soldier, or Engineer, or Heavy, or Sniper. There is a large opportunity cost to playing Phlog Pyro instead of regular Pyro. If that Phlog Pyro correctly analyzed that your team would most likely not be able to counter a joke weapon on a joke class without the element of surprise, and has the balls to actually try it, that is skill.

posted 1 week ago
#234 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
syphkmoo0105Pardon my obvious ignorance but if a weapon is underpowered and unbanned, what impact does it have on the game?Depending on the unlock it might make the game just a little bit shittier.
For example the phlogistinator is underpowered but if you happen to get kills with its crits, it's going to be complete bs to die to.

Would you feel better if you were killed by the far superior stock Flamethrower?

If a team is so much better than you that they can kill you with joke weapons and not be punished, then they could kill you just as hard running stuff that is unbannable, like permaHeavy/Sniper/Pyro, or Shotgun-only Soldier, or Crossbow-only Medic, or Pistol-only Scout, or anything. What's ultimately annoying is that you're losing and being disrespected, but banning underpowered weapons won't change the fact that there are teams out there who are better than you and want to BM. You'll still be just as upset.

Stochast1cFor actual testing feedback:

Bonk - still stupidly overpowered, let's scouts completely commit into losing fights and then escape. Effectively forces the pushing team to be less aggressive to not die to scouts that can safety remain in a fight. Haven't tried it breaking stalemates, but I imagine it will be just as effective there. The damage invulnerability lasts far too long.

Imagine trying to Uber into Badlands last through top left and being bodyblocked in the choke by an invincible Scout for 8 seconds. Or pushing Process IT into mid.

Not to mention you can literally run away from any overextension as long as you can duck around a corner for a second.

It's actually so blatantly broken, please don't force us to play with it.

Parachute - both teams refused to run it and I really don't see much of a difference between now and when it was last tested to allow it. If you are going to unban it because all teams are refusing to play with it, then please let us know.

To clarify, it is really annoying and should be banned, but nobody will use it because there is no reason to sac a parachute Soldier when you can jump back to spawn and switch to Battalion's Backup, which is a second Uber, is impossible to punish reliably, and doesn't put you down a fragging class.

Sandman - is bad, but annoying. Best use is like all other recharge weapons, spamming from resupply cabinets into choke points.

The Huntsman is significantly better at this because it kills stuff. The Wrap Assassin is significantly better at every other situation because it does damage and doesn't make you 1shot by rockets. This thing is actually completely useless.

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Any old or disbanded etf2l prem teams returning? in TF2 General Discussion
Azazel-ArguedOysterIf almost none of the same players from the old teams are playing, are the teams really returning or just the sponsors?
Ah yes, the age-old "Achilles' Prem TF2 Team Paradox"

From what I remember, I think it’s actually called Theseus’ paradox?

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 SidewaysWopi LFT Rewind2 in Recruitment (looking for team)

holy fuck this guy is insane

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 lft med in Recruitment (looking for team)

Improved her positioning a ton and has always had great arrows and dodging. Try her out.

posted 3 weeks ago
#142 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
ymRaisin4812622I agree with you that HL is an inferior gamemode, although unfortunately the average casual player doesn't know that. I should say that that graph is extremely misleading since you're comparing the number of teams in a free league that encompasses practically all of NAHL with the number of teams in a pay-to-enter league that does not encompass all of NA 6s (there are plenty of teams that play UGC 6s or other free leagues but not ESEA). There is not really a big difference between the number of 6s players and the number of HL players in tf2.

You're right that the graph is fucked. My bad. I found the UGC 6s data and we'll see how it matches.



This graph is players, not teams.

Keep in mind, this doesn't factor out ESEA + UGC duplicates, so the playercount for 6s should be slightly lower than it is.

posted 3 weeks ago
#139 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
ymRaisinIf that were the real reason there would be a hell of a lot more HL players.



This is team count, not player count, so make the Highlander graph 50% higher.

Highlander isn't a terrible gamemode just because it allows every class. It's a terrible gamemode because it forces you to play your class even when your class is fucking shit (Spy, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer), too many players means that most classes cannot create advantages large enough to push on (which makes the game slow as fuck), the Wrangler (which is utter bullshit) is unbanned because 1/9 of the playerbase would be completely useless without it (which makes the game slower), and full-time Sniper discourages pushing because it fucking kills everything at every range, especially because a Highlander team comp is better at protecting a Sniper than pressuring one. Also, Jarate and Mad Milk are unbanned for some reason I cannot fathom, they are easy to use, you get them for free, and they can completely stuff pushes by themselves while disproportionately punishing the aggressive team (since you have to cluster to walk through the choke).

Also, pushing the cart is boring as fuck.

Allowing class switching, bringing the player count from 18 to 12, not playing Payload, and banning fucking Milk and Jarate because they're blatantly overpowered fixes all of these issues.

posted 3 weeks ago
#135 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
KredibleUse a weapon pick/ban phase

The white list will be the bare minimum a white list could be, only banning weapons that are universally agreed to be outright game breaking. If there's any questioning around a weapon being on the white list, keep it unbanned.

With this white list in place, have players or captains quickly decide in the match page or in the server before the game what weapons to ban (Maybe this would give casters something to talk about before matches).

This would allow for flexibility and new play styles to arise while still centering around a loose meta.

It could possibly follow a ban/pick phase such as:
  • Global Whitelist
  • Team A Bans 1
  • Team B Bans 2
  • Team A Bans 1
  • Team A Saves 1
  • Team B Saves 1
or something along those lines.

Doesn't work.

If you look at the pick/ban system in Sigafoo cup, they don't touch any broken shit for the core classes, they only ban unlocks based on who has a better Pyro / Engineer. This isn't DOTA where every team is playing a different comp - everyone is running Scout, Soldier, Demo, Medic, and Sniper, and Stock Heavy / Spy are pretty much top tier loadouts so banning is pointless - the only bans that matter are Short Circuit, Wrangler, Gunslinger, Powerjack, Degreaser, Dragon's Fury because they actually cripple the effectiveness of those classes. Pick / ban will not solve the fact that there is no incentive to ban broken shit on core classes because it won't give you an advantage over the other team since it gimps both teams.

springrollsi absolutely guarantee you if you asked most casual players what's the biggest barrier to entry within competitive tf2, there answer would be either "I can't play my main class full time" or "I don't want to play 5cp all the time" (ignore viaduct), not that their specific unlock is banned.
also i challenge u to find a casual scout main who's actually like "oh wow bonk is unbanned now in competitive now i'm going to try it because that one weapon ban was the only thing that was holding me back !!"


This is a good point. I think that a big reason that 5CP is so offputting to casual players is that it discourages running non-standard classes due to how fast it is.

Dragon's Fury is strong enough that it'd give Pyros full-time viability, at least at lower levels, without being actually bullshit strong like other unlocks that give a enough of a boost in viability to justify running them (Sydney Sleeper, Jarate, Short Circuit). I know dozens of Pyros who never got into 6s because Pyro was too weak for 6s, Highlander is a terrible, boring gamemode, and Highlander Pyro is the most terrible, boring class in that gamemode. If you assume that every class has a roughly equal number of players, and change the amount of viable full-time classes from four to five, that's a 25% increase in players. That's a sizable difference.

As for the other unlocks, I don't think it's that cut and dry. I think a lenient whitelist makes competitive TF2 less of a leap from pubs. We shouldn't bother with obviously-bullshit stuff like Bonk, but I think that it'd be dangerous to return to a strict medlocks + Gunboats whitelist because it'd make competitive seem intimidating.

Pushing for a more open whitelist at the expense of competitive players enjoyment of the game doesn't make any sense because in the end you'll still end up banning shit that is absolutely game-breaking but theoretically may make more classes viable full time like the disciplinary action or wrangler, and this class/map barrier to entry will still exist for newcomers. (note: I am in no way advocating we unban shit that's blatantly broken)

I agree with this, but I'd like to make a note that competitive players instinctively dislike all change. Look at how long ETF2L players refused to unban Gunboats, for instance, or how even to this day nobody equips Battalion's Backup even though it's blatantly overpowered. We need to make sure that we're banning things because they're actually overpowered, and actively try to fight that bias against new things so we can make sure that the metagame we have is as good as possible.

posted 3 weeks ago
#115 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
eddie_calderonpeople arent going to play 6s because of goofy unlocks being allowed the vast majority of people in public servers dont play tf2 40+ hrs/2 weeks, do not want to put the time in to play more seriously/are not interested in playing with stakes, and valve has provided very little positive updates in the past 4 years. why do this

Competitive TF2 is a 1 hour / week investment minimum.

posted 3 weeks ago
#110 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

DarkNecrid articulated it better than I ever could. The new Flamethrower isn’t slightly easier to aim, it literally has perfect accuracy so long as you manage to hit one particle out of every ten. The Dragon’s Fury also punishes you severely for missing, and crucially, you can’t airblast after pressing m1, which is hugely significant when playing a reflect mindgame or fighting multiple opponents, as the Soldier/Demo has a window where they are completely safe if they shoot a projectile against DF while they can never be sure if you're spraying them with flames.

I’ve been fighting Degreaser Pyros for months in HL and it is frustrating as fuck. There are players that formerly pulled sub 150 DPM and whose playstyles consisted entirely of spychecking, stalling Uber, and killing bombers, players who had exceedingly mediocre DM, who are now pulling 300-400 DPM and top fragging in plat because the new flames are so easy to aim that you have to actively try to miss them. I wish every other flamethrower was banned. I wish Pyro took skill again.

If Degreaser or even Stock Pyro is allowed and the Dragons Fury takes far more skill than them while sacrificing a shit ton of versatility (including the only reason anyone currently bothers using Pyro, uberstalling) for slightly more range vs a single target and being able to run Detonator, then the Dragons Fury should be unbanned. It’s worse at being a combat class than Scout and Soldier because of movespeed and worse at doing the Pyro’s job, airblasting. Anyone whining about the Dragons Fury needs to play a few weeks of Highlander fighting the new Flamethrower, and they’d be begging to include it.

b4nnyTheory crafting perfect usage is not really a fair way to judge items.

Agree, although I think considering how easy to use an item is compared to its counterparts is significant.

When considering an item like the Flying Guillotine, for example, people keep instantly jumping to reference damage output for if you hit every single throw for maximum damage every time. If you could hit every single shot every time, sure it would be pretty damn dominant, but by that same logic everyone would be running The Direct Hit and fulltime Snipers too. We know that people don't do that because generally people favor consistent and reliable tools that don't require perfect execution to offer any sort of return. For this reason, the practical impacts should be the main consideration in these discussions. Even when something works in a certain situation, you also have to consider the majority of the times where it requires a sacrifice, hinders someone's play, or just straight up fails, but those are constantly ignored too.

Is losing a Pistol really that much of a sacrifice? Is losing a Winger really that much of a sacrifice if the Atomizer is unbanned, a move that you support?

Again, you could grab a clip of someone going on a headshotting spree or a Direct Hit spree, yet we know in the bigger picture those kinds of things are the exception not the norm. What it seems to come down to is that people are more resistant to change and dying to something new even if something that has been around for years would have beat them too.

Agree. Remember when everyone refused to allow Powerjack because they were afraid that Pyro mids would destroy the game since Pyro is so much more powerful than a Scout or Soldier?

posted 3 weeks ago
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