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UGC Plat Highlander Playoffs: Blunderful vs. Ghetto Afterthought
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Thursday, Apr 4th
9:30 PM EDT

As the month of April rolls in, so too will the lower bracket playoff matches for UGC's Platinum Highlander division. Blunderful are currently the eighth ranked team in the league, with their first round playoff match versus kLite ending in a very close 0-2 loss. GA, meanwhile, pulled off a win against Death Marked Soldiers before getting matched up against BPM and getting trounced 4-1. In the regular season, these two teams met up on Barnblitz and Blunderful pulled off a 2-0 win. This cast should be packed full of analysis and strategy talk, as it will be featuring not only the usual duo of djc and pudding cup on the cast, but also special guest vhalin providing his insights! Be sure not to miss out!

Map - koth_viaduct_pro
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