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Velocity eSports and black swan to Lower Round of 6
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February 18, 2018

Velocity eSports and black swan proceed into the Lower Round of 6, with Velocity eSports overtaking Big Chips 4-2 on Gullywash, and black swan edging out King's Crew 4-3 on Process.

With the first two series of the Upper Bracket complete, the action in the Lower Bracket begins with Velocity eSports taking on Big Chips and black swan taking on King's Crew Gaming.

Big Chips started out strong against Velocity eSports on Gullywash, taking the first point off of Velocity in just two minutes. Strong Demoman plays from Max allowed Big Chips to take the second mid from Velocity eSports, but were unable to convert a push onto Velocity’s last. Despite Velocity’s defense against Big Chips, sideways was able to kill both of Velocity’s scouts and Kryptonite, keeping Velocity eSports on their last point. After several minutes of trading frags, Velocity pushed onto Big Chip’s second point, taking it swiftly and opening the door to put their first round on the board. A spy play from Pete would drop brulee, allowing Velocity eSports to push in with uber and take their first point, tying the game 1-1. The third mid saw Velocity’s second mid win, taking Big Chips’ second point in the process. A push onto last devolved into a 3v2, eventually going in the favor of Velocity eSports, bringing the score up in their favor, 2-1. Velocity eSports’ stride continued continued going into the fourth round, as Velocity continued to loom over Big Chips’ second point once again.

Big Chips eventually were able to push out of their last, taking mid in the process. After fighting off Velocity at mid, Big Chips pursued Velocity’s second point, but a backcap would bring them back to the middle point. However, a backcap from shamoo, Pete, and bear would bring Big Chips back all the way to their last. Velocity’s incursion onto Big Chips’ last was shut out by an uber from brulee, as was a backcap attempt from showstopper. Big Chips pushed back, taking Velocity’s second point and maintaining presence in their lobby. An uber exchange allowed Velocity to push out of their last and capture their second and the middle point. Velocity eSports would wipe Big Chips pushing onto the enemy team’s second, taking last point immediately afterwards, bring the score to a comfortable 3-1 with four minutes remaining. Another successful round came afterwards for Velocity eSports, with a full team wipe on the side of Big Chips. A prompt push onto Big Chips’ last was met with little opposition, with Velocity eSports taking their fourth round with only three minutes remaining. With virtually no time remaining for Big Chips to bring a comeback, Big Chips were able to take their second round off of Velocity eSports, but it was for naught, as Velocity eSports took the Lower Round of 6 match with a 4-2 scoreline, eliminating Big Chips.

black swan started their match on Process against King's Crew strong, taking the first mid point and the second point. But a Heavy on the side of King's Crew stopped black swan in their tracks, with the team retreating after a failed uber push. King's Crew continued to push forward, eventually taking the first point off of black swan. King's Crew moved into the second round with the momentum they had build in the first round, winning the mid, but being unable to successfully push onto black swan’s last point. After multiple point trades, black swan was able to get their own point on the board, tying the match up 1-1. Following up, black swan rolled through King's Crew’s defenses once again going into the third round, taking another round in their favor and bringing the score up 2-1.

King's Crew was able to take a mid once again, eventually pushing to black swan’s second after a push from black swan was shut down by King's Crew. The second point swapped hands shortly afterwards, before swapping again with King's Crew ultimately taking black swan’s last point, tying the game up again 2-2. The 2-2 scoreline remained static with both teams not wanting to fail a push and lose their presence on the map. After a long stalemate, King's Crew took black swan’s last point with only 1:30 left on the clock. Down 2-3, black swan had only one minute and thirty seconds to bring the game into overtime and keep their LAN dreams alive. After a firm mid win, black swan had only sixty seconds to keep themselves in Rewind II. A scrappy fight on King's Crew’s last point by black swan eventually brought the score to 3-3, bringing the game into overtime with just 15 seconds left.

In overtime, both teams were unrelenting; neither team wanted to go out in last after their journey through the Open Qualifier and the Group Stage. Both teams traded points, but black swan always seemed to have the upper hand in fights. After multiple pushes onto King's Crew’s last, black swan was finally able to push onto King’s Swan’s last with only slicerogue and change alive, taking Process 4-3 and eliminating King's Crew from the tournament.

Velocity eSports and black swan will move on to the Lower Round of 6, where Velocity eSports will face off against Ascent and black swan will have to stand up against SVIFT NA. Big Chips and King's Crew have been eliminated from Rewind II, both teams taking home 1.8% of the prize pool with them.

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Go Black Swan VoHiYo

Go Black Swan VoHiYo
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Go my Ryan :) even though

Go my Ryan :) even though
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go boys


go boys
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go boys

you know damn well ryan thinks he looks slick as fuck


go boys[/quote]
you know damn well ryan thinks he looks slick as fuck
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dish soap you are not even bere at lan eVEN THIUGH YOU LIVE LIKE 30 MINS AWAY??

dish soap you are not even bere at lan eVEN THIUGH YOU LIVE LIKE 30 MINS AWAY??
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i didnt wanna go :3

i didnt wanna go :3
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