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UGC Plat Highlander Playoffs: Blunderful vs. Kimbe
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Monday, Mar 25th
9:30 PM EDT

The first week of UGC's playoffs will be rollin' on in and that means that we get to see the staple maps in action, the Highlander classics on full display. There may be no better way to start it off than with some Payload festivities, and we will do just that with some Upward featuring two very similarly themed teams. Blunderful tend to work a lot of their plays and success off of the light classes, with likely All Star spy Noko and scout useoftoaster being especially impacting, with Kimberlite bringing their own star spy Deer/Vrrm Patap into action alongside some big clean ups out of Kill 'em All. For the first time all season, we will display the double pyro main cast, with Huey Lewis and pudding cup joining forces to set ablaze all who dare disguise in their realm. Make sure to check it out on Monday!

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2-0 BFL


2-0 BFL

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