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Wireplay Division 1 Highlander: Sookie Doin' Work vs. After Dark
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Monday, May 13th
3:00 PM EDT

Tune in to BlackOut TV to witness the start of Wireplay's EU Highlander Season 10 with some Division 1 action! After a recent promotion to the Premiership in ETF2L Highlander under their belts, Sookie Doin' Work are shaping up to be the favourites to take this season of Wireplay, however After Dark have also made their mark on the European scene in recent weeks with a convincing win in Division 3 and 6 points clear at the top of their group. With Sookie favourite Pro Viaduct and Arnold's 5CP map Croissant being the Week 1 maps, who will get their season off to a flying start? Tune in to find out!

Tonight's cast will be brought to you by Heavy is GPS on the stream and mic along with YouTube favourite MagicalKillaCow completing the casting duties!

Match Page | Sookie Doin' Work Roster | After Dark Roster
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Reddit: http://redd.it/1e8lv9

Reddit: http://redd.it/1e8lv9
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Should be a good game! Excited to cast :]

Should be a good game! Excited to cast :]
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